DodgeBall (Full Game) - Hermitcraft 7 Turf War Competition

DodgeBall (Full Game) - Hermitcraft 7 Turf War Competition

7 236 views | 20 Dec. 2020

Full footage from Xisuma's DodgeBall Game in the H.E.P vs. Mycelium Resistance Turf War competition

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The New Adam Gamer

First love your vids impulse

Nextrix 10



This is like dodge bolt in MC CHAMPIONSHIP

Mangu King

Thank you!!!!!

Sarah Ruff

It's really cool of you to post this! I was actually very curious to see this, so thanks Impulse!


#5 comment


I've been watching all the hermits pov of the turf war all day and I can rewath them again thank you Impulse.

Aquino John Charles D.

It's all about the principle

Suryam Gangwal

What this video showed me that whichever team pressed the button won the round

Hubert Games

Hello i am first 300 people wow

Alp7 B

Rens First throw...

David Vidomlanski


Thomas Fullmer

I like how you kept hiding in that back corner knowing they could reach you

Uncle D. Ruckus

Think I got thru all the games you played now.

Vedant Chowdhary

GG impulse!!!

Rhys Day

Who was the annoying 1 who disliked

Olle Kluwen

Subd emiddiatly


Now that i'm watching this I think it would have been so funny if everyone brough their "game faces" for round 1

Muhammad Ali

The fifth comment hahahahaha

7A 10 Daksh Dandriyal

I Love Mycelium

Eshaal Junaid

Thanks for uploading I wanted to see the whole thing

Jessie Zink

Omg first 25

Melissa Powenski

has anyone noticed that ren's hair is kinda the same color as mycelium


These group games seemed like so much fun

Lemon Wizard

I love all these games

James Flesch

Thanks imp for each game video

Anthonny Arias

Grian: "On Three we go together".
Ren: "Three... (GO) Two..."

Dragons 321

99th like yay


This game by X is so fun to watch