Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #2

Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #2

5 894 568 views | 25 May. 2020

Are you ready to see more of the scariest videos on the internet? This one is honestly terrifying

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Lj Francisco

Excuse me jack ghosts are real whether u believe or not and i would recommemnd u believe ;)

Nima Deen



Daddy long legs are harmless


Smash like if you made it through the whole vid!


5:12 "I've never wanted to commit arson on something as much as I do right now."

-Jacksepticeye 2020

Leanna Sinanan

jack i love your videos make me laugh

Raquel Guzmam

Lmao idk why I'm watching as I'm try to nap

Delilah XD

Don't go to this time........


Kelly The Simp

I’m scared for everything, but imma watch it anyway :D while I eat my pizza

Zabuza Momochi

Hat banana

foxy gamer

Nehangu Goechi ni(ni is 2)

Mia Rodriguez

It’s 11:00 and I’m ready to watch scary stuff with both of my sisters

Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs

"The Maze of Bones" is the title of novel, part of the "39 Clues" series. It partially takes place in the Paris Catacombs I know this from reading the book's description. I never actually read the series but the title of that installment intrigued me at the time (I never even read that one book though; it's not the first one). And that's how I first learned about the Catacombs in elementary school.

Calista March

I almost just pissed my self because a squirrel outside my house started making noise right when the guy started opening the casket

Aeon Lotus

also the catacombs one was 1 out of 2 so theres more to watch

Len W

When I see scary videos I become paralyzed and hot

Kallie Krafter

am i the only one who actually grabbed a banana

Yeti Man

Can we get more vids like these?

Riley Cyr

Can we have more vids like this plz

whenitallfallsdown yougottalookup

the catacombs one scared me so much at some points I couldn't breathe because of the tension like wtf


hi im tony :)

Lane Leibold

Me watching this at 1am

Elier Andres Navedo

12:34 fuck you

Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

They need to bring crucifixes down in the catacombs.

Weeby Shay

Jack just made the video less creepy


how is 5'10 tall? i mean it's kinda average for male in Poland not even gonna talk about Scandinavia


Ima put th lights on

Elissa Shuman

Can we have a round 3?

• Cold_Sapphire •

I have something like The Catacombs where I live. Under the city I live in is an old town. We call it "Old Astoria". You can actually go down there. I'm pretty sure its legal

Exelith Op

does anyone know if the first dude is behind bars?

Anonymis z

You're not afraid to be alone in the dark, you're afraid you're not alone

Dog Lover

That was disturbing

Speccy SquareGoLike

I once saw two demons at different times at my friend's mum's house when we used to have sleep-overs. They didn't stop me from sleeping over, because I'm probably insane, but they were definitely demons.
I think "ghosts" only exist because it's demons taking a human-esque form so it's easier to persuade the living to "let them in".

Jimmypro900s_plays ROBLOX

At 10:46 there is a woman ghost on the left.. who saw it

Boiled egg

"So Paris is just sitting on a honeycomb"
Bees: "Oh yeah it's all coming together"'

Billie Walker

10:43 I hope in the background to the left of jack is edited when he says this

JJ Dissmeyer

mass of daddy long legs

Crazy Productions

Guy gets lost in catacombs.

DoomSlayer: NOTED

gavin loveless

dude the supernatural is real ive been researching it watch the conjuring based of a true story that shit will straiten you out and it is true i garentee it i was like you before i watched it

Dashel Cook

I cried for ten minutes when I tried to go to sleep

John Michael Cox

Kissing a dead bodyew

Deepansh Saraf

There is nothing like a ghost. Ghosts Don't exist but spirits do

the savage legos

He should react to sam and Colby

Heath Tuckley

Me watching this at 1am

Dr. Doctor

Daddy long legs are the only spiders i like, but I still hate them


I had the same reaction about the spiders in the tree as jack-

Aiden Cooper

That guy is 5 10 and I’m 5 6

Kanary Dragon 798

That spider clip just gave me arachnophobia


are we not gonna fuckin metion the aparition on the left side of seans head at 10:45?

Alone Diamond

I'm 14 and I'm 5'11

Andrew Nottage

Legit I was watching this and I got a text from my mother saying come here we are ordering dinner I have my gaming headset on just cause like why not and obviously I was listening to the video and I got the text and I went to my door and I was going to say Chinese but I accidentally say Japanese cause mum said were ordering food and I accidentally said Japanese or and I was going to say pizza but when I said or I was turning the door handle and I see Dad and I just screamed out loud and jump so far off the floor and keep in mind that my parents have never done anything to make me scared of the cause they don't abuse me or nothing. Like I love horror stuff but that scared the living shit out of me. Like in horror movies I never get scared don't jump at jumpscares and I got so scared from my dad. And when I have gotten scared from a jump scare my heart doesn't usually race but that made my heart speed up so fast faster than I've ever felt it go and it was just my dad and he said he knocked and I was like I was wearing headphones. Yeah and I said to my dad that maybe you and Mum should star in a horror movie because horror movies don't scare me but you guys seem too even though you've done nothing to scare me out of my mind.


Welcome to Australia son of a b*tch

Andrew-William Tallinn

Nice touch at 10:43 look on his left side a ghost appeared lol


5:06 I started itching for ten minutes after this

jessica timko

Tell me you all saw that ghost in the back right??

fahad afridi

at 10:45 look at the top left corner theres a ghost i swear


The incest is powerful with this one

CC The Aqua Maris

Is it bad that this made me more tired when I was trying to wake myself up?

Rockin Taco

Dont watch this at night

Jamison W.

Editing on point

Wowkie Zhang

Ah genuinely nearly shat ma self

Oscar Lopez

Who here was iffy on watching the vid until Sean said there was some very messed up stiff then you wanted to watch it very bad;y.

it's darkmars

9:00 no ...I'm done ... I'm done

Autumn Morningstar

10:46. “i don’t actually believe in ghosts” meanwhile there’s a figure behind him

Sophie Barrett

I will never be the same after those daddy long legs


6:49-6:50/6:52 me in the situation: ADIOS BOYS


Grandmother is fake but catacombs are real.


Everybody gang$ta till he say he don’t believe in ghosts 10:45

Ashlyn Paige

"An absolute giant by the way! 5'10, very tall"
Ok does that make me a giant for my age...? I'm 5'3 and I'm 14...

liam1960 liam1960

WTF pause at 10:44

Linda Sjöblom

The intro actuly scared me dind


wish me lucc bois imma go fullscreen

Stay Out

Being scared of the dark is stupid fearing what's in the dark is smart

Bella Scheider

Part 3 plz

Liliana Garcia

10:43 um did anyone see a person form in the left side of the video umm I’m very uncomfortable rn tell me I wasn’t the only one or am I imagining things

Kaylee Mconesonwitch

Me watching the spiders and saying I want to be there and do that

wildhorses runfree

Loved it!

the bean

Jack: ew ew ew ew why am I still looking at it!!

Me: *dying of laughter on a video that is supposed to scare you *

Artem Chyornyj

10:45 nice easter egg with the ghost in the background ;)

Hmm Okay

Jack: let the sun consume us!

Elijah Hudson

Keep in mind he is most likely by himself at night recording this watching scary vids all for us thank you Sean


I neeeeeeeeed a part 3

Social us .12

Watch Lights out.

Samuel Harris

I an't scared of shit

Nicolas Zitaruk

They really ought to put map stations in those catacombs so people don’t get lost and die down there.

The True Gamer

Wait at 10:40 ik it was intentionally put in look at the blue side

Owen Massé

14:20 imagine if it crawled onto the camera

Midnight Star Luner

Hey Jack, maybe should find this account on YouTube, Carlitos Cristian Marquez I want to see you react to it, please find this and notice me, please.

「kxt chup」



10:44 did you see it

• Cold_Sapphire •

F*ck sleep

Btw I'm watching this at 10 PM


I wonder if Jacksepticeye believes in god if so then he does believe in the supernatural

그들을 태워라

Imagine getting scared

Michael Martinez

Did anyone else see the ghost at 10:45 I. The corner?

Killer Demon

who saw the fake ghost right after jack said he wasn't afraid of ghosts and didnt think they were real

Lucian Delsandro

he says he doesnt beleive in ghosts and their was edited one behind him witch made me freak out

Aiden Cooper

Am I as tall as Sean!?

Johan van der Walt

I would soil my brites 10:50

Tisha Naipaul

He should watch the documentary about the Japanese cannibal. That’s creepy.


9:04 I’ve never seen myself gag on milk harder