Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen

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Its 2021 and Uncle Chael still undefeated!!

The faceless Question

The amount of PED's in this video is

Luv em all tho

Supreme Leader

Cheal Sonnen was the only guy back in his day that was trying to sell fights.


Joe Rogan shaved his head at this point?

22uces Patriot Warrior

MMA is now 1 .. that old clip did it!

Jin-zoo Mun

I can’t believe Chael Sonnen stayed undefeated when fighting an undefeated fighter

Gangster Times

Chael’s strait up Gangster”

President MinecraftSteve

Isn’t John Holmes that junkie pornstar that was involved with the wonderland avenue murders


If chael went againsy lavar ball nobody would lose.

Alex Feri

We didn't answer Mike Goldberg's question.


I put all the money I had on Chael so glad he won

Karma Lama

Joe and Jon was basically a team here
It felt like 2 vs 1 face off

Milwaukee Brewers

3:10 lmao jon jones speeds it up and makes it more professional because of Chael.


Rogan is 3 coffee makers tall

Uffe Lindahl

Bring Joe a box.

Harshvardhan Ramgiri

Chael can sell water to a fish


Women’s pet and men’s regret

Christian Marten

Chael wasn't the best fighter but his trash talk, was hilarious

Anderson Aldo

Chael never answers questions he just cuts promos

Bena Atkins

Some great promo skills

if you replied you gay

Jon jones lost his o to this guy

Hector Martinez

Joe so small compared to these guys

Aashish Sharma


Kaelin Mbalo

What in the world is wrong with Joe? He sounds like a teenage girl between her two celebrity crushes.

Jim Realm

Chael knocked him out with his face only chael.

Sumit Kataria

Jon Jones might be the most fake mma fighter ever

Simo Harjane

This guy is a politician, comedian , tv anchor, fighter, gangster, asshole, great guy, promoter.... drives me crazy


that stare down at the end. Hilarious


Chael on his pro wrestling ish


An Eric Andre vs Chael Sonnen interview , could be used as an interrogation torture technique


Why does rogan do that weird voice in the start and then kinda continues with it on and off ? :D

Ehsan Ahmad

1:48 your welcome


Holy shit the Beastie Boys guy at the UFC has been there for a hot minute! WHO IS IT

Jon Via

Sonnen has got to chill out with that gum in his mouth. Almost pulled a Joey Diaz.


It's cool that Chael let the other guys talk, it wasn't necessary but it was cool.

tanker man

Man Joe Rogan is a small dude


who's here after Jon called Uncle Chael a steroid head

Dominik Sendorek

And to think he never even lost a round...

Pravesh Maharaj

lol Chael Made Jon Look Stupid.

Rugoshath IM Professionals

Man I miss Chael in UFC

Cole James

This is great TV. God damn.

Personal Best

That was great.......... But wtf was that WWE stare off at the end

Michael Payne

Chael has certainly earned his fame and notoriety, some say conor, I say Chael is greatest promoter/mouth pugilist ever


Chael could have been anything, lawyer, politician, doctor, philanthropist, etc. dude is so sharp and quick witted, plus he actually cares about things unlike other fighters


chel the type of guy to be undefeated after facing jon jones

Czikkan Hardt

Chael needs to go to AEW. Seriously.

Philippe Gerondeau

Undefeated and undisputed champ Chael Sonnen

Caden Cressman

I miss when Jon and Chael had respect for each other

Feces Pieces

Chael said “I had more juice on board than Tropicana” for this fight.

Syl Doukpa

That's like a politician

Ricardo A

Rogan looks like a child.

Abraham Gonzalez

Jon jones looks and speaks like an absolute idiot

Nathan Garnham

i love Chael, its literally impossible to hate him. He could talk all this shit about me and i would feel honored


I think Jon Jones was the only one who figured out what Chael was doing.

Adam Busch

Lmfao john holmes is a dead junkie that was so funny lol

Connor Criswell

Undefeated, undisputed. Uncle Chael.

rami bouker

Jon looks like hes on coke

Brad M

Pathetic when ya can talk you your way into a title shot instead of earning it with skill (in this case- Lack of)...
That’s how Jones EASILY made Chael look like an amateur clown who wasn’t capable of hangin with the big dogs.

NappyHeaded Niglet

Delivering those rehearsed speeches really got Chael red as hell


this might just be the best interview in the history of sports television, i completely lost it with the dead junkie

adam clark

Joe rogan looks tiny

Jake K

Why didn’t this guy go into wrestling? He would have been a great heel.

Paul Blackman

Guy on the right has a big steroid head. The other fellas eyebrows fell out with HGH?

Sal P

He is corny af


“This man eats t bone steaks , he lifts bar bell plates , he is sweeter than a German chocolate cake “

Ron Outs

It’s funny that Jon thought he could win

Super Vegeta

Peco vs Deca

will melikyan

Funny how these clowns call themselves champions but have yet to fight Steven Segal

Steve Rogers

@1:55 Joe Rogan can be such a fucking buzzkill, good lord. Back then when i was younger, i appreciated some of the ways he approached things, but now that Im older, its so damn annoying how little rogan can act sometimes.

Mr. Oppenthunder

Could you imagine having Chael do sales calls for your business?


Where does kevin lee fit into all of this?

MMA Shorts

Hey pussy you still there

Rob M

Jones... Combs... and Holmes. This guy is brilliant.

Cjay 666

When you are mentioned in a ryhme by chael sonnen you know you made it

Random Videos

Uncle Chael and Conor should have hall of fame walk

Full Noyz

Why’s he yelling like he’s on WWF

el ajedrecista

Back when Jones was a little likeable

Tim Eli

Never lost a round

Cellar Door

Chael talking kind of reminds me of Trump lol


There's been plenty of shit talkers, conor, bisping etc, but uncle Chael is in a league of he's own!!

John Lennon

I’ve tried to like Chael sonnen. I don’t get hype, he’s pure cringe to me.

Regular Sherlock

Far more importantly the toughest tournament in all of sports is coming to FX, we debuted with the single highest ratings in the history of the eight year series and joe you haven’t seen anything yet, if you wanna see a fight you’re gonna tune in - just before Justified™️ - Ultimate Fighter this Tuesday: Englands own Luke Barnard takes on Gilbert Jamal Smith and it is awesome.

Full-Time, Part-Timers

chael 'al doing everyones job at once' sonnen


chael started his sentence like he was holding his breathe the whole time joe and jon were talking


"Don't wanna watch it"

Anthony Banton

Joe Rogan skipped head day

Bella spira

Dit is wonderlik, iets moois en almal
sal daarvan hou.
Moenie lank wag om jou liefde te kry nie⬇⬇

Slim Shady

How cute of Chael not crushing Jones head with his biceps

Dom Ali

Damn I miss Chael


Just how tall is Joe Rogan?

max c

They both looked like they were not trying to smile when they stared each other down at the end


They must have been talking about Uriah right? Talkin bout reminds them of Anderson Silva? Jones vs Sonnen , that was the season Uriah Hall knocked out dude with that ridiculous spinning heel kick right?

Alexander Bush

I love Jon just sitting back and watching the master work

Johnny Boydianno

Uncle chael has a belt that no one can take away and that's champion of talking no one better wooooooooo

Mentally Special

Bruh seeing the height differences between the three guys is just hilarious for some reason


Pretty sure Chael practised WWF speeches in front of the mirror a lot as a kid.

Michel Chartier B.A.

The UFC was so good before the brothers Fertitta sold it!

zach desfeux

the two best actors in ufc history

brett keen

those two on the right are good at talking, maybe they should start podcasts?

Lewis John Thomas

The way Chael Sonnen met Jones’s death stare