Hermitcraft 7: Hall of the Ancients (Episode 73)

Hermitcraft 7: Hall of the Ancients (Episode 73)

246 049 views | 27 Oct. 2020

Welcome to Minecraft with Cub on the Hermitcraft 7 Server! Today we complete the Ancient Debris Hallway after several weeks of Nether mining, add to our sorting system, and visit Mumbo's Spookification chamber.

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Intro- Ason ID- Tropical ID (preview)

Timelapses- 'Berlin at Night' and 'Empire Seasons' by Dan Henig

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Cool Man

A man, not afraid of the nether!

pickle 75

and here we see the most expensive wall built in minecraft


this is why Wadzee needs to be on hermitcraft

Jamin Caskey

Only on hermitcraft do you see ancient debris being used for a decorative background.
And I love that

Adam Sherrill

I can't with the voice at the end


Why in god's green flat earth would you use splash position of fire resistance? They last so much less than normal potions

Charlie Plasabas

Cub the nether doesn't have a border you can mine all you want

Bryan Hamstra

Cub you should have made the wall out of netherite blocks would look so much better

Horatio Griffin

Tango: only just now got around to upgrading his armor to netherite.

Cub: decides to decorate his hallway with an absurd amount of debris because it looks cool.

Nancy Vieth

Love your Halloween skin!


More rocket combinations than atoms in the universe? Is that a universal record?

Bryce Page

Gets ancient debris : make netherite nawwww decoration

Jacob Muckle

I like how Cubs is the only skin that comes out well compared to the other hermits that used it


...I honestly didn't know what I was expecting...
Hmm...while he's wrapped up...he can't eat pumpkin pie...

燐ちゃんO P P R Ø R E R

I remember watching cubˋs livestreams on his lets play world. I especially remember him buileing a super cool prison there


nether bricks would have looked better...


I love the video and I watch your videos whenever they are uploaded, I am subscribed to all of the hermits and I love to watch their videos as they get uploaded. I am just wondering, would anyone like to join my Minecraft server we have a few people at the minute and we play just like hermitcraft with shops, etc. there is no griefing or stealing and so on, if so please reply to this comment as it would really help the server grow, thank you.

Captain61 games

Isn't the idea for mumbo industrial district means you AFK to get at least.some of the resources.you need?


Scar: I can put my diamonds in trees I'm so rich!
Cubfan: (Flexes in netherite hallway)

hatman &MONSTER



Keralis: Builds roof and floor out of Diamond blocks

Cub: Amateur


We love you, Cub!

Zeke Plays everything

How did I just get the notification for this

I already watched it 2 days ago XD

Vibrant Horror

Am I the only one who wants a Cub plushie?


I'm a citizen of Gathunk IV can I still enjoy this video?
Would be cool if a byproduct of using the stone cutter was sand.

Aidan Taylor

Cub is awesome. This is the first vid I saw and he deserves way more subs


U miss 1 netherrite

Samuel Evolve

2 King of Ancient Debris : WadZee and Cub. ultimate flex

Austin Bailey

Instead of using TNT for mining in the nether beds are easier to obtain and use

clydeplayz games

This is a lulmega flex cub calm down

Toasty Panda

The most expensive base in HC history

Adam Řežábek

timelapse of placing ancient debris? LOL


Lol, ... rhymes

_Stannyboy01 _

and now to the same as wadzee.... netherite beacon

EDC Knife Reviews

The effort it took to get some of the rarest blocks in the game, because it “looks nice”

That is respect chief

Mónica Santos

Top notch timelapse as usual

Homebrand Fishfood

I think Mumbo should up the price of the day pass

Evan Schubert

Cub you’re an actual madman

Lorenz Antoni Quijano

Suggestion: make a full netherite beacon next episode or some episodes (one person have done that for 300 hours)

The miner and Crafter

His voice is so nice it almost sent me to sleep just like David atimbre

Grant Nolen

Just a suggestion. Make a chest for items that you want to sort, but don't have enough of.


holy carp, I just realized something! Since the shopping district is on a Mushroom Island (where Mycelium naturally grows), H.E.P (Hermitcraft Environment Protection agency) is destroying the Mushroom Island's environment by replacing the mycelium with grass and getting rid of the Mooshrooms and mushrooms. Think about that. The agency that is trying to PROTECT the environment is actually destroying it. This like PETA on steroids.


Cub what are you doing next?


When I saw you getting all that debris I thought you were getting it for your shop. I spat my tea out and laughed so hard when I saw you made it the backdrop for some farms

Sean Omight

Man. I filled up 8 shoulders full of sand before to get ready to build impulses refined raid farm. Took me 2 hrs.

Prop Notch

I had the auto captions on, and when he was mining sand it said (applause) lol


PLEASE keep the voice changer as the mummy voice!

Jack This Out

A netherite block wall may look nice too. Just saying.

Laura Reggie

Hi Cub <3 I think your hallway turned out realy good. You are the ancient debris king!! I really like your episodes thanks 4 sharing with us :) <3

Netkat thegreat

Cub. The herald should report the fact that the mayor owns the largest mycelium patch in the shopping centre

I Tried

building with valuable blocks but it actualy looks good

Olivier Faur

You're supposed to afk at the industrial district not just take

dietgo gurt

mumbo really has to up his price or put a limit

Anirvan Verma

Cub:Breaking sand
Captions: [Applause]

Jamie MacDonnell

you accidentally put only two white carpet in the wool chest

aniruddha bhenki

Hear me out
Ancient debris mining but with End Crystal


Cub you also need a full netherite beacon

jesus ch

it would be easier to make a map with pattern of ancient debrees and just copy it at this point lol

ISulaksh Awesome

U could make a beacon of nether its y u wasting it


The top of your pyramid needs to be a netherite beacon. Forget the gold. Flex.

Ferris the Red

Perfect Halloween skin. I mean, of course it had to be a mummy, nothing else would feel right with the pyramid being as iconic as it is this season.
I think the gold throughout is a particularly nice touch. Just that extra little flourish of "I possess all the riches of the plundered 1.16 Nether."

Nathan Genesee

The REAL challenge is getting the ancient debris wall to instead be power blocks

So you see

Cubfan, is sand duper banned o hermitcraft

Will Hemmingson

I did a quick fact check on the thing you said about more firework combination than atoms in the universe - Minecraft wiki says that firework combos were 10^72 and the site I saw said that atoms in the universe were between 10^78 and 10^82. Still an impressive number of fireworks either way! (And I love that you give fun facts like that)

Ishan Barnes

Netherite block Hallway next??

Matteo Frank

I wounder how many Netherite ingot blocks Cub can make by now.

Alexander Crim

How come he did not just use the duplecation glitch


The mummification was awesome! The voice chan- I mean, true voice reveal really took the cake! I enjoyed the episode, of course, and congratulations on getting the wall done. :D

Jay Schlotta

Why not just add a walkway around where your filters are to get around easier?

Dr chicken

And to think that a netherite beacon was a flex

Caleb's World

Death to the hep ... , HAIL THE RESISTANCE

Scoopy Pigeon

Mumbo is a poor businessman, lol!

Fisnik Haziri

Bruh cub just blew my mind away when he said there are more firework rocket combinations in MC than atoms in the universe i thought he was trolling good damn was i wrong there are a duvillian possible rocket combinations thats a 1 with 69 zeros (10⁶⁹) here is how it looks

Iskall MAN

In France we have the « Galerie des glaces » in Versailles but I’ve to admit : It’s nothing compared to this OMEGA HALL OF ANCIENTS

Augusto :3

What country are you from cubfan?

Alon Lasovsky



I liked the honey wall too


Gotta love the fact that all that debris will go for like 8 stacks of diamond blocks and cub makes a BACKROUND so it looks nice lmao

Kaden Hoffman

Mycelum secret lore: LOOONG ago, I'm talking thousands of years. The mycelum island was existing in peace, witches were here, with nice little amathist farms, then they fleed away to the swamps. 1,000 years later, A big group of sea explorers came here and found that juices were bleeding from the gems, so they tested them for many days and nights they tried everything, from apples to Redstone. Nothing happened! Until they tried mushrooms, suddenly it grew to great nights, and it was fed to cows, they became mooshrooms and those mushrooms were planted into the ground, then war chased these explorers away then the rest of the amethysts are broken, thus creating mycelum.

4,000 years later, those mushrooms were planted in the neather, they thrived, no other plant or living thing from the overworld thrived like this.

H- Hermitcraft
M- Mycelum
P- Protection

Sebastian Mendoza

Cub is the richest hermit

T0NY Shade

The voice he has at the end was hilarious! Good job with collecting the rest of the ancient debris! You are awesome!


He was so busy asking if he could, he never thought to ask if he should.

Danny B


Brendan Prendergast

Normal people: Grab

Cubfan: Graeb

Abdullah Emek

Thank god he wanted to use ancient debris but not nerherite blocks

Felix Pochert

"We still kept the bling" - Cub the Mummy October 2020

Angelo Lampro

I'm not caught up, is their any reason that Cub's using Ancient Debris for decoration?

Krystle Dawes

very nice video for all hallows eve

Vincent Mentana

Please dear God save that voice

Hunny Jain

10 shulker boxes for 10 diamonds thats a bargain and a half

Gavin Miller

Yo I found the vid. On groans new vid he did a tour of the hermit craft world and he didn’t see this hall of netherite and there was a comment about it and I didn’t even know it was a thing and I found it.

kenneth leuta

CUB: let me build a whole corridor with netherite
Me with 0 netherite coz the nether is spooky: :'(

Savage Historian

I have about 30 shibalbas with auto droppers around my 12 x 12 chunk , it's a lag fest.. but i live in a cold climate so the heat from my cpu is actually put 2 good use


wadzee : are u challenging me ??

N The One

Where can someone see how the sorter works? If anyone can point me to the episode or original design, that would be great


can you make a wallpaper with netherite motif hahaha

Jorge Jiménez Velasco

Poor Mumbo...

pseudo name

Imagine the time and dedication to get that much cinnabuns

J van der Meer

IDEA: on the end of the season, put all the diamonds of the server together, and sell them to subscribers for charity. They then get a diamond with a name tag code by email, which they can put to display in their own minecraft world


Bean wall? Bean wall.