Greg Hardy Is Sticking Around | Luke Thomas

Greg Hardy Is Sticking Around | Luke Thomas

24 667 views | 23 Jul. 2019

At UFC on ESPN 4, Greg Hardy blew through fellow heavyweight Juan Adams in short order. While the bout at UFC San Antonio was strange with Adams underperforming, it also showed Hardy being as athletic as he is with his NFL background and being well trained by American Top Team can only succeed in the UFC heavyweight division. I'm not asking you to like or hate him, but the idea this was going to be a heavyweight version of CM Punk who came and went seems very much not in keeping with the facts.




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Adamus Ruber

I love to see all the bitching that happens when unpopular fighters win lol

John G

Rozenstruik/Hardy. I'll bet the damn house Hardy is going to sleep and he might not wake up.


Justbleed's brother is a hipster douchebag..he paints elephants badly


Nobody cares if he sticks around. People only have an issue with his hype and being pushed up the chain in the events while fighting bums.

Amit B


Kevin Hernandez

Greg Hardy > Derek Lewis

John G

Put him against that pure savage that just knocked Crowder dead and I think people will stop talking about Greg by the time he wakes up.


BREAKING NEWS: Greg Hardy loves violence

Daniel Hughson

Please give him the Black Beast. Lewis just needs 1.


After every Greg Hardy fight, everyone thinks the 'next' guy is gonna finish him. In all of his few fights so far..

Emory Holley

I laugh at the haters. Hardy is a legit athlete learning at a fast rate. He deserves all the bad rep for this past but doesn't change the fact that the man is an elite athlete.

Falcons Nation

Hardy vs Harris! People need to get behind this!

Todd Atkins

I think Hardy has learned from his past failures and has grown as a person. Especially his stint with the Dallas Cowboys where he didn’t take things as seriously as he should’ve. He had a second chance and blew it. I think that made him appreciate this mma career a lot more.

Bumper James

how good is hardy ? every match a tko within the first 2 minutes apart from crowder

Joe Nicholas

Fans acting like they actually care about a fighters past. A lot of fighters have shady pasts. Get over it.

Richard Mahaffey

It’s sad how much Shaub steals this content. Doesn’t even watch the fights any more.....


No, the stoppage was not fine. This video is nonsense. You suspect Greg Hardy will attain top 5 status based off a bad stoppage against Juan Adams? What drugs are you on?

really real

Luke looking like the dude from home alone . Marv


Dude is sleepin mothatruckas


I think he has potential but overestimates his chin. Think he’s begging for somone with good boxing to KO him


Sick of hearing people cry about Hardy. He's getting the Aaron Pico treatment, but actually succeeding. And we're tired about hearing about his past. The law is done with him, he's not re-offending, time to move on.

jeb boylad

Whiteknight Luke Thomas you so tough

Ekhart Troll

Of course he is not going away, his fights are

Horten Ojongtambia

Hardy does have a Francis Power to speed vibe but lacks experience/technique for sure so Walt Harris vs Greg Hardy where winner fights top 10 if not top 5

Mike S.



Luke for ESPN commentator.


Feed him to the black beast

Dilan Oliver

Luke....there are middleweights that could beat that hack. Thought you where smarter then that.

Nobody asks

RIP Maxim Dadashev.


Juan got mad because after he got punched 17 times and didn't do anything but hang on that leg that the ref stopped the fight? I don't understand why he was so angry after the fight, the ref yelled twice for him to defend himself / react to the punching, and LITERALLY he did nothing, he hardly even leaned his head away.


Luke just points out the obvious,never gives his own opinion.

Hernis De La Cruz

Jesus can Luke start the video less enthusiastic?


Sticking around as long as he doesn't fight ranked fighters


Top 10? Probably. Most heavyweights are slow and sloppy and have 2 minutes of throwing some big shots in them. He's got the athleticism going for him. Top 5? Probably not. I think once he takes on some of the more skilled heavyweights, that's his ceiling.

Gustavo Serrano

This just shows how good Brock really was

Dante monterey

Damn Frankie "no love" edgar

KW0311 W

He is a little cringe but you are probably right. I think a lot of the disdain is his refusal to verbalize remorse for his actions. People are quick to forgive and forget.

João Medeiros



Feed him to the beast (or Francis)


Greg Hardy is an exciting fighter. He should knock out Derrick Lewis next.


Greg Hardy is a future Champ. These haters are blinded by their hatred. Greg Hardy has world class athletic talent. He’s not there yet but I due time.... I believe in this guy!

Buddy Flankwood

I wonder if he will stick around if he gets tuned up or suffers a deflating lost like Francis did

Gnostic Demon

Am I the only one who loves Greg Hardy BECUZ he beats women?


Please feed Hardy to Derrick Lewis next!!!

misty bonnie

Need more content from Luke, i especially miss Monday morning analysis.


Legend has it Luke has never responded to a single YouTube comment

Anthony M

they should have him and jake hager fight lol


Honestly, I think 1 or 2 fights have been fixed, this is one of them.

Ok, so Juan hasn't been setting the world on fire but he looks ok, one to keep you eye on ... like that 'The Crochet Boss' Maurice Greene. So this dude goes in, stiff jabs Hardy who is a lil wobbled by it, then he get tagged again but then Juan shoots on a leg and holds on for dear life, for no reason.

Another fight I think was fixed was Conor VS Eddie. Eddie is known for getting beat to hell and then coming back to win. However he was fighting the biggest thing in the sport at the time, who wanted to be the first "champ champ" AND it was the first time at MSG .... Eddie just didn't look good and then he bounces over to one.

There is another fight that I think is suspect but I can't think of it right now but yeah, that was a really weird fight from Juan. Stings him with 2 punches, ok so you're winning the stand up (it's early days in the fight but still) and then out of nowhere you dive on a leg? Then you don't change position when you eat 10+ punches?

AND UFC have been pushing Greg HARD! Close to the main card events with no previous MMA experience? It's not like Askren who was a champ in 2 other promotions ... He played handegg and then after a handful of fights got into the UFC on like co-main spots ...

Liam Morgans

Tai Tuivasa will rid us of cringe hardy


Can Greg Hardy beat anyone in the top 15? I mean we’ve never seen him REALLY get punched by a good HW

Daniel Alves

If you keep talking about the dude... yeah probably...

Petar Dambovaliev

A woman beater fighting in the UFC.
This just shows you how morally bankrupt the company has become.
I hope they give this guy to Francis.

Oliver Skatt

People: He hit a woman!! He’s sick!!

Me: Vikings raped and killed women as common practice and I still think they were awesome. This guy has true killer instinct, he’s fit for a sport based on violence. His actions have never impacted me, he owes me nothing. Good luck to the guy.


I like Greg, idgaf, he is entertaining

Yea I hear you ‘

Man Greg is gonna be cool

Ross Boss

Was hardy trolling us when he keep saying "wwoooo" wwwoooooo" lmao...

Beyonder 21

Your quote on taking “punishment”, is moot he played in the NFL. The NFL chewed up Brock Lesnar and spit him into pro wrestling. Then your sport. If don’t understand go watch Ray Lewis hit somebody.


3 minutes of this 6 minute video is about francis ngannou ugh

Daniel Grigg

You might as well claim Arlovski's got a chance of winning the title back off last week's fights; it makes more sense than Hardy getting into the top five with his lack of boxing skill at his age.

Nick D

Juan Adams is terrible dude didnt even know how to throw a punch

Andre Johnson

Im not perfect. Until we let go hate we can never be worth redemption


Dat audio tho.


Hope Greg Hardy continues to win for a while.

JeepZJ 101

Give him a top 5 opponent if he's so fucking good! Derick Lewis would be a great match up for this giant scumbag asshole

Trey Love

Feed him to a real fighter.


Haters going to hate. Simple as that.

Dr. Yangus Bottom Tooth

Let's just get this over with. You wanna shut this asshole down, throw Francis at him. Hell take up knitting classes to help with the trauma of that ass beating.

juicebox Leal

Tbh I think this guy is gonna keep improving. Obviously he is an amazing athlete , but also his dedication. I think he lives full time in an ATT dorm.


I think Rothwell (currently unranked) would take care of Hardy. That’s a legit step up for him.

Thy Tre

Greg gets eaten alive by anyone in the top 15

aslsmm 00

But the question remains, just how good is ray rice.

Wayne Drudy

Nobody realizes how fast NFL lineman are. Those dudes "aren't fast for their size". NFL lineman are fast period. Fast hands, fast feet, explosiveness, footwork, and cardio are all needed to be a standard lineman. Greg Hardy wasn't standard he was an amazing defensive line man.


Is Hardy the best athlete the ufc has seen? I know they’ve had Olympic athletes, but with being that athletic at his size, I think it counts for bonus points


Give him Tai Tuivasa. That dude's terrible in every way and is also about to slide out of the rankings.

Andrew Steinmetz

I think a lot of liberal fans will like him Luke. No one really cares to that degree except a few in the media.


Derrick Lewis gonna put that piece of trash to sleep.

Sunrise Pups

I agree that committed with that team he looks built for this as much as people hate him I see him competing for a title the next few years put him in the fire he has crazy power

Chris DuChateau

They should let JDS put him to sleep

Jonathan Davies


Frank Possible

Hardy really looks like a VAMPIRE!

Luis Flores


Zach Jones

Official prediction, Tai Tuivasa vs Hardy next


I like Greg Hardy. He seems like he has turned over a new leaf. He deserves a second chance and if you don't agree take a good hard look at your own life.

Travis Yock

The ref was disgusted to have to raise Hardys hand

Nig -

Luke's forehead looking extra slimy today, very impressive.


Hardy the can crusher. Hardy has fought dossiers. I can’t believe he keeps co mainin but he throws those devil horns every chance he gets so he’s down for the agenda. All that weird hands in his mouth and face shot wtf was that as well. He really thinks he’s good too. What a tool


Prince of war cannot be stopped


WTF?? Luke, you seriously need to calm down. The guy hasn’t fought anybody yet you're talking like he beat a guy like Blaydes. It’s crazy people give you so much money in the super chat yet you have the dumbest takes just like this one. Dana White has said it himself, he needs a couple more warm up fights get it Luke that means not top15 opponents lmfao. Holy shit this video was atrocious!

Follow 0siris

He can stick around 2 months or he could stick around 15 years the result is going to be the same. Guaranteed defeat to a top 10 opponent or better. Just my opinion

2 GuD

People can change


People hate on Greg hardy more than they do Johnathan Koppenhaver aka war machine

Ken Reimann

Luke is always wishing us well, well I Wish you’re doing well luke!


i mean, until he fights someone, sure


When it comes to Greg Hardy’s “wrestling” I think one thing people are looking over is wrestling is about controlling someone’s body movements and not getting controlled. And that’s where people should realize football at his position has the same principle. As a defensive end he had to get around people and past blocks and not get put on the ground. And from a lot of his fights he is very very good at not getting put on the ground. The only thing I won’t say it has a connection to is what happens once you’re on the ground.


Feed Hardy to JDS. I promise you JDS KO's him by the 2nd Round. All that sloppy swinging won't work on a JDS. I even think even Curtis Blaydes gives Hardy problems, only time will tell.

Pretentious Bear

Funny when Greg Hardy first came out I said and I QUOTE " I am a racist and even I know that everyone deserves a second chance, and we really don't know the details" so lets give him another chance to make money, but all the liberals they may not be racist, but they are racist in their own way a way that is far more dangerous

Vogue Daddy

I can see Greg making top 10 fairly easily but top 5 idk


Remaining question: does Greg Hardy have a chin?

Phong Nguyen

People just hate for the sake of hating. Hating is just something many people must do to be at peace with their lives.

You don't have to be a fan of Hardy (or Jones, or TJ, or whoever). Hell, nobody forces you to watch his fights. But if you are the type of person who goes out of their way to continuously show hatred for the guy (or any guy), you are not a better person than he is, and I mean that sincerely.


I will never root for Greg Hardy.
Heels are one thing, but this guy is a step too far.