Don't Rock the Boat: Throwback Fails (July 2017) | FailArmy

Don't Rock the Boat: Throwback Fails (July 2017) | FailArmy

3 372 853 views | 20 Jul. 2017

We are coming in hot with some classic throwback fails! This compilation pretty much has it all: karate fails, skateboarding fails, golfing mishaps, and much more! Have a video of your own? Submit it to

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Seal Surprises Fishermen

Science Teacher Fails at Demonstration

Girl Freaks out after Discovering Lizard on Leg

Friends Scare Sleeping Friend

Drunk Guy Attempts to Golf

Five Person Plank Attempt

Monkeys Hump On Guys Head

Girl Backflips on Water and Falls

Kid Hits Head on Boat Trying to Backflip

Parkour Jump to Roll Fail

Brother Runs Bike into Little Sister

Dog Scares Curious Cats

Skier Tries to Turn

Car Drives with Gas Hose Still Attached

Guy Fails to Jump from Table to Sidewalk

Guy Throws Basketball From Chair and Breaks It

BMX Rider Flies over Handlebar

Skimboarder Knocked Down by Wave

Monkey Tries to Bite Man

Bicyclist Crashes into Tree

Pole Dancer Kicks Friend in the Face

Intense Longboard Wipeout!!

Grown Men Tumble down Hill in Toy Cars

Ballerina Falls During Nutcracker Practice

Car Crash Caught on Dash Cam

Man Tips Over While Getting Into Kayak

Scooter Trick Fails Eventually Turns Into Success

Skier Tries to Grind Box Rail

Guy Falls Off Paddle Board and Lands On His Crotch

Practicing For 2020 Olympics

Guy Tries to Longboard down Grass

Slowmo Snowboard Grind Fail

Motorcyclist Can't Open Door

Boat Flies out of Control and Sinks

Tree Cutting Takes a Turn and Destroys Wooden Shed

Wedding Guest Excited to Snag Bouquet

Guy Takes Selfie Video While Riding Bike and Crashes

Man Scares Coworker

Motorcycle Attempts to Outrun Car and Crashes

Kid Kicks Dad in the Groin During Tae-Kwon-Do Practice

Skateboarder Goes For Thirteen Barrel Jump and Fails

Rollerblader Faceplants Pavement

Teen Attempts to Backflip and Lands on Her Back

Guy Kicks Tree During One-Legged Backflip Attempts

Scenic Kite Flying

Dirt Biker Flies Over Handlebars

Lizard Bites Camera

Wrestling Moves on the Dance Floor

Fisherman Slips off Boat

Paraglider Gets Stuck on Power Lines

Guy Standing on Mechanical Bull Falls

Skier Eats Snow after Failed Backflip

Van Bounces Up and Down on Highway

Girls in Heels Walk Around Store

Kid Tries to Ride Pogo Stick

Above Ground Pool Jump Fail

Ride on Go Kart Goes Wrong

Guy Gets Stuck in Kids Slide

Guy Falls Off Famous Mountain

Motorcycle Crashes Into Deer

Shirtless Man Rides Bike Into Giant Puddle

Baby Elephant Lies Down on Man

Guy Falls Jumping on Tables

Kid Flies Off Rope Swing and Loses Shoe

Boxes of Chocolate Scattered on Road

Horse and Rider Run into Moose in Forest

Dad Breaks Daughter's Scooter

Anthony W Stanton

This video proves that I am not the biggest klutz!


2:00 Does that count as a threesome?

Marco Gau

I would smash both the "chickens".


@ 0:22 That kid :D

Kieran Hardy

why did that guy pick up a random girl and hit her with the blackhole slam?

Shane Bickmore

At 5:08 the kids reaction was priceless!! And at 8:15... No, you're gonna be a YouTube asshole for leaving the scene of an accident!!

Frank Engelmann

Thumbs up 4 the doggy :-D

Cristhian Calle

9:03 nice nice nice

Luis A Gonzalez

Woman at 0:14 looks familiar, where have I seen her before

Gordon g

Three very serious cats and one playful dog :D


This was just brutal to watch!

HD Kings YT

But how many people can say a buffalo licked their face

Sikers LalaTM

*ChAnGe PoSiTiOnS*

Jonathan Reck

The 1000

Kitty with a gun

1:56 this is how your bed feels every night


5:25. Most annoying lady ever

Blake Harris

2:28 I think a gopher hole saved him one less gopher colony

MSWR Gaming

4:50 Is he dead?

Pan Dabär

Oh man. Amerikaner.

Povilas Begedis

9:10 that's a messy traffic light... can't understand anything:D

Ol' Ben

6:06... don’t lie, you know you liked it.

Lavan Smith

That horses was like nope..

Mr skafloc40

At least something was willing to lick your face.


8:28 why is this fool holding up a flat screen tv?!


1:38 when a tennis player decides to try golf


Do women EVER look stupider than when they're struggling to catch the bride's bouquet?


9:15 Laugh at you granma

Moto Sly

licked her face.... cause it was so greesy

Kathy Young

Hey, lady! Wild animals. This isn't a Disney movie,

Rob Maximus

And we can tell why you attend weddings


But like. Dude- I font even have a liscense and I can drive better


6:38 i want that in slow motion

Silvio Diego

guy on 9:00 ... zero concern for the accident... super happy to become a YouTube celebrity.

Dave Bear

Some of these people are trying really hard to end up in wheel chair.

Beckah6 G

Humans are dumb

Kurtis Boyer

"I'm going to be a YouTube celebrity." No, but you will contribute to someone who is a YouTube celebrity.

Animal Squad 3

Comentario numero 1000

Kenneth Albert

1:08 Step 1- Get a firm grip on the handlebars.

Matt Williams

I like fail army

Mr Olsen

1:40 Swedish - English translation=
"vad gör du cp barn!" (What are you doing cp child!"


6:55 waves r sayin stay back

Charlie Harvin

“ Smorgasbord” lol

andrew beattie

American Bison (buffalo) are KILLERS. That chick who got her face licked is lucky she didn’t get her ass ripped to shreds along with car.

Victor Puerto76


Maxime L'Écuyer

8:33 First clip taken by a horse in history !!! AMAZING

john serra

That lady thing should feel like she got some tongue

Kathy Young

That's why you pay tree surgeons the big bucks.


6:03 the big mouth from the city who can’t appreciate the subtleties of the country side.

Jeff 1312WKH

2:04 i feel bad for that guy.....

Kayla Cunningham


Guy Wood

"Dude, there's a monkey fuckin' on your head!"

"Don't you mean there's a fuckin' monkey on my head?"

"Err, no dude..."

Travis Kroll

He licked my face well if you didn't look like a cow

TheRoc Last Name Here

All you European pussys I expect this .. you American ass hats, suck it up butter cups.


3:02 power lines and parachutes, not a great mix.

Draft D.

9:23 this laugh is just annoying

Twilight GamingTB

8:44 music name please.

Krabby Patty Krabs

Why are people skating and do such dangerous stunts without a fucking helmet on?

US folks act as if they had acceptable health care.

Michael Mouse

4:54 ... I dont know about you but I'm off!

Oscar Fernandez

When there is a seal jumping out of the water like that, there is a shark trying to eat it.

Shogun LP

2:48 WWE finisher move lol

No one

I hate monkeys


1:07 - what a hot daddy

Lucifer Morning star

You know you got no life when you say nice im gona be a YouTube celebrity lmao

Assassin Gamer

1:08 how the turtles feel in the ocean

Michael Mouse

7:20 ... what is it with these women... do they like playing with something hard, round and long or what??

Jonas Plank

Real fail is the guy filming with an ipad 8:28

Coleman Studios

3:27. Inspiration for SCP 3188 right there.


Lot of fat bitches in that wedding


7:00 My career.

Jon R

Bull licks cow.

Jake G

Fat lady, your not allowed to open your window or feed the bison. That’s a state park. If there’s a cop watching this, please be an ass and give her a warning or citation for me

Dominic Booth

First like

Beatle John

5.30 бедный бык, зачем он эту фублю лизнул?



Dr. Vinnie Boombatz

I hope the charming lady in the last clip finally got married. Otherwise I´m available

Kumar D

2:00 glad I’m not him

Julio Torres

my favorite is 1:43


3:32 Did that car just twerk?
5:38 You shall not pass !

binu tomy

4:55 scary scene if that catches upto the horse

Kayla Cunningham

0:35 dammmmm

Meh Whatevs

Fail army blows. None of these were exciting and most werent even “fails”. Much rather watch Ridiculousness on MTV

Cameron MM

2:18. Water doesn’t work like ground. I thought they taught that in the public school system..

ashish jangid

5:09 told you girl...

Юля Веселова

0:02 seal!

Daniel Hirschner

Plz do a toy fails

Fu Thaiter

6:55 no more questions, why you say "silly dogs"

Maria del Carmen Tutistar

999 comentarios ok no

Edo' Camilo




Bobby Spurlock

The guy on the how to hunt channel says horses don't sweat Grizzly Bears. They just scare them, but moose worry the shit out of a horse because they try to mate with them.

logi0.9nD plzexplain

7:00 what?

Danny Joe

Ahhhh...would'nt be a failarmy vid w/o a stripper pole incident.


4:16 anyone got a link to a longer clip of that? how far does he fall?

thousand points of light


Antonio Flores

El del toro y las de los tacones no es gracioso


2:07 a one-in-a-lifetime experience to tell for generations to come

Camila Quintana


Matthew Millar

6:44 that dog is the best!

0100 Animal6.2

At 5:20 That donut eating foul mouth hag taking the Lord's name in vain like that,,,,people That say that kind of garbage just disgust me,,,that Buffalo needs to bite her tongue right off.. I'm just saying that my opinion

Josh Turtle

2:33 baron Corbin