The COVID Relief Bill, Questioning Origins of Coronavirus

The COVID Relief Bill, Questioning Origins of Coronavirus

757 783 views | 24 Dec. 2020

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1582 with Alex Berenson.

murray cowie


B. Fett

Coronavirus was created. When it didnt infect like they wanted they started manually infecting people through the tests themselves. We are either witnessing China become the worlds super power or the NWO taking the next step to globalization and digital currency. Expect many more to die. They're thinning the herds.


Bret Everhart

FINALLY glad somebody's acknowledging the sideways bullshit they're putting in these fucking Bill's sending money overseas in a time like this

M Cl

Science and journalism are no longer about asking questions. They are about how do we attack Trump.

B. O. B. B

But you said it was just a mouse with wings !



Tyler Whipple

Big government

Danny Bathen

Can I just say this guy is a moron with no feet on the ground... I agree with lots of what Joe says but his basic understanding of what is happening in LA, which Joe does, as well as his understanding of what is happening in hospitals makes him sound like a total complete tool... masks do help and no you idiot not every damn hospital has n95s... in CA many hospitals have basic surgical masks at best...

Fatality Fitness


Stephanie Jordan

Sewage samples from Spain showed traces of covid back in March 2019. China was the first country to report the existence of covid but it doesn't mean Wuhan was the first place of animal to human transmission. Bunch of sheep here.

jake glenn

What we learned from Covid -2021 (URGENT)
1. Dr Fauci is a lifelong failure and is an agent for Big Pharma. Fauci promised a “vaccine” for HIV decades ago but delivered expensive pills instead. According to Dr. Lanka in an interview Huw Christie did with Stefan Lanka in London in 1994, the virus has not been isolated. Your Senator and House Rep funded the China lab as proven by award winning NEWSWEEK. Dr. Fauci on Mandatory COVID Vaccines: 'Everything Will Be on the Table' ( Please call them and ask them why they did this!
2. Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist and molecular biologist, is internationally mostly known as an "AIDS dissident" (and maybe "gentechnology dissident") who has been questioning the very existence of "HIV" since 1994. In the past years, however, he stumbled over a breathtaking fact:
3. Not even ONE of the (medically relevant) viruses has ever been isolated; there is no proof of their existence.
4. Former CIA director stated in a press conference at the beginning of the covid scare , WE ARE IN A LIVE EXERCISE ! He admitted the truth. Mike Pompeo Calls Coronavirus a “Live Exercise” and Trump Interjects “You Should Have Let Us Know” (
5. The CDC and WHO admits that there was NO INCREASE In total deaths worldwide from 2019 to 2020! There were NO INCREASE in total deaths from 2019 to 2020!!!
6. Pensacola Law firm Levin states that the big pharma BOD are also on the BOD of major media !! This is criminal.
7. The US and New Zealand are the only 2 nations that allow RX advertising on national media. This is not in the interest of the public.
8. Americans take 80% of the world’s prescriptions and we are only 5% of the world’s population. The result is that Americans are 30th in life expectancy.
9. All covid tests have over 50% false positives!!! Why are we paying for this test?
10. Over 60 million cases of autism exist in the world. Neurodevelopmental disorders - Our World in Data . Globally, around 62 million people were estimated to have autistic spectrum disorder in 2016. Just under 50 million of these cases were in males. Of the 62 million with autistic spectrum disorder, around 18 million had Autism, and 44 million had Asperger syndrome and other spectrum disorders. These breakdowns are shown in the charts.
Unvaccinated nations show that they have almost no autism in the charts.
11. Vitamin D3 deficiency is responsible for most diseases and illnesses. Jeff T Bowles – AMAZON Best Selling Author
12. You cannot sue vaccine makers because they paid elected officials for liability protection.
13. You have the right to ask for the detailed list of ingredients before receiving a flu shot or “vaccination”. Ask for the list and take an image on your phone and take an image of the health care provider that is injecting you.
14. The US constitution protects you from forced vaccination. Get a constitutional attorney if you do not wish the “vaccination.”
15. The Amish do not accept vaccinations and have almost zero autism. The Amish Don’t Get Autism, But they Also Don’t Vaccinate (

The Amish Don’t Get Autism, But they Also Don’t Vaccinate
People outside the alternative health community are often confused by the lack of autism in the Amish people. Th...

16. The US flu season starts on Oct 1st of each year and the unelected CDC normally reports 50 million cases of flu each year. As of Jan 2021, only an insignificant number of cases has been reported.
17. Fauci, Gates, CDC, NIH and the FDA are all unelected and unaudited. Like the CIA and NSA, they are unmonitored by the American people.
18. If you disagree with your local or state government concerning masks, etc you can start a petition to remove them. You can also defund their offices and go to to propose your ideas.
19. Big pharma, CDC, FDA, NIH, Fauci and gates do not act in the interest of the public. Bill Gates is not a Dr and has no authority over you or the American people.
20. You can start s petition to defund your local or state government if you do not believe they are acting in the interest of the public.
21. Because a virus is part of nature, it is illegal to patent one. The patents of viruses by the CDC and Bill gates are illegal and will be cancelled.

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government. Its first three articles embody the doctrine of the separation of powers, whereby the federal government is divided into three branches: the legislative, consisting of the bicameral Congress; the executive, consisting of the president and subordinate officers; and the judicial, consisting of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. Article IV, Article V and Article VI embody concepts of federalism, describing the rights and responsibilities of state governments, the states in relationship to the federal government, and the shared process of constitutional amendment. Article VII establishes the procedure subsequently used by the thirteen States to ratify it. It is regarded as the oldest written and codified national constitution in force.

22. Please share with your fellow Americans and God Bless America !


Lean McHungry

Australia called for an independent international investigation into the outbreak of covid in China, and they were harshly punished by China with trade sanctions. Who is going to force the CCP to do anything?
If Covid 19 spread from a lab accident that was covered up by the CCP, China would be liable for damages. There will be no independent investigation within China, patient zero will remain a mystery.

I Smell BS

Not true of all of us I don’t support trump but I sure in hell want to know where this virus came from no matter the truth

Elaine Marie

Why don’t those crazy quanon people spend their energy instead “stop the steal” how about they demand answers from China about this virus??? The wuhan lab??? Why aren’t people asking more questions about how this virus got here I bellwether deserve answers!!! I’m Biden Harris all the way not a trump maget!

joey zasa

Because it’s made in USA, that’s why you’re not looking into it.


I haven't switched because I can't rotate the video to full screen mode


Why do you think people raided the capital...

JAY Phillips

Thanks Joe

Jim Morrison

Joe Rogan is personally saving the world from totalitarian Leftist Communism.

Jeff Strauser

The Black Death originated in China as well.

andrew r

I think it’s factual and unarguable that this guest may be the third best spreader of bullshit behind Joe rogan and alex Jones. Stop giving this guy an hj because of his stance on weed, he’s spreading bull shit in the same way he got blackballed by the anti weed movement. He’s copying successful behavior. Both he and Joe are profiting off of bull shit. Comment reader, see through it. Cheers.

Restore Love

Anyone seeing this ad before the video?? America is falling.

Alex Hatfield

Our government are traitors. They are disgusting and we need a new system.

Rock Roll

They give aud ti foreign countries simply cause that's how they steal the tax payers money. That money isn't going to their governments rather delegates on that end lining their pockets and kicking rest back to those who put it in the bill

Corey Day

If this bloke was a “good reporter” then how does he not know about the inquiry Australia has already started about the origins of where COVID came from. Lol okay dude


USA responsible for dumping covid on the world, all for there fucked up politics

Anton B. Proud

I remember this dude! he's cool!


Politics is disgusting when you peel back all the nonsense lobbyists and donors get away with

Salty and the Beef Cracker

If you don't like an idea, just say it's a false claim, debunked, or a conspiracy.
Just keep repeating, and eventually everyone will believe you.


I like joe, but he tends to love the conspiracy craze which for me is a window into the Alt right.

Steve Franks

it's because the western media are bought and paid for by the CCP.

Roby Roberts

In Oct 2019 the US Army Bio Weapons Lab at Fort Detrik, MD was shut down for 7 major violations and they studied many zoonotic diseases in our food chain. There are roughly about 250 Bio Labs in the US now and the lab in Wuhan we helped to build to also deal with zoonotic diseases.

jake glenn

Jeff Bowles has now established himself as the authority on Vitamin D3. This seminal update to his previous work now includes thousands of hours of research on so many aspects that can affect D3. Like many other studies on diseases, the further you get from the equator the more deficiency manifests itself. In this book, the author includes examples from people who have written to him after they read his first book and were helped by trying high-dose D3 – even with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. He shows how every possible health condition is helped by Vitamin-D3 supplementation. He also includes an historical example from the 1920s when large numbers of people first started taking D3. The hospitals were virtually empty; it seemed as though nobody was getting sick anymore! The hospitals were literally about to go bankrupt along with the doctors and drug companies. So, how did this scenario change? First, the scientists and drug companies were telling us in the 1930s that any
amount of Vitamin D over 400 IUs may be toxic! Then, the drug industry created brand names for certain drugs that actually had 50,000 IUs of D3 in them. Then, bill after bill and law after law have been proposed over the years to prevent the sale of higher-dose Vitamin-D3 pills and to reclassify vitamins as drugs. The author gives examples clear up to the present time of all of the regulations and laws. He even mentions Codex Alimentarius but fails to mention NHF’s battle at the Codex Committee on Nutrition meetings they attend each year, fighting to increase the strength of D3. He also tells the story of how in the 1960s, he and his sister sunbathed with a mercuryvapor lamp to give them good health; but by the 1980s UV lamps were given the reputation of “quack” medical devices. I had the same experience when young. [which, using a UV lamp or mercury vapor lamp?] Now, since the 1980s, there has been an explosion of every disease known to man and we have also had a huge toxic load added into the mix with all of the toxins in our food. Vitamin D3 is actually a steroid hormone that controls or affects at least 2,700 genes. These genes are involved in immune-system regulation and tissue remodeling. I can attest to the bone remodeling. Since I have used high-dose D3 with Vitamin K2, my old bone injuries from the past have started to hurt again (evidence of bone remodeling) until I reduced the D3 dose and slowly moved it up again. My hip pointer from a skiing accident 30 years ago healed; my toes, which were crushed by a huge rock that I had dropped on them 40 years ago healed; my knees healed from a torn cartilage basketball injury that occurred over 50 years ago. You have to be aware what is happening with high-dose D3 supplementation because when it starts to hurt you may think you have a new injury when in fact the D3 is remodeling injured areas. Instead of continually getting worse, the Dupuytren’s contracture in my left hand from playing hand ball 50 years ago is almost gone and it does not bother me anymore. All of this from simple Vitamin D3 (combined with Vitamin K2), which tells the bone where to load. Jeff’s summary of what doctors and most mainstream Vitamin-D researchers do not know about Vitamin D3 is priceless and sums up what we need to know: • They all believe low doses of Vitamin D3 are high, “dangerous” doses. For example, many doctors believe that 2,000-10,000 IUs of D3 are high doses bordering on dangerous, yet the average adult sunbathing in the Summer in Finland, a very northerly location with weak Sun, for one half hour can make 20,000 IUs of D3 in their skin. • They do not know that higher doses of Vitamin D3 will rapidly exhaust a person’s magnesium stores and that magnesium supplementation with high-dose D3 is a must. • They do not know that we need extra Vitamin K2 to move calcium into the bones that is released with the higher dose of Vitamin D3. • According to the author, we should take at least 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 per day, which is the same amount one would get by Summer sunbathing for 15 minutes. Another key point is brought out by an observation of Dr. Harald Schelle of Germany in his book on how to cure glaucoma with high-dose D3. He observed that the current reference range in the U.S. for “normal” levels of blood-Vitamin D3 is 30-100 ng/ml. But, where does this range come from? It is just the results of sampling blood from a population of, for the most part, Vitamin-D3 deficient people who live in the North far away from the equator. The current range reflects the range of D3 levels of a Vitamin-D3 deficient population. Doctors assume that the average person in this group has plenty of Vitamin D3, but this is incorrect. For example, a Summer lifeguard in Florida often has blood levels of 125 ng/ml. But, he or she achieves these blood levels by sitting in relatively weak Sun (compared to the equatorial Sun) usually under an umbrella wearing a hat and sporting zinc oxide on their nose. If you went to the doctor and he or she saw your blood level of D3 was 125 ng/ml, the doctor might have a fit and tell you to stop all D3 intake and look for signs of toxicity! This is ridiculous. I had this exact thing happen to me when I first started taking high-dose D3. When my blood tests came back, the doctor was emphatic that I cut back since my levels “were way too high.” The other new thing that Jeff Bowles updates us on is the use of the mineral Boron. He found that at least 6 mg of Boron a day was also very helpful for bone issues. He himself takes 60 mg twice a day. He has also found that additional zinc and Vitamin A are also useful.

By Jeff T. Bowles (ISBN 13: 978-1701336506; University Science Press; 2019, paperback, 287 pages; $10.68) Reviewed by Dr. Donald A. Carroll, Optometric Physician, NTP

The Miraculous Cure for and Prevention of All Diseases – What Doctors Never Learned

Steven Pak

0:33 That was probably Dana White

Ryan M

The Spanish flu came from a military lab/base in Kansas. So...

Dannial Hayes

Sorry, clips aren't for me.
Get back on YouTube these shorties won't cut it.

D Ivins

They don’t want to look into it cos it’s from USA and uk this is fuckall to do with China who cares any way it’s not dangerous the death rate is pathetic and still in lockdown in uk this worlds wet as fuck

William Sidis

Joe and his followers should take a look at James Corbett site . The Corbett Report check out the fake news awards for 2020 . The well informed shall know the truth .

Point U Out!

You know this was from the lab!

Slade Healy

oy vey


This pandemic has me to belive money is limitless its all fake to the people in power.we on the other side of the coin have to earn money our mentality is earn save budget... .

Don’t Poke The Bear

Omnibus bills are the new black for Governments

Michael Phoenix

It's called pork. That's how they sneak stuff in. The also snuck in that the government has to disclose anything that they know about aliens and ufos.

Dave Murphy

This is exactly why Joe Rogan podcast is so successful. He speaks truths and has guests on that you would never see on mainstream media.

joey zasa

When did USA back off from bashing Chin because of racism ridiculous..


Personally, I'm a Coincidence Theorist - One who believes events are never causally linked, and that powerful people don't make plans.

Melissa Roof

No, you are not a Trump supporter if you wanna talk about the origin of the CCP virus. You are simply not allowed to speak disparagingly of China anymore much less question anything that they do. And that quite specifically comes from the Democrats because of their collusion with the CCP.


Listen to Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells has accredited people on his dais every night telling us the truth of the situation.
ALL roads lead to the New World Order
ALL the dots connect to the New World Order


China:Hi we have great 5g infrastructure for u, we worked on it a lot earlier than your countries.
The west: We don't want you to get more powerful then us.
China: have covid then

Ian Anthony

Hundreds of millions $ sent to the middle east as part of covid relief. But not even a weeks pay for americans. Good stuff


Klaus Schwab remember the name. He is head of The World Economic Forum. He also wrote the book called The Great Reset. They need Biden/Harris to win to help push this global reset. You ever wonder how Biden came up with Build Back Better? Haven't you noticed that other countries are also coincidentally using that same slogan? That originally is the slogan that The World Economic Forum designed. Schwab is the puppet master along with Gates and other billionaires who have plans to EFF us all. If we go along with it we all will be living in a real life version of The Hunger Games. Think I'm full of shit? Go look at their website and youtube videos. They tell you what they are planning to do and their CONVIENTLY using this PLANDEMIC to ACCELERATE their plans." You will own nothing and be happy " is their other slogan.


The virus was planted 100%

The Common Sense Conservative

Only thing I learned from the relief bill is that the amount of money does not help Corona.

Steve McVay

Joe need to get politicians on his podcast and ask them these questions!!!! Glad he’s bringing light to all this but there’s gotta be more we can do!!!! I wanna do more and fix these problems!!! It’s absolutely nuts and how are these things being done still!!!

Daryle Benson

IN THIS NEW WORLD ORDER YOU'LL OWN NOTHING AND YOU'LL BE HAPPY and all the people that come on this show know it and Joe Rogan

Caleb Watson

“If you talk about it you’re a trump supporter”

Wesley Hall

Hahaha victim blaming? They're afraid of WAR with China that we would lose



murray cowie

"why are we giving all this aid to foreign countries" Joe, it is called bribery


Liberals are slowly but surely destroying this country. And people are getting noticeably dumber over time and more complacent.


China lies, people die. The media then licks their boots

Ricky Dezzer

Joe 'I swing left or right depending on my guest today' Rogan

3ngi N33r

Equity at work

J Rayez

The left blamed Trump for every because their followers will believe it without looking into it. I can’t wait to see who they are going to blame the next 4 years


Well, there is a project that has been going on for the past 35 years or so where we paid the Chinese Billiones to experiment with these types of viruses on their own people. Good luck finding that information.


I don’t get how these politicians can sneak in stupid things like money for other countries... always remember: nothing is government funded, it’s taxpayer funded. They are stealing and spending our money... and what do we get out of it? the struggling Americans who paid for it?? A measly $600 lol scammed

alex Lamy

It’s called compromise

Mark Edmunds

I agree that it’s important to know if it was a lab accident absolutely. The fact is it’s already been investigated independently by hundreds of research groups and it wasn’t a lab accident. To continue with this is ok but it shows a lack of understanding in terms of evolution and biological investigation. I think scientists have not explained how to determine the origin of a virus in a way the general public can understand it. It is difficult to explain but as a molecular virologist myself it can be explained.

Lorenzo Casillas

I’ve been asking my friends about the origin of it too. I reference Weinstein’s podcast because it makes so much sense that it came from a lab. But when I talk about it to other people, it doesn’t park their interest at all. Like it doesn’t even phase their interests like a light bulb moment, which is sad because something like this could actually unite the country if both sides discussed it. It for sure came from a lab, I believe that now more than anything.

Shibby Guy

It's literally just population control... how are they going to discuss with the world that the population needs to go down in order to support it longer term. They don't. So they come up with a "more natural" approach to the population problem. China alone is facing this issue right now and what better way to get the numbers down than a virus? Corona Virus is man-made. Change my mind.

Blake Horton

Why not talk about just us all around the world loving each other , why not we all get together , everyone see it , everyone see we are all the same, why can't the world come together , why not just be together and embraced one another , we are all the same whyyyyyyy

Jeff Strauser

Chinavirus chyyynuuh

Point U Out!

Well now you know how the swamp works Joe!
Trump talks about bad US spending!

Burnt Toast

Aid = Influence

Wesley Hall

When did Joe get so damned soft? That explains it @ least

kevin latulippe

I totally think that the virus is lab made to many coincidences and wouldn't be surprised if it was intentionally released

paris daka

They don't give money to countries for nothing .

Stephanie Jordan

Joe and his folks are the same simps that believe Assad gassed Syrians with sarin gas. The truth is OPCW was paid by the U.S. government to falsify their "international investigation" to pin the blame on Assad.

Trevor Vairy

TRUMP told you,s about that Bill, then look what happened, crazy, Follow the money?

Chris Dockman

Very odd timing not to be deliberate.

Vince Mangiafico

What about all the other coincidences? Fake reporting of statistics, authoritarian police, unproven response like lockdowns and masks, trashing of the economy, dubious testing, and the climate change hoax all over the world. This was planned and the US will have check points soon I predict just like here in Australia.

Cay Mann

It is obvious that it is the only way they could get the whole world to universally be controlled to stay on track for "The Reset". They are the 1% who want to control the world bc having the most money does not do it for them anymore.

john titus


The Common Sense Conservative

They didn't sneak anything in. This bill is nothing but other bills combined into one. is a wonderful thing.

puss teeth

The idea is you invest in the vaccine in other countries to keep them in debt aka in your pocket joe

Brandon Brodbeck

The US is in debt to the Chinese so bad that I'm sure they pushed alot of congress and higher ups to hush all of this in every way they could

Anahita Aalami

China virus.

Wolfgang J Flywheel

if this was from a bat, did they find the bat in peticular? is there only 1 bat that created "the worst virus in history?" are there other bats roaming around that can spread this? or did it come from the lab 400 yards down the street that work with & store these types of viruses & maybe have an accident & dont want to look like fools? or worse did it on purpose right in the middle of trade wars with dozen countries??

Rebekah Caballero

I struggle, how can Joe Rogan be so self aware but also not understand systematic racism and still back the blue :: que the rogan heads attacking me ::


People who pick sides of politics are morons, period... you have been duped into a catagory of people, so that they can put your mind in a box... and be used for their agenda... this is not as complex as they make it sound... OH THE REPUBLICANS DID THIS, BUT THE DEMS DID THIS, OH BUT RACISM, OH BUT COVID, OH BUT... its not that complicated... the world is run by the banks, they use credit and debt to own us, they are preparing humanity for mass surveillance and debt slavery... this virus, 9/11, and everything in between, was done 100% intentionally, or was used against us... there's a phrase in politics, "NEVER LET A GOOD CATASTROPHE GO TO WASTE".... but the problem is, we cannot stop them, without ending the world... so you either submit, and they own you.. or you fight back, and the entire world will come down on top of you... there is no way to win... this is why I am am anarchist, and when the chips are down, these people will eat each other... you can probably tell me ALLL about modern politics, but I'd be willing to bet you can't tell me a thing about the federal reserve, or big pharma, or debt slavery, or sweat shops in the east, or concentration camps outside of 1945 Germany, including the ones that exist today, or anything about slavery outside of 1860's American slavery... this is because that's all they WANT you to know... because they have an agenda... open your fuckin mind! Learn just how fucked up the world really is... learn about the wars we've waged, learn about the people we've killed... all these organizations that claim to be helping people, are all in each other's back pockets. The enemy, is NATO, the enemy, is big pharma, the enemy, is the media, the enemy, is the federal reserve, the enemy, is the CIA.. all these people, who claim to protect and serve you, THEY PROFIT OFF OF YOUR FEAR, AND DOWNFALL.. and I hope one day people will wake up to this... but they probably wont..

Chris B

Yay truths on yootubes, amen.... Sorry awomans.. lols , anyhow off to gab

Joe eckl

2020 25cent coin has bats on it

Road Bully

it's not called a PLANdemic for nothing.

Heavy Fog

What's the name of that book again, please?


All sounds pretty racist.


The only liberal that has sane in the world and that's Joe Rogan... Calls out BS because it's actual reality of why all this BS happened


Randy f##ked a bat and a pangolin, i dont get all the debating


Virusses escaping Labs in China for years, well known and not thematized-guess why, they know the corruption game. For roughly 5000 yrs in a row, dough.

Rex Pogioli III

I question whether the COVID virus came from a Chinese lab as does a lot of my friends and family, we arent Trump supporters. I get bummed out when Joe says shit like that.