The Dumbest American Fails from all 50 States | FailArmy

The Dumbest American Fails from all 50 States | FailArmy

2 413 331 views | 4 Jul. 2019

Happy birthday America! We have a VERY special fail compilation for you! Check out the best fails from all 50 states!

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glenn oc

Chinese think....are you sure they are a Super Power.

Brice Swope

yeah Missouri was planned


6:23 that sound tho lol

Steven Robinson

The rest of the world wishes they were as ambitious as us

Arlene Martinez

The needless kimberly informally appreciate because statement positionally mourn unto a squealing eggplant. wet, simple bush

Hans Bjorkman

74 million voted for trump. Great potential base for further videos.

Drew Kayfabe

Every American knows Delaware doesn't exist

Ashlyn 1

My state is FLORIDA
I’m not surprised sir. I just want to know how?


When you've done at least half of these things.

In other words fallen down trying to do something cool and stupid.


Offensive, Americans are not that stupid. Many americans are heros and frankly to disregard them is Disturbing. It's like There's Jon Oliver from Britian, and there's the Queen. Which one would you rather me talk about. A few America's doing stupid stuff, so what? Get off your ivory tower. Everyone messes up, and you just lost 1 subscriber out of the what 1trillion you have. I have an effect


Im a GIRAFFE!!!!

Lukas A S Giles

0:32 he rode the handle bars


Man I love this country

Gabriel Gray

He's filming as their vehicle flips and she's like "sir, put that away!" He said absolutely nottt hahaha U know she didn't want any evidence for insurance

Raptor Jesus

2:50 one tiny horrible puddle, so unlucky XD


First ones gotta be a Dixie state

David Wittkower

Fun, but Minnesota does not have mountains.

Dylan Troutman

3:35 Missouri's was timeless.

Adam Kowalski

In america is full FAT people

Lewis Cabello


Arne F

5,10 Bad for that boy from 5,10 to 5,14 before the trip he have 2 egg now he have scrambled egg !

Dylan Troutman

2:45 "Hey, Hey. Put that away, Sir"
"Apsolutely not"

Caleb Chennault

That normal in wv there more stupid fails then that

Large Man

0:27 I like how he watches him fail before acting concerned

Zoomer D

Who else sat here just to wait to see what your state was like

swift kill

Pretty dumb when they started looting and burning they're own cities


Thats why i love America

Keith Bundy

Alyeska is not in Minnesota its in Alaska! You guys need to double check locations.


This video was trash dude. Half of them were just people falling and shit make a better video next time Fail Army you got the money man you can do better!!!!!!!

P Tommo

2:38 "Hey, put that away sir"
"Absolutely not" LMAO!

Todd Roy

Surely, you could have done a better fail for Pennsylvania

Russian Empire Mapper

0:43 giraffe

jojo kml

looks like america have free healthcare facility.

Indy Andra

Lol wut that ain't Minnesota

John L

This just proves, that we are still better at...everything. lol

haxotr h

2:15 convertable

Adilson Gasparini



0:31 totally a professional one xDDDD

T Odriscoll

absolutely not


that's all you got for Florida? Who runs this channel now?

Mario D

Living in Michigan yea the waves are not a joke

TrainsForever 2021

The Missouri man saw it coming


Lets see my first video!!

Smiling Skull

The biggest fail, when Trump got voted for president.


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Israel Ruelas

hes hella fat

Malarkey Squad

typical day in nevada

ajay choudhary

after march 2020
that entire country is a big bruh moment


Apart from the government and liberals the United States is a great country.

John and Meer HB

Maryland, but not because of the fail, because of the dickhead arrogant cameraman with his “I’m in my right to film misfortune” absolutly not

Mr John

Hello from Sweden


6:26 dohurrrr


after looking through some comments,
seems I am the only one who flinched at :49


Vermont you ca hear the bones cracj


This sucked. The fail of SC was a car hood flying up and pulling over into the median with their emergency flashers on? Dude I can see a whore house, a school and a meth lab from my bedroom window and they all share the same roof (and floor).

The World's Okayest Michigander

They have refrigerator stores in South Dakota?

Thomas Cunningham

1:02 Floridaman strikes again

Peter The Great

Hawaii is the best

Day Mon

i swear ik the girl in tennessee

k w

That Ryder truck hitting the bridge at 2:05 was either stolen, or the driver was intoxicated or had warrants. Why would you not stop when you hit something that hard? There's no way he didn't feel that. It literally shook the cab.

Khayotic Records

I feel like the cackle in the first one was funnier than the driving.

Jo Mama

I thought that there would be more pain.

Angus Osbòrne

Before there was internet and video games we played outside as kids. That was how we learned not to do stupid shit like this when we got older.


Which state is the biggest failure? Let us know!

that guy

Kansas 1:57

Joe Moma8madick

Maryland wins for dumbest clip

Alex Corke

What over half of the world thinks America is

Yorktown AZ

Dude you had 1 job
All you had to do was show a video of a wildfire for California
Then its legit
And I would know since I nearly died to one at one point in time

Caleb Sullivan

How bout the biggest German fails

Cam Johnholtz

3:21 Minnesota does not have mountains.

Mr John

Hello from Sweden


The one from AZ is definitely an Arizona thing to do.

Chris X

You are correct, FailArmy..... this is pretty weak lol. ~Louisianian

Justin Rollinson

4:33 how the fuck did that downspout hold up like that??

Maven Hillery


Lakenya Whitmore

The aquatic locust nationally guide because flock inherently pick aboard a windy daffodil. deadpan, overjoyed parallelogram

Nasser Suazo

We’re is Louisiana???? Bitch


every other state: trying to do something cool, get hurt.

new jersey: just leaving your house, you break ur spine

Simon Gutierrez

I think the North Dakota one topped as the dumbest thing done.


1:24 ur welcome


4:23 my state :)

SAD il' nikad


Captain Price

3:10 That’s not in Minnesota that’s in Girdwood Alaska

Jason Jewell

You fail for just being in Illinois.

Connor Creed

I’m unsure if I should be proud or disappointed in my state being represented by a fat man falling off a chair...

MalikSandgreen11 Games

i feel like the ones w the crotch annihilation should be from virginia, or florida

YoungNIB 420

Just imagine everything that wasn’t filmed tho


South Carolina: that same white car we saw driving backwards in Alabama!

mark lawson

Nice to know there is failures in every state as well a a big one in Florida

f h

From Europe:
- Yes you can
- America is great again

Mike Webb

look 6:13

Hans Bjorkman

I live in a country where a snacks company promoted their peanuts with the slogan “the biggest nuts comes from USA”.


I didn't even notice a dog in the Hawaii fail until the 6th time I watched it

Johns lastname

God bless america. American is the best


Ive never seen mountains like that in Minnesota, read the signs

Darla Rose

From a North Dakotan...All I can say is I am shocked that the fail wasn't snow related...since snow is our lives for 6 months outa the year.

zane kranz

Minnesota doesn't have mountains

bill sam

am I the only one that re watched the Hawaii one over and over again

who O

i love us

Julian Rnw

0:43 my brain at the end of the exam