Bad Day at Work 2020 - Funny Idiots at work - Part 36

Bad Day at Work 2020 - Funny Idiots at work - Part 36

573 046 views | 20 Nov. 2020

Bad Day at Work 2020 - Funny Idiots at work - Part 36

Stefan Press

a damaged truck? oh, wait....
let me think... which name can be on the side?

YES :D it's a SWIFT :D

Tom Goss

... Great way to learn all kind of nasty words not taught in Russian 101 class ......

Mark Copland

I noticed every video has a woman sticking her fingers in a clear gel,Are we selling it, Are we doing an advertisement for it,how we can get it,inquiring minds want too know.


****Video 8:31 was very clever, why does it run under "Funny Idiots" (THE BOX NEWS)****

David Kang

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5:18 perfect timing


3:55 lol only smart will understand.


3:20 at least his overnight bag made it onto the other seat...idiot


6:27, that woman is diabetic and going into a diabetic coma because her sugar is either too low or too high, either way, COMA.


Why do these videos always end with a woman playing with slime?

Vincent Desarno

Not all of these clips are bad days at work how is the propeller being hit with Sledgehammer to get removed a bad day at work to make your videos suck


7:15 What a bunch of assholes!

DaVinci Kitchen

Omg, i am here maybe

Либеральный дурак из Мурино

3:09  че этому лесорубу надо


Swift Trucking literally hires the bottom of the graduating class, every truck mishap you see involves a Swift Driver. we had one back into the building and take a corner off the styrofoam and stucco dude took off, pretty sure they caught him

Liam Di Gregorio

I was first to like the vid

Mark Becker

Well, that's one way to cut down some trees.

adrian hawea

Isn’t stupidity universal no translation required.

himbeertoni 24


Dustin Tunis

Why end your videos with people playing with slime. If that's what I wanted to watch them I'd search for it.


5:14 what is that stuff pouring out of the truck?

matt glomm

Alot of these are simply dirty jobs, not bad days....that Subway employee however....jeeeez


I love your videos, but if we are ever on a road trip together,
I am NOT handing you the Aux Cord because I am guessing
your playlist is just this song on repeat lmao.


4:18 that’s a sticky situation

Павел Крючков

Хочу старое аутро!!!


5:30 - that will melt through his plastic tub liner in seconds. Once saw similar at a mobile asphalt plant I was doing maintenance on - guy comes up and slips the loader operator $20 for a ute load - it didn't end well but we all had a good laugh apart from the poor bastard in the ute that was basically on fire as he drove off...


The tow truck at 0:15 is stolen, the guys were stealing the car by towing it away. It was on the news a couple of weeks ago

Павел Бирюков

3:10 вот такие людей и сбивают насмерть

Susann Levy

2:53 what did he expect?driving a Tesla?

David Want

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Jack Russell

The only Idiot in this video is the one that named it.

J. Harvey Christ

Couldn't help but laugh when I saw the Subway sandwich maker! You wouldn't think it was possible to fall asleep like that but trust me, it is!

A similar thing happened to me once. During a really intense and compressed training period in my early army days, I dropped off in class several times..... while taking notes!!

Outside on the parade ground or in the training area, I could keep it together but once I got into a warm classroom and got sitting down and listening to a boring instructor drone on about some boring shit, that was it. I was done!!

It was absolutely hilarious to look at my notebook. Lines of writing trailing off on an angle down the page as I fell asleep while writing. I kept the notebook for many years as a laugh but it's gone now.

RaNdOm GrAmMaR

@0:45 shit soup straight in his face marvelous


Last chance to change that music, otherwise next time I'm unsubscribing!

clip sten

You edit from phone ?

Andy Indica

The guy greasing up the clutch plate. He’ll get plenty of clutch slip.

Luis Enriquez

The marvelous gorilla usually mourn because cone temporarily punch toward a fluttering edger. obese, violet paperback


2:56 I just don't get why people gamble with their lives like this.

P. Roberts

3.10 trying to zip a bag up whilst driving a HGV what a knob))

Mike Drane

I don't know about the rest of you but the star one at the end. I think that's on every damn video out there


6:03 Seriously?

Joe Rocket1979

No way buddy driving that tow truck dident know what was happening .



Stephanie Murray

99 % men as usual ! Just saying folks, the lady falling into the sandwich cannot be compared !

Sonny Boyd

At 7:15. He is putting grease on a clutch pressure plate that is suppos3ed to operate DRY. It is going to slip as if it wasn't even there.


6:21 party all night sleep all day

Stefan Press

05:54 THAT'S the real german driver!
we don't care about emergency vehicles behind us IF the lights are red ;)


5:00 Nice sound. Like doomsday bells.

Ryan Thomas

That Subway worker...Can totally relate. I once had 3 jobs, and one of them was night shift. I would fall asleep on someone right in the middle of a conversation or sentence. I hope things get better for that person!!!

Vincent Desarno

Subway I just realized the boat was still on the propeller so there's no way they could have gotten it off haha

Вадим Соловьёв

Как всегда


Would have the Fed x helped out the Ups driver ?


Что то часто фупы по высоте не пролетают


Why is it always Swift trucks? Always.

Darrell Weathers

Everybody knows you never use blue grease on a pressure plate, it's always Red.

Dieter Hoffmann

Diesem Superidioten im grünen Auto würde ich Rammen den Führerschein auf Lebenszeit nehmen und 6 Monate in die klapsmühle stecken!

Rondo Hunter

Many reposts. Thumbs Down.

Eddie p

kutmuziek. heb mn eigen sound of life GVD nog an toe!!!