37 Moments In Sports They Try to Forget: Instant Regret | FailArmy

37 Moments In Sports They Try to Forget: Instant Regret | FailArmy

1 769 133 views | 16 Jul. 2019

There is a reason these people don't have letterman jackets! Check out the best junior varsity athletic fails from the greatest bench warmers of all time!

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_ a0R5P _

2:45 idiot could have killed someone..


Press F to pay respects to this man


Do cat fails!

Justin S.

These guys used to pump out good content.now its all so plain


4:54 he never gonna walk again... R.I.P. BALLS

Churchill Wang

3:30 That accuracy had me laughing lmao

Dan Wybrow

Track and Field is the gift that never stops giving

sonam rtobgay

Hahahahah is so good

Nathan Birhangeta

Make to much carma

Christo Biju

I give credit to MOST of these people cuz they are trying to do something athletic unlike people like me who just sit around. They are actually trying to do something new. But also, there is a difference between trying something new and doing something stupid... :)

Rachel Balacuit



1:58 Scott sterling is back


Me: 5:10 wait this place looks familiar
hears the people speak

Me: o sh*t i’ve been there :0

(Yall don’t even know how rare this is, there are barely any fails recorded in Belgium but here you have two clips in one vid , the other clip is that guy who runs directly into the pole xD)

Chethan Chinny

4:48 excellent runner

Oh No

The never Had the makings of a varsity athlete - uncle Junior

Bndns Nsns

2:52 the best part


Yo...2:44...that kid wasn't ready! The tangential force was so great it caused that dudes head to look up...ROFL.

G. Phill



3:33 The car in the background looks like an alien

torrevillas Inigo tv Iggy



And coming in for the block is SCOTT STERLING!!!!

-the first two minutes of the video

Carrie See

Belly smacked from a high dive when I was little. Never climbed those steps again.


Dear man....

Not every girl who smiles at you means she likes you!!!

Maybe your face looks funny

sager R



0:34 they can’t drive either so what’s so surprising here?

Khayotic Records

When that guy tried the high jump. Hit the pole and missed the matt, that’s what 2020 has been for everyone


The curling ones really get me. I've fallen so many times in so many curling games it's not even funny.


We're all over here like "Wow I'm glad I'll never be that stupid" Who knows maybe you'll be the next big fail

Sorry m8

0:40 that's no jv hight. Smh

Todd McCraven

4:42 not funny. That happened to me once. LOL I can laugh since it was 30 years ago but I remember it well.

Coolsuperhero 07

The second last one was a Steve Bradbury moment

Jason Collins

5:14 Why would you under any circumstances walk on a track when people are racing? -_-.

Chris Gl

Please go back to posting funny videos.

Brody Loften - STLAU Student

Their is more than 37 regrets

Leah Ramini


Jorge Nuñez

3.50 FailArmy presents "Man getting hit by football".

Owais Qadri

the first one man damn...

Jay Murray

4:50-4:56 I peed myself laughing

The Harder Army !

after all these fails. I still have respect for them

Ninja Plays Games

Falling over or bumping your head a little isn't a fail.


4:49 he definitely lost that race no way you can recover from that type of injury!

Lisette Mercier

Le fraçais c'est une plus belle langue que l'anglais!!


FAIL, bitchass!


FailArmy ain’t what it used to be


Travis ya fucked it mate

Elijah Johnson

What is that thing they spin around


Not that I could do better but jeez that’s bad


@5:08 lmao at the lil ginger boy getting smoked and in dead last, looks around for the guy crossing the track.......as if he slowed him up.

Bruce Lee

i once threw a bowling ball down the lane because i saw it was my turn but I wasn’t paying attention and never saw that the bar was stuck across the pins so I threw the ball at full speed and it hit the bar and broke the bowling lane. if it was recorded then you would see it on fail army but too bad it wasnt :/

Joe V

1:57 Scott Stirling! The man! The legend!

Eric Fajardo

Saved the best for last

No Internet

4:52 did he need to see a doctor

Александр Васин

скоро чернобелые ролики будут вставлять


i love taiwan.


1:14 kapásból egy magyar :D


0:47 - Not a bad recovery, mind.

3:35 - This is how you win the game.

Florisvaldo Guedes

Sports falis, or “Tokyo here I go” The best of Olympic qualifiers


Love how in the one at 5:08 the dude in red acts like it cost him the race but he was losing the whole race.


So my add way toy story three when woody tried to get out of the bathroom stall to escape daycare


ouwe meuk, plaats eens wat nieuws

Michael Markle

Then belly flops were perfect

Russell Fong

Lol mostly it’s just dumbness


5:11 the look on the guys face is like that dude cost him the race yet he was losing hardcore anyway omegalul

Sara Sams

0:41 I used to live near there!

Tony Stokes

Today I stopped at this roadside stand that said lobster tails $2.

So I paid my $2 and the guy said, “Once upon a time there was this lobster…”

Carlotta Barbieri

3:55 zombie tsunami

Barath Aron

Welcome to the internet archives. Failarmy is the FAIL itself.

Thomas Plouffe

I remember we had that pole jump in elementary school, I was maybe first grade when I watched the older students do it, unfortunately while I was watching a girl landed on the bar and did something to her back so the school removed it

Try Again



0:46 that school is legit 10min from where I live, didn’t expect anything local would show up

Ryan McGauley

I realize not everyone is an athlete, I’m far from the smartest person, come on though this is ridiculous.


Absolut Unlustig


4:50 His little jog is over

Nike All-Star1480

5:18 the dude who comes in lAst is the one who seems the most pissed


Sis I-

Bree Ealy

really…..no hockey?

Dani Juhász

1:13 Mehet! XD

Kai Hamilton

best part was 4:52


0:46 that school is legit 10min from where I live, didn’t expect anything local would show up

Erdődi Bence


Lora Lee

Freakin hilarious, yo!


See a man poop a tennis ball
Click here 1:17

Fluffy13 Bond James

The clap from the guy at 5:50 like you can take the win but to clap and act like you out performed these guys a little dumb

Júnior Games

4:51 lol


They never had the makings of a varsity athlete...

Roman Schreiter

2:19 knapp daneben

Barton Seagrave

Don’t worry folks they all went on to become Politicians or work in Journalism, some went to the BBC.


5:10 me asf

Liam Shelley

5:58 I mean, he made it

Nathan Birhangeta

I mean karma

im_aflipper _boi

Always that 3rd kid

Sleepy Snail

2:45 It looked like he was gonna fly away with it...

max Freedman

Let's go travis

Erica Guillermo

New YouTuber here let’s help each other’s grow!! ;))

Vintage News Network

Failception. When you fail to horizontally record a fail.


I lost it @
, She broke my Driver in half...
#MarriedLife 3:09

Soupdeville 24

That wasn't a fail the was fuking clean

Kaylee Yip

0:45 wow that is scary