Hermitcraft VII 977 Last Of The Year

Hermitcraft VII 977 Last Of The Year

319 605 views | 27 Dec. 2020

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Episode Ninety Six! The brewery exterior and interiors get an upgrade as well as building a greenhouse for my new office.

Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 71-80


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I do singleplayer but i always cheat becuase i dont have enough levels or i dont have enough Diamonds


Hey X! I would recommend renaming the potion modifiers in the item frames (redstone, glowstone, etc) to be "Extend Duration" or something to help the other hermits know what they do as I assume some may not know. :)


997 episodes...

Colby Monroe

You know, X, this is probably been one of my favorite videos. It was really laid back. Just you building a greenhouse, and building the brewer. It was nice.

ducky bhai fan

no snapshots this week

mohammad akram

I am new


X, what song did you use for the first time-lapse? It sounds Katamari-esque, and it doesn't seem to be in the description


WhT is the ip

Ben Nuttall

Try the grey glass

Ethan Povilus

temple of the rising sun? just thought of that name while looking at the color blend that he has on the front. just an idea.

Jacob Jackson

When are you going to bring Wattles into Hermitcraft?


Hi I uploaded my first video on youtube. I like minecraft because I was inspired by hermit players. Hope you will like it. :)


that X uses lapis makes me so happy. It's such a beautiful and horribly underrated block.


the greenhouse is amazing, but you could integrate sandstone to make it fit more with the rest of the building

Francesco Sanchez

"a- cha- cha biome"

dario castello

@xisumavoid u forgot the stews of power


X calling acacia "achacha" is amazing

Raman Goel

I just saw his livestream and he's actually pretty vegan lol


X you should check out ilmango's peaceful challenge ep 50 for your rabbit's feet problem <3

Sara Martinez

White glass looks great!

End _

I think your Gardeners office should have grey glass!

Also, it should be known as Groundskeeper :-)

Also why does nobody answer his questions?


Great video as always

//redacted// //redacted//

Give grey a shot ☺


You're going to go through the shopping district just moving one block here or there? Dude, you're turning into an enderman.

JankoSanko ̧

Some ideas for vanilla tweaks datapacks:
1. auto replace crops
2. cant jump on farmland and destroy it

Milo HoBo

Xisumavoid, there seems to be plenty of space in the potion brewery to make some note block magic.


Superb build, the block pallet is amazing and the build style too

Susie Mott

i love the brewing build! starting to work on my own minecraft builds has made me really appreciate the effort and skill put into things like block choice and roofs. especially roofs... XD

Sam Schellhase

I know the middle orange part is supposed to be representing blaze powder, but it looks like a great fire charge rendition, especially being a circle


Xisuma can i join hermitcraft Although i dont have a channel i am an okay builder trying to learn redstone and im gonna start youtube channel but i wont be picked untill hermitcraft season 200


xisuma I have a suggestions for the texture pack section of your website, the suggestions is that you make a change to blazes to make them more nether like, you make them look like wither skeletons. so there are wither skeletons and there are wither blazes.

John Chance

How long will it take for Grian to shove a "do not use" item into the machine?

Cameron Raymond

Does this mean season 7 is over?




keep the memorial plz

Tilo Dietzig




Marilou Friolet

It’s such a beautiful concept of the decor xisuma keep it up

Olivianna Washington

Here's an idea. You could add campfires to the giant blaze you built around your build to make it look like it was on fire along with maybe some glowstone and or yellow red and orange glass panes

vibing potato

maybe yellow glass panes as blaze particles?

Elite 955

I think the glass would look a little better in light gray, but it’s up to you.

Temotom 12

Me: A yo 2021 is COVID 19 free
My friend: yeah COVID 20 is waiting
2021:welcome to hell

Benjamin Partridge

call the potion brewer the "Sunset Palace" ik its late but like so xisuma can see

SE Style

Add wattles to hermitcraft next season pleas, he would be great


Me and my friends ended our first season of our minecraft server. I just wanna ask if you could see our world.Well I am from India.Thanks you for uploading video it helps a lot.

:Dovi Z

that building around the brewery is INSANE!!!
keep up the good work

E. Andrews

You must really be done with exteriors because you repeated that part twice!

Karalee Notmyrealname

Hm... I like today's video, but I was thinking if you wanna bee brit to the max here, bee the town groundskeeper not the gardener. It would roll beautifully off the tongue with your accent. @};-

Eli Ba

You should add the YouTuber Wattles to hermitcraft season 8

Htoo Myat Min Oo

Xisuma you should invited ph1lza he is a really good minecraft player
Invited in a hermitcraft season 8


You skipped an episode. You went 963 to 965


Can you pls make a video of your brewery making it step by step

Porter Anderson

Do you play among us?


to compliment the length of keralis's builds in acaia you could make the TALLEST TOWER ever but its fallen over on its side


Would groundskeeper be a better word instead of gardener? It makes a little more sense to me, but idk

Josh Dunahoo

6:45, small editing error, just caught it. no worries x

its block

https://youtu.be/cjBPnIXK60U?t=1 why two same clips? otherwise i love your content :)

TJ Average

I love the extension of the giga-brewery! And yeah, I think light gey glass would be a more subtile choice for the greenhouse :D


Hey X, if you can't get the rabbit farm to work satisfactorily, check out a cat gift farm - Ilmango made one in his Peaceful series and you get rabbit's foot as well as bonus Phantom Membrane!

Daniel Vique pietarinen

Lets visualize how this pice of confeti keeps geting hevier


Who also thinks ben hart sounds like x.

Love your videos

Poro FM

are you go into resistance now?

and is Grian now mayor??

pls it can't end like this, it was to funny xD

titan warriors

The next season you should join sb737

Jakeh8s Grass

Am I the only 1 who doesnt know why Xisuma has a bee as his skin?

Andrew Saratsiotis

Make a bee nest for your office

Kushagra Taneja

hey xisuma! I think cleric villagers sell rabbit's feet and a bunch more of brewing supplies, you should try that out

jamie stagg

You guys lost the battles but won the war now its time to trade sanction the bejesus out of the resistance

Joshua Rothery

Grounds keeper xummy

Mason Coats

A better term for what Xisuma is doing is “city manager”


Why do I imagine you spending your time filling in creeper holes...? LOL

William Miketon

Xismuma you may be getting less rabbits feet because, sweeping edge doesn't transfer the looting effect

Malcolm Retief

Watch ilmango's video of the peacefull series where they built a cat gift farm


It looks like the other windows on the town hall are gray as well so maybe you should make the green house glass gray to match

Rebeckah11 Thomas

Wonderful content as always. Loving the external build, colour fade and theming is amazing. Maybe the giant blaze could be breaking out of the back/top at back to give that a bit of depth?
Personally, I think the glass in the greenhouse is better in white as it settles well with the clean lines of the town hall. The Barge is a different build altogether. Just my opinions though.

Countryhuman KD


Happy bee


just noticed is your skins helmet from doom?


There's gonna be a giant wave of Xisuma Gardener fanart and I'm already excited!


To incorporate the blaze you could make tanks with it inside which would look like you're stealing the blaze's energy for the factory, just a thought. Looks great X :)


6:55 - Xisuma is so done with exteriors that he says it twice!

Regarding the glass, I think grey would probably work better

Jeremy Hunter

As someone said before, grounds keeper would be a better name for your new job


Deja Vu double cut at 7:00


Guys, how long will this season last and when will we get a new one?

Cameron Kennedy



Minecraft! Free Music video lo que Java y jugar 1.17 video de that
Like de Christmas y io que hacer Minecraft


and in one on mumbos videos he siad online is a good place because you have players around you so you dont get carried away and go into creative


7:56 warped not crimson

Louis Smith

You should add sb737 to hermitcraft


why does he say achachia it hurts my soul

Derek m

everybody says hep, herp hiep
xiumavoid says h. e. p. and actualls says every letter

David Zelig Music

X! maybe change out the bricks. Usually greenhouses aren't made of bricks but either wood or metal or something. It might look better.

Te0V _46

X, it’s warped not crimson


Be a groundskeeper instead! That way on the side of the town hall you can have a shed instead of a greenhouse

Charlie Walsh

Oh man! Just had a sweep of nostalgia thinking about laps blocks! MC Gamer and Milbee!

Aaron Smith

white glass kind of gives it a humid condensation feel.

eris delta

You gave keralis a shulkerbox full of andesite made from diorite. Better not let Iskall know or he may burn his city to the ground. ;)

Naomi Gittus

Hey X, Zedaph needs potions of slow falling for his pig space station!

Chimapansin 2 YT

Xusuma On S8 Can u play the bedrock version on that season plsssss it's good differents

Graeme Brady

X to keep hermitcraft alive then there needs to be more action like a nother big event like the turf war was

GWN_ Abe

make your little house with gray glass and some sandstone in the build


'H.E.P HeadQuarters-'

My Mind: 'HEP-Quarters'