Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.51: HUGE CITY EXPANSION!

Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.51: HUGE CITY EXPANSION!

352 542 views | 18 Dec. 2020

Hermitcraft 7 | Ep.51: HUGE CITY EXPANSION!

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● Building Design - Spout aka Pat (World of Keralis)

● Eye of the Tiger Minecraft Note blocks by acatterz


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Evan Schubert

Where did you get Eye of the Tiger in noteblocks for the Bdubs sleep battle?


Spank you Keralis for making super good content!

Poison Upbeat

You should build some kind of subway system and or an elevated railroad network throughout the city

fresh cut human slices

was the graffiti the simpsons

Jose Meza

U should make a submarine underwater since ur making a city

Aaron Pownall

You’re helping me and have helped me through the worst time in my life so thank you

Craig Campbell

Probably a bit late now, But you could make a mural on the side of the building that is blocking the mariner, of what would be the view of the mariner from that vantage point of the hotel. So it's almost like you're looking through the building at the mariner but have the sides that go past the building match what's going on around it so it looks seamless like it's part of the scenery. If that makes sense.

jason D

Vintage Napsack! Nooo!

akshat sharma

Love Your episodes Keralis

Sarah PDX

20:55 this is normal...

Lucas Harvey

Can you build Mr Freserickson's flying house from Up?

Can you build Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium as well?


He should add a movie screen on the building thats blocking the marina.

dracca bandit

There need to be subscriber's 1 chunk house district next to the marina..

AE Cabrera

your voice calms me :)

Gabriel Bousquet

I think you should add a market like borough market in London look it up it looks really cool and it would fit under the road

Scarlet Cat

Stop going first in the games keralis!


Keralis, you are playing the game wrong. Both go at the same time and first to get to the bottom gets 12 points plus the points they earned on the way

Alastair Trowbridge

could you build an elevated train? That would be crazily awesome.

Jason Horvath

Like the new time lapse music


You always win if you're havin' fun! I love you Keralis! <3

Alex Eschen

Feel the love!

Chickel 2006

Keralis, your builds are amazing and are always helpful as reference to make my personal builds better. Spank you very very much <3

MortisedKnot 358


a sid munk key

My mom heard me say Delia and I had trouble saying why I said Delia after kerlis said why oh why. Long story short my mum said how British of me I am

Caleb Moran

Are u not doing let’s build videos anymore?


This looks better than real life!

Mr Demon

I love your accent what is your accent is soo cool!

Krish Rajput

In thumb nail, bfoubs is showing bad sign

rrok gojcaj

i deleted my comment so you will never know why i got so many likes...

Runn car snow pen Yees

Hey K i think you should add some kind of train or subway maby


He needs a new revenue for profits.


23:50 what’s the name of this specific song? I know the artists name but not the song name

Sophie Condron

keralis is so good at everything minecraft

TJ Average

I love the shopping street! It's amazing to see how many different styles come together in the whole city. That makes it come alive and gives the impression it actually grew over many many decades. Cant wait for the world doenload at the ned of the season just to walk around!
PS: I am glad Papa K finally gets a decent bedroom <3 !!!


The first thing I thought of when I saw the graffiti at 3:27 was Homer and Marge Simpson lolol. Loved this episode as always Keralis!!

Nicole Barker

i just want someone to be the keralis to my bdubs


Just take down two floors on the building that blocks the view of the Marina

Delbert Geiger

Any build by dubcity is alwase worth its weight in Dimonds i love that you hire other hermits!! :)

Joshua Bode

Anyone else notice that they played Grian's mini-game wrong?

itto sitto

I imagine that an abstract saxophone image hidden in the full wall mural out of the purple blocks... would just make that whole street >pop< next level.

Peter Edwards

the note block eye of the tiger is awesome

Robbin Drewa

There should be a ice skating rink in the middle of the 2 buildings

Lord Dazai

Keralis you did win in Abba with Xb and thank you so much for all the amazing content ive been having anxiety attacks bad and you have helped me through that so just thank you

Dan Adler

Keralis: "I'm losing my mind!"
Everyone: nods at their screens in agreement

Alicia K

The symmetry between the stretch to the right with Bubbles and the stretch to the left with Xb makes me happy

Will Hardy

The half house between the skyscrapers reminds me of mr magorium's wonder emporium.

Yuh get into it

everyone is talking about how wholesome bdubs and papa K was but XB and Keralis was so nice

Billions Porg

I love your base so much


4:09 the Simpson’s

Evan Schubert

Papa K says the cringiest things but they somehow are hilarious when he says them. If anyone else did the german coastguard bit it would be awful, but the 1,000th time Keralis does it is still funny. Merry Christmas Santa K!

Shane Bana

Best hermit!

Juli Christine

2:27 listen it in 0.5 playback speed


This took such a long to build and I hope you can leave some feedback! What do you think about the expansion and any suggestions?
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I rather like the train idea, but instead of beside the road maybe turn it into a hanging monorail above it


Keralis could You please make a library?


“You can’t make the simpsons as lines, people won’t get it!”
Keralis : 3:32

Saint Mayhem

Hypothetically, if one were to want to get Elybeatmaker's attention for the remix of "Sleep Well Tonight" ... how might one go about doing that?


4:27 am i the only person who sees homer marge and maggie

Peter Zunitch

K - Add a little and pillar with hole that the highway has to go around like in that Bugs Bunny episode.

Koldsauze YT

It’s a bridgggge


It’d be neat to have a run down area of the city with little bits of over Growth some small houses and hobo camps in places with graffiti everywhere with older styled houses and structures and you also add a fallout shelter like if the apocalypse or nuclear fallout was to happen there would be a place to go just some cool ideas?

Finlay O'Connor

I love the Simpsons cameo

Good Name

Keralis got the eye of the tiger


I love the graffiti he puts on his buildings it gives a nice touch to it


I lol'd at the Simpsons. XD

Northern Ninety7

Is your ringtone really the Friday song?

Mr. Panda

Soong at 6:29?? Please anyone

Crimson Outlaw88

City is getting big enough for a stadium and cathedral lol


I feel like he wanted to get rid of the building on the other side because he couldn't be bothered to put more hours into the project lmao lol


On Grian’s game, you’re allowed to use the elytra, you just can’t use it to go back upwards.


You are crazy an absolute machine this is my favorite channel and I even watched your hermitcraft 1

Necropious 327

The sky train would be awesome

borna belović

The joker staircase

Krystle Dawes

Your build is breathtaking


Keralis just an idea you should build a zoo in your city sometime btw the new buildings look gr8 like all your other buildings

Jake Bisbee


Ilmari Lehtola

Maybe you could build subway station under that bridge


Face reveal

No Hope

keralis should build McClarren's bar from "how i met you mother"


You won being a loser twice


How do you build this in survival, your city is amazing ! Wow u got my subscription


Keralis: I'm broke
12:27 A random diamond block sitting on the ground.

Max Noorda

You should make a monorail or treinstation!

Ps. I love your city

Miilo J

Do a skate park under the bridge.

Dominik Marušinac

This timelaps songs are just mood boosters remainds me on summer nights and chill with friends just cruzin down the street on bicycle thank you papa K

Weston Marks

Keralis and XB should have represented HEP and the Resistance in the official mini game challenge, not Bdubs and Impulse


when u were with bdoubble0100 i saw DIAMONDS IN THE CAVE

Lucas Ng

you're supposed to use the elytra while your falling through the rings but it's still fun to watch

Dio Brando

Subway in the city?


Does anyone else see the simpsons here? 4:13

Ruben Schwirtz


Peyton Person

**BIG IDEA** Keralis for the building that blocked the marina in the end put a huge projector screen on that wall that people are watching from the rooftop pool!!!


This episode should be titled, "Keralis Manipulates his Friends."

Benjamin J.

Anyone know where Keralis gets the sax music? I’ve become addicted to it all!


It would make more sense for the train tracks to be on the elevated level instead of the road

Gabriel Zuckerson

I love that Beef won that Sleeping Challenge. Keralis and Bdubs were both shocked

John Vogt

I think for Grians game you’re actually meant to fly not just jump in the water. Spread your wings and flyyyyyy.


32:50, 2nd place is just first in a long line of losers. lol


it would be cool if your city had a full sewer system eventually

Kevin Cheely

As an American, I really appreciate the four seasons total landscaping hotel. It makes me happy to see folks overseas laughing at this administration’s floundering as much as we are. Keep it up!