Sebastian Bails Funny TIK TOK 2020 | Best Tik Tok Videos of Sebastian Bails

Sebastian Bails Funny TIK TOK 2020 | Best Tik Tok Videos of Sebastian Bails

482 316 views | 23 May. 2020

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Frixl girl

8:55 you moved your legs to bruh


I think I know why the booger looked so real BECAUSE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MADE LIKE THAT

Omar Barahona

when yoi put super glue how did you take it out

Bernice Lewis

I saw glitches like if you saw glitches

Sebastian Suarez

My name is Sebastian

Pedro Ramirezlll

Sebastian is So gay

Wendy Carbajal

Before they broke up

Angelique Vazquez

Learn your boyfriend is literally so weird

James Mcfarlane

End one=

Gachagirl My

U know kids are watching this



crispy bagguette

I feel so bad for his girlfriend

Xflowersx flowers

Me thinking loren is gonna break up with you of ur pranks

Among Lulu

I feel so bad for Lauren


The one with the penny in the forehead that’s just torture U>U

Jenna Stidham

You guys are so cute together

Cutie Muffin

Mpumie Tinyiko

Mike Jones

Merry Christmas guys

lol hi

this is what children watch now?

Luminous Star

The clip when she was tring to get on chair in the begining she picked her nose like WHAT THE HELL


you'd think she'd break up with him.

Georgette Tawana

How do they not get hacked? They tie each other's phones on balloons and let it go in the sky. Does no one like steal their phone and hack them or something

Natisha Jackson

I don't like the one when you put the permanent glue in her lip gloss CU's she might not breathe

Mpumie Tinyiko

Is any one still thinking about the glue . How did they take it out

Avery Neace

You I do not think are a good couple

Isabella Pallaviccini

He is so mean I feel so bad for her

Marypaz Cruz


Adam Butterfield

3:43 ur so mean to her Sebastian she looked like she was about to cry

Møønlight Eclipse Playz

Sebastian ur always so fricken rude to lauren she. Doesent need you

michaela kid

What did mean when you said "only guys can do it"

little Lele Skinner

Avery Vanater


Valene Swanson

Lauren: Babe,come here let me see your phone
Sebastian: are you gonna go through it again
Lauren: something like that ………………………… also Lauren through it underground

Evie's Kiwis


Kellan Becker

He is a rude guy who dose not care about people

Aylee Ryan

Sebastian is a baby I hate him

Kaykay Malone

When she was like mhh and hit him in the head I died

Ducky Do Stuff!

8:21 Lauren be picking her nose lol

Sandy Burns

The toilet is smoking hahaha

wendi routhier

So funny


Can she steel talk after you poot glue in her lipstik

Shawn Glazier

You look so good in that


They should maybe break up

tianna bull

5:26 your welcome lol

Mikailyn Bastedo


harlee foster


Hatsune Martinez

4:22 he deserved that (it fake tho) also penny wise be like,

Jay Jay Montgomery

We love you sabastan not laruan

Tiffany Boyd

Lauren Lauren why would you spill chocolate on seb.

Joseph Thawn

STOP pranking lauren. Lauren pls prank sebastian on tik tok i hate you sebastian

Yochace Skerrette

Lauren: how are you going to get it.
Me:penny wise is going to get a iPhone

Sofia Vejar

The last one


I hate this dude so much

Brianna Amaya

Katelynn Hinojosa


Kroy Dowdell-Stamper

You are hurting her fillings Sirbastin and Larry


Wow so cool

Galaxy 8248

Sebastian is rude and a liar

ultra marine

this was not funny

Shawn Glazier

And stop flexing your bangs

Shawn Glazier

Do you really want to G wagon

Alayna's ASMR!!!

Hi lol

im your girl

Did you get your lips unattached

Val H

It is funny

Sea Playz

Bruh the boy is orang

daniel drislane

omg like the second prank if he did that on me he would be in the ground by now but the third prank by Lauren helped so much thow!!!!!!

dylan Guerrero

Guys I dare you to break up because she threw that Nutella

Ejehiwease Irabor

Did she ever get her phone back

Mya Holl

I feel bad for Lauren

CJ Walker

There relationship is all just a dam prank a big PRANK

Keiajah Johnson

Hey Lauren like your new toes so hilarious

Bull Dog 1000

What video did you use to make the toilet smoke

yolo swag

2:43 is so wrong. People should not be joking about things like that . That's public humiliation and so unfunny

Addison Ohler

Laren could of taken the phone out of its case when she got her phone super b
glued lol

• CIA •

"Sebastian Bails" and "Funny" should not be in the same sentence

Hilda Ramirez

The chair one Loren was picking her nose

Alauna Berchick

When he fell and broke the table that made me laugh

Bookbush 101

We loveee joking about periods

Leea Playzz


Lily Farrer


John Marley Maesa

How dear you always prank your girl friend sabstian

Hope and Oak

why did the girl put the lipstick on when you put superglue in

Harper Whitten

Sebastian and Lauren what are your mum and dad's name I don't know what that is their names

Clara Stanley


Ortiz Lelaina

he has the worst pranks too, 3:06: he is roching his mom
3:39: he is gluing someones lips together! >:(

Tiffany White

Your so oruge

Mitchy's Eye Crust

I wanted to do a challenge where i watched this video until i laughed and i ended up watching the entire video. And i thought MY sense of humor was bad.

LPS Kitty

Ok why was he laughing when he lips got stuck it’s not funny it’s rude

AC Barbie LOL

Lauren I love you hair it is always so pretty ❤️❤️

Andrew Longeteig

13:40 never hit a girl..

Jazmin Le

Sebastian :broke up with Lauren
Sebastian:because I'm in love with SUPER GLUE

Keiajah Johnson

What he can get when he fat I can’t believe he fell for that because that was really a Larry us but why why do you fart Anna girl Laura whatever your name is do not think your boyfriend again or he’s going to prank you that’s what you get and your girlfriend prank you and thanks for that Lorraine

Pamela Boveda

My ñame Isael Sebastián lol

Willow Exley


Alaa Saleh

That is horrible eyebrows

Sharon Mary Laiz

Laureen is a frecking jerk

Bissan Ibrahim

Super glue lip gloss that is dangerous it has chemicals


3:43 i dont find that funny bc that could hurt her

Benjamin Tippets

This guy uses more makeup than his girlfriend