LOKATION - A Combat Sports Film by Hizzer

LOKATION - A Combat Sports Film by Hizzer

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2018 hosted the biggest UFC event ever when Dagestan's best, Khabib Nurmagomedov, fought Irish superstar, Conor McGregor. Covering the bad blooded feud, LOKATION follows both fighters' journeys from UFC 205 in New York, all the way to their inevitable showdown at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.

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Undefeated+Undisputed= The only one -The Eagle - KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV
---------- Remember he always wanted to be humble

And literally, the way the video was edited it give goosebumps-
Thank you @Hizzer_Edits

catalina reed

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H Wilhelm

This video is monetized

Viking Mma

Great movie man!... and what an exciting era it has been! Regardless if you Khabib or mcgregor fan.. gooood danm i love MMA

A Weeb That Love SingSing and Gorgc

Floyd vs Conor seems like calling Raphael Nadal to play badminton with Lee Chong Wei. .. The concepts are almost same but its just not same. .. Stupid organizer


You DO care if it's an octagon

Daniel Martinez

I lost respect for mayweather now after I caught him say put me in the OCTAGON! Like bitch mcgregor would tear you alive


Connor is going to get his ass kicked

Shahzad rauf

Lets talk now


Let's talk now

Sean Stewart

Best quote "let's have a proper knock, under specific rules, TO KEEP YOU ALIVE". Fucking classic

Lindgren Isidro

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Ashutosh Mishra

Coward khabib's team. If it was too easy, let's come one more time baby. Don't run like a bitch.

Sunny Kay

Best part wasn’t even Conor getting owned it was Dillion Danis getting eagle kicked and punched in the face.

Luke Chalmers

Great video had to watch it twice amazing job

Rahan Rahank

This joker don't know that never try to fight with Muslim men

sean thomas

The way khabib escapes the in cage security, manages to climb fence while shaking them off, performs the most esquisite 2 footed jump over McGregor's corner team as none of them manage to catch him with their flailing hands, and lands precisely on Danis, is truly one of the most spectacular few frames of footage I have ever seen

Kevin JWK

Khabib suppressed all his anger and saved it for the fight, like a real champ. He even apologized for his action after. That is a class act, unlike his opponent.


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Mutondu Kalota

Floyd is the better trash talker between the two.

Sylejman Kasolli


alexander mcqueen

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ben taka

Send location

Alex King

I've just watched this for the third time. I can't emphasize enough how amazing this was made. Truly fantastic work. If you could add Justin Gaethje fight that would be awesome.

Joe Chip

i've watched it several times and i still love it, the editing, the soundtrack, the whole atmosphere, this is truly special, i really appreciate it, thanks

Diego Pineda

Hizzer congratulations


Most badass line in MMA "Just send me location".

jordan boswell

Khabib should be called the constrictor, he's just so good at squeezing you and making you waste energy all the meanwhile he's just bashing you senseless they need to make up a whole new breed of super mutant killer animals to name khabib after cos whoever is the biggest fish in the pond look out because khabib is a completely different animal altogether. The eagle.... more like a lion with eagle wings and eagle feet and a boa constrictor as a tail... oh and Hellboys hands to as he says "change yourrr fayce" hahaha force to be reckoned with....too tucking right

eddie julian

This was the most set up fight in the history of boxing, just a money grab. There is no way in hell Conor would last 1 minute in a real boxing match with Floyd just as Floyd wouldn't last a minute in an MMA fight with Conor.

David Clark

Grandma house. I'm a general.

Sufiyan Rakhange

can u imagine you are just like who u look up to.... FANS

Let's know

Best titles for mcgregor career:
1.my foot was a baloon.
2.wrong Lokation
3.mm mm mm mm

Balenci Aga

floyds trashtalk was mad corny.. lol

Aditya nayyar

Great production overall . Loved the intro , music and vedio. Flow of the story is awesome... ✌

Chiji muimui

Khabib is definitely one of the most influential athlete of all time , not only his skills, it's about how to live as a REAL MAN ! Even I m not Muslim , but Khabib inspired me a lot , how to be true and honour.
This video is says everything, thanks for the efforts , hope there's another extend version after he fight Conor , his story continues until the moment he retires.

Metal 1

An iconic build up & fight,the emotions conveyed that you captured was top notch! Superb work buddy

themadking 2

You have inspired me.. thank you ❤️

Teve Rogers


mata air

Conor, dont send your location to khabib, because khabib will smash your face...
Conor the loser man ever..

Feels Good

Khabib and ALL of his opponents are special people. Respect all around

Olushola Johnson

Great job!!!!!


Hizzer Edits, this is now your 2nd highest viewed video. Congratulations.


Really hope you made some good money off of this video my man. You deserve it.

axa 69

Really enjoy how Khabib smash this chicken. MMA is made for real Gentlemen and Connor surely not one of them!!!


Guys we are just looking back...You don't need to be wise man to look back...The truth is trash talker died that night. No more Conor . In real world he is dead. Who is the real fighter ? Rhetorical question. We can look at the history. Let's think about movie Gladiator and the final fight Commodus ( Conor) and Maximus (Chabib) we know the movie, yes ? That's how we need defeat evil with goodness . Who was the rat siting scared in the corner ? Taping not to be choked .Let's go back to UFC . j.j. (joana) another trash talker. The way she talked and the way she taped to Roses strikes. More to that, she tried to deny taping. Listen to Roses post fight speech and most important look and pause Conors or j.j faces after their "trash talking is over.." We can try to change history , but trash will be trash and fighters will be fighters.

Hamza Zafar

Watching Netflix without money.cool bro.

Brownieboy 17720

The only thing i didnt like about floyd was when he said he dont want to fight and i was like naw bro you dont want to fight cause he declined ufc fight and immediately accepted the boxing fight

Sam R

This is a very good, well put together film. I've watched this twice now and always go back and watch Khabib vs McGregor afterwards. Connor ran down a Man, his Father, his Family, his Country and his Religion. Connor was lucky to leave the octagon upright to be honest.

Saqib Tantray


A.B.S Powerlifting

Suck edit!!!! This is

illuion 952


Fan of TheBrand333

Connor Mcgregor is not a tough guy in life believe it

Breakglass Dawkins

Bill Burr
And football

My favorite things

Ethan Wyatt gameplays


Levels To This

Dis is number 1 fight film


3:10 Joe Rogan Wearing Knabib's hair best moment


This had everything. Action... drama, great story and perfect editing. Really loved it. Thank you for creating this!

Hmid Gh

1:37:00 bradaaaaa i ready for this, he is just craaaaaaaaazy

M. salamae

Conner call for war..that's it


Wow! This is by far the best ufc video. Thanks for this. The music and editing was superb.

brian vincent

Mc Gregor is so many classes below Khabib inside and outside the Octagon, its not even funny.... and Mc Gregors fan bois are the biggest blight on sport.


Man this fight was huge, need to see the second act

sd sd

The immigrant song in McGregor vs Alvarez had me fired up !!

Venugopal Chatla

Khabib smashed and made conor look humble

Khodadad Akbari

Khabib respect you a lot and miss u so much

RoSoRu 10

1:08:32 Conor Mcgregor ASMR


This video was so Good i turned my addblock off

Aloond Aloone

Are you planning on releasing another movie on Khabib? If yes, when?

Breakglass Dawkins


The perfect ending. Just look at that face

Jim Prost

I would watch this in a movie theater, awesome work and please keep them coming!

M Umair

I love you khabeeb and hate Mc Gregor

Joseph Mills

Artem got bored off .

abhimanyu singh

2021 Rematch coming soon
23 Jan khabib an Conor in the same arena first time since the fight something is gonna happen for sure !!!!

Andrew Marshall

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sean thomas

Fantastic show

Sammy Kham

Tony fugerson cant touch Kabib...Tony just another beatdown for Kabib

kon diggy

wooooow just wooow every thing about this Film is great unbiased great to watch masterpiece

favoriete Es

Good production Netflix quality

CarlosF maizares

there have to make a tshirt with the logo of chiken mgregor crying and saying its just bussiness... rofl

Kyle Betts

Connor won't land a single punch on Floyd. Connor: lands like 1000


Khabib really had to prove himself u can tell at the beginning the UFC didn't want the fight to happen but khabib made them respect him and forced everyone to do!

x A

I just wanted to watch a little bit.. 1 hour and 40 minutes later here I am middle in the night and watched the whole thing. Great work guys!

Raj Raj

Beautiful ❤️❤️ awesome....would have been in theaters.. but missing khabib father fottage ....

Mike Milly

Amazing documentary. Love the music

Jhonathan Pericles

This video was fantastic, congratulations for the editor, i'm from Brazil and I beloved of the quality of it. And the history was insane!!!!


Kinda weird how people act like Khabib is innocent in this situation, he played his part and took it from 0-30, Connor just took it to 100 straight away

Ahmad Ebrahim

Jeffrey Napisa

The music to the video is so right, like a scary movie waiting for the worst to happen....waiting for the terror, that is KHABIB!

Isaac McCabe

Please drop a Mcgregor porier 2 one

Kyle Betts

Connor kicked Floyd's little ass straight up. Only thing that saved Floyd was the referee.

Andrew Rios

I still get just as excited watching khabib beat his ass

Druk Kazi

Alhamdullah! He proved it right by saying he was gonna smash him. And he proved it right. He is a dangerous man. Big respect mr.khabib the eagle nurmagomedov.

Moh. Prastiyo Hidayatullah

Dillon Danis, mcgragor can only talk like trash but can't beat khabib.

Jeffrey Napisa

McGregor is like that of Rousey, fighting nobody's and has beens ,until they come across someone that's ACTUALLY at a high level in another sport and meeting their maker ....in McGregor's case,khabib...Rouseys, Holm.....make them look amateur.

Md Yasir

Khabib completely destroyed Connor mentally physically emotionally he ended his arrogance he made him completely humble.
If I say In one word: Khabib owned Connor....

Agrarian Revolution

Excellent production and editing here, nice one.

Underwrite Ste

Dana white “nobody will be a mcgregor fan after this it’s disgusting what he did with the bus” then proceeds to use videos of the bus attack to promote the khabib vs mcgregor fight, the bald fucking hypocrite

Aariz M

Chick fil a is coming out with new chicken sandwich "conors"

Shawn Cahill

Not much brings me joy like seeing McGregor tap... Except maybe Ronda Rousey getting KOed.

Hrishikesh Dere

imagine this masterpiece will show in cinema theatres
emotions of whole fans heats up at one place