Minecraft Dungeons Livestream (2) 27/05/20

Minecraft Dungeons Livestream (2) 27/05/20

13 644 views | 30 May. 2020

Minecraft Dungeons is an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe.

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you missed a secret level in pumkin paster


What your fovorite candy

cube kid gaming


Wdomino Games & Media

My goodness the Grave Bane is one of the best weapons! I use the Glaive all the time, along with Torment arrows in a multishot bow its just epic. Im already quite addicted to this game haha. I really love the atmosphere, even without rewards because the environment is therefore getting your attention. The only thing I kinda dont like in this game is you can switch any weapon or gear inside the levels. Feels like more of a challenge to choose your skills and artifacts before hand because thats the way I play. Otherwise along with the enchantment points you can simply "reset" a bit.

Mark Lewis

Only watch levels already done

Julien Derivière

Yayyy thanks X, I was looking forward to part 2 :) Love your content!


Xisuma, you should try Deep Rock Galactic. You might like it.

Emad Sohail

Please give this channel a try he really needs views
Good bless you

black crafted

X is my favorite hermit and favorite twich streamer

Fred Watson

Some flavours are more equal the others

matthew childers

Xisuma needs to learn to charge his bows

Noble Gaming

How long have you been on YouTube for? Keep the content coming btw

George Fothergill

I love that you post your twitch streams onto YouTube! They are sooooo good!!


i’ve been watching these streams as i grind apocalypse difficulty lol, it’s nice to take a break from the game and watch and also it’s nice background noise.

Emmett Moesker


Kaiming Lee

What if I do my school work and watch you play

red woolf

Love your vids X

Michael Miller

Just a heads up: chest placement is random. Any chest you find can be placed in any of the dead-ends, too. I've run Creeper Woods several times to test new gear, and each time the chests move around a bit: sometimes I find two in the spider cave, sometimes none. It means that if you want to find ALL the chests, you either have to get lucky that they're all on the main path, or search around a bit. Plus, there are levels where chests are hidden and you have to get line of sight to where they are in order to even see them.

Joseph Hobley

I love this game

Powerful Music

61th like!

Zach TenSoon

Hi X! Love the content.
I’m currently looking for how to get Tango’s ravager launcher to work on a server.
I commented something similar last stream, but there are a lot of conflicting solutions to it. Do you think you could clear that up?

Steel- XL

Dirt layers, sand layers, vertical half slabs.... yup, the cave update has it all.

Petr Stuchlý

X what's with you always walking into the TNT blast radius

hairagon d

When I listen to X talking to his chat I hear a parent or teacher passing on his lifes lessons. Pass it forward! :D l

- -Whoamiiami- -



"That wasn't fun, that was in the butt."
The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive...

Mark Hampton



stunning is a amazing enchantment!?

Jeffrey Soong

I couldn't watch your stream because I didn't want spoilers in case you were ahead in progress. Now ive just completed the first play through and am able to watch now!

How do you like it so far?

Max Stefanescu

I'd really love it if mod support was added to this game.

Gummy Bear

I was no joke on his website then this came out


Does X Reads The Comments ?
I Am Very Curious


I wasn't able to watch the stream now I can finally do it!

Lily Roth

^. .^ (Meow) <(_l_l_:) (Buzz)


"No Etho's were harmed during the production of this video" :P

Joshua Jackson

Want help im lvl 47 and power 64 on minecraft dungeons

Firestorm The1st

I wish I could watch these live

Advancering Newholder

Hey X, do you like artcore ?


35:01 Oh no, it's the taint! Quick, plant an ethereal bloom!



Aranka S.

After watching the first stream yesterday, I'm addicted to this game. No, I'm addicted to you playing this game. I tried, but I can't watch anyone else. You're so you and your conversations are so interesting that no one can match your content, and I love it.


i've known about this game since release but never checked it out. after seeing your first stream i bought it immediately

Michael Miller

Xisuma: "Take that Ethos!"
huh, guess he's still miffed about Shade-E-E's deals... :)

Gummy Bear

Hey, X you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say thanks so much for your simple tutorial on datapacks it’s helped me out so much. Have a great day.

Advancering Newholder

I kinda wonder if you're getting addicted to this game already. That's okay tho, because it means more content for me

Iro Vretzaki

ARE YOU CRAZY!?!? Don't just salvage items that you haven't even tried out!