Mayweather vs. McGregor Results: Floyd Mayweather TKOs Conor McGregor | Post-Fight Special

Mayweather vs. McGregor Results: Floyd Mayweather TKOs Conor McGregor | Post-Fight Special

530 097 views | 27 Aug. 2017

At Mayweather vs. McGregor, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor via 10th round TKO. It was an exciting fight where McGregor ably performed and Mayweather went for the kill. We'll discuss what the result of the bout means for the sports of boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), grading Paulie Malignaggi's Showtime commentary and more. This is the Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Special.

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Clayton Funke

Luke, mayweather sat and let mcgregor win the first few rounds. He fell right into floyds trap, EVERYTHING went to mayweathers plan. How can MMA analysts not see thisi? And the shots landed did ZERO damage, floyd can take hits, you know this. Floyd knew to gas this 175 lb guy. Hell, everyone knew this. Come on, it wasnt competitive, not one bit. Floyd knew to give mcgregor false hope. It gave all the mma guys false hope too lol.

raymond espinoza

Floyd played with kid brother.. MMA fans are delusional. Mayweather was always in complete control. Conner slap him more because Mayweather allowed it. Was like playing with your lil brother. Any real combat sports that follows boxing knows what's what


Luke, you can't ignore the shit talk and then reward him when he's right. He can't be Mystic Mac and then just selling fights when he is wrong.

Retro Active 23

That ref was terrible

Marcus Young

Luke just didnt get invited to the post presser. Lmao



Miami Explorer

Conor makes the Irish look bad.

Alex G

I'd hope refunds are issued for this fightpass issue! Thanks for bringing it up

still a chip

Is this man gonna stop talk or what

mess meg

That was ripped stopage. Conor wasn`t even count common!!

Matrix Master

Love Your Analysis^^


Notice a trend Luke? nearly 500k views when you talk positively about the fight. 7k views when you put out a video of Pauline Malibabby whining. The MMA community are sick and tired of that dude. Please get the memo..

We Are Legion

Luke.. I feel like you should watch the fight again sober. wtf are you talking about, this was not close this was Floyd's game board and he gave CM the first 3 moves.


Floyd couldn't help laughing at McGregor all night, it was like he was boxing while watching a comedy show at the same time. Mcgregor should get a bonus for being Floyd's personal stand up comedian for those 10 rounds.

Márk Kaposvári

thanks Luke, very informative as always!

Albert Einstein

BAWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! McGregor usually fights a FiVE rounder rather than a twelve rounder!!! So if your McGregor what's the first thing your gonna tell yourself.... I wanna fill my tank up .... FULL..... Because a FIVE rounder I dont have enough gas..... This is a TWELVE rounder so I need plenty of GAS!! So what does McGregor do????? The man shows up on an empty tank of gas with SEVEN more rounds added to the fight!!! Wanna here more??? The build up to the fight was a bit over the top.... Absolutely rediculous.... Because McGregor knew the outcome before the fight started..... Wanna here more????? When McGregor enters the octagan he shows off but not this time... Why???? Because he knew what the outcome was gonna be.... Wanna here more??? Nah this is to easy lol.... Oh!! Guess why Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone didn't cut any weight for the fight??? What's the point when you already know the outcome.... Wanna here more?? NAh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Combat Sports 6ix

ray mercer vs tim sylvia budday 8 second ko for boxer in mma


44:35 luke looks like such a proud dad of conor lol


Man, you got excited over this shit?! I remember the first thing you said about this fight when it was first announced, something in the context of: anyone who is excited about this fight is an idiot. This is really ironic bro, because the the first post fight show I opened after I saw this 'exhibition' was yours, and the last thing I expected was to see you excited any hyped up after the fight, and it seemed to me like you were an idiot yourself. How can you even call this a fight? You, the media, made this fight about boxing vs mma, but to Floyd and Conor it was all about their bank accounts. what was on the line here? Nothing, except of course for Floyd's reputation. And not even that was on the line, because Floyd would never risk it, no for even 1%. Even Conner knew that. Just one look at his face in the weigh ins and the announcement and you know this isn't the same Conner who faced off against Aldo or Alvarez. Put your self in his shoes, how confident would you be, having spent all these hours watching yourself getting your ass whopped in sparring, from boxers Floyd destroyed. this makes me believe that the 'edited' video of him knocking out Malignaggi shows just how desperate he and the UFC were to justify to the world that he actually can hang in there with the boxers. And to me, this is the brilliance of McG, it's because he made everyone believe that he could win, while he himself didn't believe that! I believe that Floyd gets all the credit for making the fight look the way it did. He didn't start pulling the trigger till the sixth round, and in my pov, he knocked McG out in only 5 rounds. Floyd even laid out his whole game plan in the post fight interview: I wanted to make amends, and participate in an exciting fight for the complaining fans, so I let him beat me up a little and then I'll dance a little, but then it will be my turn to hit, cause I need to see my accountant around the ninth round. That's why I like Floyd, cause if it were Amir Khan, I think he would have planned to meet his accountant in the 4th, do you think he would have made it? Anyways, enough of my conspiracy theories and lets get back to you, because what drew me to your podcast in the beginning was that I noticed that you've always tried to be as objective as you can, and that's a rare quality these days, and I appreciate that. Which is why this video surprised me, because it's the first time I see you very emotional. so here's my question for you: how does your conscious feel about you continuing to justify this mother-fucking-farce that cost one billion dollars, idiot?!


What if Floyd gets popped by usada like Jon Jones?

Red Cross

Connor did good tho props too him

Belis Breckenridge

Holy shit I can't believe it's been 3 years since this fight.


Nate Diaz. Cris Cyborg. The only two people in the UFC who immediately come to mind in terms of transitioning to boxing.


Picked Floyd TKO 9th round. Conor to 2-3 rounds. Having to listen to 'experts' say the world is shocked was really quite frustrating. Fight was good, but unfortunately very predictable.

Brandon Music

Lol YouTube algorithm telling me to come back here. 3 years later


Conor won that fight.


You call people donks yet you make a living sitting in empty rooms talking about guys who fight in their underwear.

Drop Kick Murphy00

Luke dude your solid as a rock my friend. I really dig your content, your fight knowledge and how you express it. Your a straight shooter. Keep up this excellent work. I've rode with you for years mate


You drink Donky Dew lol.

Pedro Leco

Floyd gave him rounds. If you've ever gone to a boxing gym and you see a sparring session between a guy that's more superior than the guy they are sparring most guys will let the lesser fighter work and then give a clean beating to the sparring partner. Meaning most guys will have a high guard and come foward without fear of getting k.o case in point mayweather coming foward letting conor work. To people that don't know this they will assume that conor was "winning" when the reality is that floyd was letting conor work.. thats the term used when you let a guy punch you and the other fighter covering up . Like guys be real If floyd would have fought canelo like this early coming foward with a high guard instead of the Philly shell and using his feet he wouldn't survive. If he fought cotto,castillo,corrales etc. If you are going to report about boxing educate yourself 1st. Or don't cover it at all.


thanks a lot for the fucking spoiler, moron

Michael Spoto

hi Luke

Drew P Weiner

Mayweather played Gregor like a fiddle. He knew that if Gregor were to stand a chance it would be in the early rounds.(And really didn't want any of McGregors mouthy predictions to come to fruition) Hence why he didn't go in hard in the early rounds (he typically being a defensive counter puncher himself). All that turtling up and backing into corner was allowing Gregor to wear himself down throwing punches that counted for very little. By the end of the 3rd round weather had greg doubting his own ability to land a punch that mattered. If Conor had adopted Floyds tactic by end of 3rd he may have been able to out point, but would have been an even more boring fight watching them play patty cake the whole time with no one ever committing to a punch. It was ultimately a boring fight with the majority of those who know anything about boxing and Mayweather accurately predicting the outcome.

oscar arias

Half a million views?? How Luke!?

John Dean

Luke I enjoy your perspective on the fight game.

Dylan Red

I got so much respect for Conor McGregor, he did great for his first time boxing, I gave 5 rounds to Conor, early in the match he was picking Floyd a part at range and forced Floyd to close the distance and that took away the pop from McGregor shots, Floyd won because of experience and Conor fatiguing, Conor was only use to going 5 rounds and it's amazing that he could last to round 10 with the best boxer but lets not get it mistaken Floyd won a match and not a fight, if this was MMA Floyd would get fucked up, he beat a limited Conor McGregor.

Sarah Knight

Great job, Luke. As always.

Karl O

Luke does things the right way like no one else. Thank you Luke for your dedication

David Levi

How can't you respect someone who promised to knock out Mayweather in the 4th, who saw stiffness in Canelo and GGG, who claims to "be boxing", and gets beaten?

Who in their right mind would have thought he could win? 95% of gamblers apparently.

Congratulations on Floyd for his amazing career, but so happy this circus is over.


1-4 was Conor, so was rd 8. What a performance against the Goat defensive boxer in his first boxing match

Zimbabwe warrior

New world u must be dumb because Floyd played Conor and tired him out in the first 3 rounds that was he's game plan and it worked


Fuck Nate Conor VS Paulie next.


Go home Donky.


If that counter uppercut didn't graze Floyd's chest before connecting to the chin Floyd woulda been dropped


It's all much ado about nothing. Floyd carried him. Could've taken Conor out in any round period.

DMT Stainless LLC.

There is no way in HELL that Conor lost the first 3 rounds. After that whatever opinion you have whatever. First 3 - Conor 100%.


"FACT: McGregor absolutely overperformed. Credit to him.
FACT: People said Floyd couldn't punch or KO anyone. Oops."
PREDICTED THEM BOTH. Floyd can't KO anyone though. It was always going to be a TKO as a result of Conor's legs not being able to carry him. Here's Conor's problem: he mitigates damage by dodging. This is fine when you're fresh, but not when you're exhausted. In the end, Conor had a few tricks, and Floyd figured them out.


Damn Luke blowing up


Can you imagine if Conor fights the way he does in rd 1 for 5 mma or 12 boxing rounds ..Nobody would fuck with that guy


Floyd let coner stay 10 rounds he was in control from the start until the tko.

Slobodan Milosevic Heroj



conor didnt do anything spectacular here. when he touches people in mma they fall, and suddendly in the boxing ring its nothing. conor lost his aura, hes a joke now with his predictions and shoutings. at no point in the fight floyd was in danger absolute mistake on conors side to take this fight

Julia Yasa

Fuck dude get to the point
We don't want to hear your lame schpeel.

Nolan Kean

McGregors game plan sucked, only won rounds by overwhelming him, & being bigger/stronger.

Conor woulda done better if he only used enough energy to keep Floyd at bay. Keep it close enough that he is forced to bang with you in late rounds

look at you lookin!

Luke chill out with all these ads bro

CJ Calhoun

I've watched the fight several times and McGregor did well. Compared to many of Mayweather's past opponents, McGregor did much better. The most impressive part is McGregor's ability to box at this level with less boxing experience than any boxer at this level. Mayweather is a boxing master and one of the best in the game. He was able to force tie ups, and also turn around, exposing his back, which confused McGregor. It was ridiculously hilarious at times, because it worked, which shows McGregor's inexperience.

James Woods

Best fight in years, watched with the family who doesn't watch boxing, Great Show, Love them Both!


Hearing a lot of excuses.

Dave Price

Another great break down Luke. Thanks


Great Job Luke! Thumbs up from me and greetings from Iceland.


I am stealing "Super Fuck No' for my daily life now (at 38 minutes). Thank you

Madelyn Jansen van Vuuren

Ok so McGregor went into the boxing rink, and lost, so now put Mayweather into the hexagon and see him lose.....
I would love to see a fight like that

Cameron James

People say floyd gave conor the first 3, ya bc he doesn't know how to win the later rounds without running the first few so get fucked


I gave conor rounds 1,2,3,&8 but Floyd could have easily won if he wanted to make the fight boring by boxing and not jumping around. Conor did train as a boxer growing up


People acting like Floyd didn't give those early rounds to let Connor punch himself out. Floyd could of finished it anytime he wanted too but wanted to make it a "good" fight. Wasn't a close fight, let me remind everyone, Connor LOST to a 40 year old retired boxer. There's no participation trophy smh. Floyd was barely trying just to make it somewhat competitive...


Great analysis. I think I would summarize it like this: Conor had twice the hand speed and twice the punching acumen and that shows that he has learned at an unprecedented rate even faster than. GSP an MMA fighter who is known for making huge skill leaps. Conor's cardio lost him the fight. Conor's cardio is the worst of any 155 pound UFC champion. He needs to stop weight cutting AT ALL. Conor's cardio cost him 2 fights where he was finished easily due to cardio not from being out skilled. He has shown major cardio issues. He needs to do what Frankie Edgar does and stop all dehydration based weight cutting. It does not work for his body type. But holy cow Conor has literally doubled his boxing skill level, or maybe tripled it. He will be even more fun to watch in the UFC if he ever returns to MMA. I'd love to see him stay with boxing and knock some mid tier guys dead in the 1st round. !

Daniel Carter

Conor does fall apart after his gas tank runs out. He sometimes gets a second wind but he was pretty much defenceless against Mayweather here in rounds 9&10 and against Nate in round 2 of their first fight and 3 of their second fight.

GingerbreadMan Fight Club

Awesome video Luke


I hope fight fans finally realize that boxers hit harder and take punches better. Conor just couldn't hurt him which is crazy to say but damn he got walked down on and stopped by Mayweather. Which never happens....

marcus bennett

That was the worst Mayweather i've ever seen, really showed his age yet still cruised to an easy tko. Respect to Conor tried his best but all that talk before was ridiculous, I think this fight shows just how far apart the striking levels are between MMA and boxing. Conors one of the best strikers in our game, makes some of his competitors look pathetic but he got completely outclassed by a terrible old and slow looking Mayweather.



Tvgc Mma

Great work

Rich Muttsmusic

This guy has that venom in him against Floyd.

Fabio Gaucho

I just watched the fight for the 2nd time... at first I thought Floyd was "carrying" Conor for the first 3 rounds to justify the booking of such an apparent mismatch. But looking again it seems more like perfectly sound strategy. Let a guy who is going for broke and has no experience in pacing himself in 12x3 rounds punch himself out. And then pick up the low-hanging fruit of an exhausted opponent. It was the simpler, easier way to win the fight.

On the 3rd and 4th at times Floyd had his guard as a wall over his face and Conor was punching those gloves uselessly nevertheless. You can call this the "glove-a-dope".

Mr Teddy

Floyd doesn't take many risks, but he had no respect for Connors power. Connor outweighed Floyd on fight night by at least 20 pounds. He also had a huge reach advantage and Floyd still walked him down. Imagine Connor going up against a Chris Eubank Jr, someone who weighs the same as him, who is still active and young???

Sho Kosugi

What a load of shiite roll on GGG v Canelo


No offense Luke but you are giving Conor more credit them he deserves.I was pleasantly surprised by his performance but let's be honest, Conor through mostly hand punches that lacked power like he usually has plenty.He made Floyd look like power puncher.


Showtime ruined this fight for me. The livestream I paid for on didn't work the entire night, almost fucked my party over since I had to scramble to get a free high quality stream up. I'm disputing the charge through my bank since they also shut their customer service line down so I can't even request a proper refund. Fucking amateurs, having to delay the main event due to ppv issues and they still can't deliver. I checked the news and hundreds of thousands of Showtime customers had a similar issue. Unbelievable incompetence.

Bikini Doll

If you watch the fight for real, Conor looked terrible & didn't even win a round really, that was part of Floyd's game plan, Floyd literally gave Conor a couple rounds, made him feel comfortable, & that was all Conor had? He still couldn't take advantage, we all knew he would tire. I will never respect Conor, he is a hype job, he is the new Ronda Rousey, that was always a myth about Conor knocking you out if he touches you with his left hand, this was the weakest version of Floyd & he was just taking a stroll through the park & still casually KO'd Conor. Not to mention, Floyd was out for 2 years, 40, Didn't have a mark on him, Conor did. If you thought Conor was impressive in boxing, well I'll just say Conor will never win a boxing match, especially with that performance. He's not even one of the best in MMA.

Bottom line, Floyd took his best shots & Conor couldn't, even though, it was a "mistake for having 8-ounce gloves", he's 29, a bigger man, reach advantage, element of surprise blah blah blah blah blah.

Bhai Himat

Floyd said he would let Conor throw bombs for a few rounds, then take him out. Floyd did just that. Luke and a lot of MMA people think Conor did great because they really wanted him to win. But this was Mayweather's fight from beginning to end. Floyd threw a few body shots early to conserve energy, not because Conor was so great. I respect the love the MMA fans have for the sport, as I am an MMA fan myself, but what made this fight seem exciting instead of the clinic it actually was, was people wanting Conor to win so badly.

Love "Conor takes a loss better than anyone!" "So why did Floyd win? This is one of the great things about Conor!"

Blake Davis

Again Conor has been let down by his unqualified and uneducated "nutritionist" George Lockhart. His stamina/endurance suffers as a result of his low carb diet and inadequate glycogen replenishment and dietary carb availability.

Floyd prepares with a high carb diet that includes grits, rice, pancakes, potatoes and spaghetti. Conor prepares with a low carb Paleo style of mostly meat and greens with some fruit and starchy veggies. It's no surprise who had the far better cardio even at 41. It doesn't matter how confident, young, skilled, dedicated, strong and fast you are if you don't adequately fuel your cells for endurance performance. Floyd's camp knows how to feed him correctly for a fight. Floyd could go 15 roundswithout gassing like Conor did. Diaz is another example of a cardio freak fueled by the efficiency of a high carb preparation.

Yic17 Studio

Ranking of who I want to see Conor face next:

1. Tony Ferguson
2. Kevin Lee
3. Jose Aldo
4. Khabib Nurmagomedov
5. Nate Diaz

Tony and Kevin because stylistically these would be the most exciting. And I really want to see Conor shut Kevin Lee up but Tony will probably do that already. Jose Aldo has been salty af ever since he lost. Give him a 2nd chance. Khabib I think would be Conor's biggest challenge and honestly think Conor will lose to him. Nate I don't want to see as much because their next fight will be @ 155 lbs I'm sure. And we've already seen the improved Conor win over Nate. The next match Conor will only get better since he is always learning & improving. Whereas Nate hasn't fought for awhile and fighting @ 155 it will be Conor's natural weight. I just don't see Nate having a chance in their 3rd fight.

Combat Sports 6ix

im sure 100m makes anyone have big balls to take the risk


This fight Played out just like Rocky 5 (Rocky being Floyd) (Conor being Tommy Gunn)


The Conor Kool-Aid is most powerful. As Nate said, he was allowed to win a round or two by Floyd. Floyd could have finished it sooner. No need to rush in a 12 round marathon. It was a kind pro vs. an amateur. KJ Noons or Anderson(at the right weight) would have done MUCH better. Paulie was honest throughout this entertaining farce. Respect to him.

Sébastien Rochat

Wow almost half a million views on a LT vid. GG Luke


You are trying too hard to explain it. Mayweather played it out perfectly.


Conor was "three times the size" of Floyd


STFU Donky you said Floyd would run around and rip us off again.

marcos laureano

Mayweather carried McGregor like a toddler at Disneyland for the first half of this fight.

Zimbabwe warrior

Conor gave Floyd what he wanted and Floyd was sharp and wasn't even in a tough spot, Conor can't box and he got bombed


i give connor props but this was a out of prime retired floyd now if this was a prime active floyd now that would be intresting...


I think people are looking to deep into the "mma guys can hang with boxers". Conor is an exceptional striker and there are only a handful of mma fighters that can approach his level.

Mr Strong

I actually liked the referee i was worried he was going to be to harsh on conor but i was pleasantly surprised in how he warned floyd about ducking his head instead of blaming conor for the hits to the top/back of the head when floyd was ducking


huge gap in experience

Mr Teddy

These MMA guys make me laugh. First they say Connors going to knock Floyd out. When Floyd wins, quiet easily, they say Connor done brilliant and only lost because he gassed.. stupid!! Connor fought a 40 yrs old version of Floyd, who had been out of the ring for 2 years. Also look at the size and age difference??! Let Connor go fight an European level Super middleweight or light heavyweight and he would get stopped in under 5 rounds. The fool got walked down by a man 20 pounds lighter, with brittle hands, who had been retired for over two years and he still stops him. When was the last time Floyd stopped any boxer...fools

Anna Harasym

Mayweather fought like a thug

luke Deane

Good fight thanks for the entertainment boys and the hype loved it all!!!!!!!!!!!

A Joseph

So this is when Luke took this fight seriously and liked crossover fights....hilarious how things have changed.

Free Laggings

Come on Luke he used jab plenty in the Alvarez fight