THE BEST ZOMBIES I'VE EVER SEEN | Resident Evil 2 (Remake) - Leon Part 1

THE BEST ZOMBIES I'VE EVER SEEN | Resident Evil 2 (Remake) - Leon Part 1

3 741 263 views | 24 Jan. 2019

Leon S. Kennedy is the Real Proud Dad of Resident Evil 2

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ben dover

first of covid is scarier than this second a vaccine was just made and guys maradonas ded


That was the best impression ever wdym jack?

Mason Hardin

when jack said anime i know he was speaking facts

Raidania Reyes

Oooooooo jack you got me hyped in the intro I love ya man

Solus Darkcoat

Jack is like that one fat kid; Instead of coming back for seconds, he wants to pile everything onto one plate. Just come back for the damn items, you don't have to pick everything up right this fucking second!

Gail doan

If your wondering the whole gas station part isn't in the original

Dancey Johnson

I heard that Digimon theme music tune, Sean.

The 40k Boyz

That burger at the start look soooooo good!

Keegan M. Phillips

yes leon scott kennedy is a sexy man good time with all the resident evil game all the time rage quiteing after boss fight like devil may cry

Hannah Barnes

57:39 he went from 0 to 100 real quick LMAOOO

Jillian Holland

“There he is, Captain Jawline.”

From now on I will only refer to Leon as “Captain Jawline”, courtesy of Jack Septiceye.

Leon Daly

Every time he said Leon it felt so weird because my name is Leon

Luke Rainer

The best zombie I’ve seen is my brother


My doggo's called Matilda.

Tifa Lockheart

They is going to be Resi4 remake in 2022

Scott Sabino

No actually it was a pretty good impression!! Knew who it was right away!! Lol

Sanda Dyani

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

John Cox


Dallas Veale

Me playing The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: I would love to be in this, it seems so easy, How is this game Scary?
Me Watching jack play Resident Evil 2: This is so spoopy, how does he play it, I can't watch, but i can't not watch.

But not gonna lie, this game is pretty

Resident evil 7 Fan

Sorry for the simping but Leon kinda cute

Johann Leigh Monteclaro

I came here to be prepared for 2021's zombie apocalypse lol

Matthew Conn

no burger friend


"sit down lady" how about you sit down and have a beer.

Presley Hanzlik

I feel SO bad for the truck driver at the beginning:( I wish he didn’t die. I’m too much of a softie.


Can someone explain what binaural audio is?

Synnastyr Kuhr

Decided to go watch the RE4 play through JSE did and couldn't believe how much of a higher pitch his voice was. Facial hair so puberty had to have hit but if so it sure didn't hit his voice back then.

james rogers

21:20that was one of the best Obama impressions I’ve ever heard lol


Real Proud Dad's are the best man.


Jacksepticeye: Buy the game so I can get what I want.
Developers: Here you go. Holds resident evil 3
Jacksepticeye: Yay!
Me: Dear lord. Please get this man a Resident evil 4 remake please.

Frostbite knight

Playing re2 after re3

Delayni Hollenbaugh

why df did they make a remake of it???
if u dont know what df means it means da fuck


Leon and Clair blazing out of there... but not with leon's own car.

Carl Marchiano

I know this series came and went, this has also probably been commented as well, but fun fact: the "canon" playthrough is Claire A and Leon B

Mark AntiGhost

my middle name is kennedy

Darren Currie

I love ur channel and ur videos love ur channel


When the game gives you weapons, bullets, guns, that means the games gonna try to f*ck you up

Hannah Voigt

Whenever he says “howdy bitch” it always cracks me up

Samantha J Holland

Watching this in 2021 when it says "due to the outbreak you are advised to hide" hits so different now.

Bruce Lee

Yo Jack me boi

sam bray


Fact Core

Sean: "That's for locking me in!" (In the intro)
Me: He probably was trying to save you because he knew he was bit, so he closed the door to stop his zombified self from killing you.

Tanaka 06



Helicopter: violent crash

Jack: there fine


President Jack Obama

Gueco PH

I think leon was the son of john f kennedy

Dewi Hasan

He extended it into 1 hour or even 1hour 40 minutes im proud of him

Manga Mania

RE2 remake was almost a 10/10, but RE3 was a letdown with weaker bodydamage features and a too short campaign, with to many areal cut out of the game.

I'm sorry to say that I think they'll remake the 4'th one next, and the last plages parasite is so boring, compared to zombies. The game will sell very bad and we'll probably never get a remake of RE: Code Veronica X, Onimusha or Dino Crisis

Justin Montague

guy listening to radio radio cuts off and hits karen

karens last words i wanna see your manager

Clarisse Marlyn Gomez

I've really been trying to finish watching this series ever since sean played it, but also, my gut does not allow it, this is my 3rd attempt now...T T

Mr Sebru

They didnt remake re1 because i think it sucks?


Second time whatching this yearly thing m8 :D

Emmanuel Noel

"Yes We are open and DIE"
-Jacksepticeye 2019

Carl Marchiano

wait, 8:40 Did Sean just quote Kendrick Lamar?

Sarah Jackson

Will you be doing resident evil 6 for shits and giggles?

Elizabeth Wagner

1:00:00 omg Claire you are human! Climb the fucking fence!!

Boy Griffin

Ok I know every video has dislikes but this video with a wopping 3.6 million views and 93k likes but not even 1k dislikes is blasphemy it’s outstanding the amount of people who love this man or at least don’t want to dislike his video is insane what the actually F Sean McLaughlin


The game audio is so quiet

Gracin Van Dewalker

Marks reaction is hilarious, you should watch his animated resident evil 2 video

Magnificient Blade


Mr Sebru

Watching the game: not really scary
Playing the game: really scary
(This comment is based on my experiences on playing it)

Ruby Phoenix

I remember watching Evelien play this one and her little cheer every time a female zombie welcome-screeched at her


Hello jackseptguy

DJ bandicoot

29:35 my man be looking like a pizza pop ngl


Yeah jack it's really faauun to plooay....

Get it?Irish accent....

you're supposed to find it funny

like this comment ASAP!


Yea resident evil is cool and all but y’all remember ravenholm?

King VulCOON

I haven't had the chance to play these but I personally LOVE 6.

Presley Hanzlik

42:00 replay!!!!

King bee Gaming

Well s in Shaun stans for sexy


I love when the people who do the captions stick their own little comments in, it never fails to make me laugh

Mr Sebru

Leon didnt expect his first day like this

Precious Abordo

Think of yourself in this scenario would you find the police or would you wait for Clair?

Hunter Taylor

Are you on ps or not

Robert Hughes

Me personally conquered my fears of of zombie a year ago now I enjoy playing zombie for example days gone

Bradley Peate

Hey just wondering before I start watching this gameplay . Have you ever played control was looking on your YouTube account but couldn't see it seems like a unusual game you would play


Anybody else thinks now he only does other stuff

Scrs scrubzzz

RPD Real proud dad
RPF Real Proud Female
RPF also means raccoon city fire dept

Christina Guilbeault

That one woman zombie screaming is a Karen


Watching this play through back again, Leon looks like an e-boy


Me: watches this video

Jack: wastes alot of ammo even tho he didnt have to

Me: Yep he is a 10000 IQ zombie gamer

caged gamer

Jack the reason why leon couldn't break the box like in resi 4 is cus he hadn't started working out like in re4 obviously

Felix Matters

House of 1000 corpses

Cody Patton

Has anyone else noticed that Raccoon City keeps getting bigger with each new iteration of the original games? It's supposed to be a SMALL MIDWESTERN TOWN and now it might as well be NYC.


yo you forgot your 6pack

Bradley Smith

Jack: I haven't played Resident Evil 1, 2, or 3.
1 year later plays Resident Evil 3 remake
Resident Evil 8 comes out

Hunter Taylor

I love 6 and 2 and 7

Mr Sebru

Cutscene: 1 hit
Gameplay: 69 bullets to kill

Presley Hanzlik

I wish a comment of mine could get a ❤️ from Jackaboy. It would mean a lot but It’s okay.

Sarah Northman

I like Marvin

winterice lol

I love how basically no one in zombie games/movies has ever even seen a zombie movie and has no clue what they are

silver pork

you spoiled about him

Tanaka 06

"He z only half the man he used to be"

Jadon Snow

The burger looks amazing

Jan Kriete

@1:45 The Burger probably was thinking: That guy's a maniac......WHY'D HE BITE ME!? ;)

Mark AntiGhost

plague inc. evolved but you are in the humans perspective

Tavaris Peterson

Since that Dead zombie dabbed and zombies grab you know how to start off a dance move called the dab and grab

Ricky Brown

Dcm and cap


Raccoon city? we it built by Raccoons? Ha Ha He.... Heeeee.... yeah wasn't funny. So how were you today?


21:16 Jack's Obama impression is too funny lmao


Actually claire is the A scenario. In the original claire was on disk one

blue man group

comfort material go brr