~cleaning and organizing~ | TikTok

~cleaning and organizing~ | TikTok

1 691 979 views | 5 May. 2020

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hotdog 128

Me: Ewww that AirPod is so gross
Also me: looks at my AirPods


Why does this make me happy-

Bailey Jean

I was eating a fricken cookie on that last one, and I just about projectile vomited

Tina Cooper

Flippin pools should be "shocked " over winter... then "shocked" again in the spring. .well before anyone will get in the water. Once "shocked" in the spring, just put a floating "bleach" thing in the pool. Geez, even a pool as green as that one

Naomi Jarrett thorpe

5:03 I’m like ewwww stop zooming innnn

Rita Rathod

4:57 i wish i did not see that

Not needed human

FUN FACT: When your reading this comment you will be just watching the video

Sienna Boraby

Why the f does she have sooooooo many beauty blenders?!?!?

Madisyn Wills

How the #### am I Going to do that if i have dogs (in the begging)


Man she had a lotta blender

Among Us

The poop cleaning at the begging the pool is still dirty

izzie Productions

Why everyone’s pools so dank

active damage YT

How does it get this dirty don't you sweep and mop and take out the trash




Ok but what kind of vacuum was that?




Someone you don’t Know

The second tiktok pool was DIRTY


I just want to know why 1 person has more than 10 beauty blenders OMG I only have 5

Lea Inge

i watch these when i have anxiety attacks caues they calm me down so thank you so much

Peachy Games

3:05 OMG-




Julies Royale

That AirPods one was nasty I hate dirty ears I hate dirt period but I like cleaning

Clever Cake

Wow they didn’t have shoes on when they were cleaning the pool


Did that woman say her oven has self clean mode she on x games mode




Why did that girl have so many beauty blenders oh my God





Anybody else think the way they cleaned the pool was super inefficient


Girl like watering it is not gonna make u slip


Watching the girl clean the pool reminded me when I fell in my grandmas old dirty pool cause the water was so low and had a cover so it looked like there was no water and I went to grab my ball and fell through but when I started to swim to the edge something swam past my foot and I freaked the hell out I still don’t know what was in that pool -

sokkas rlly mad

The girl with the thin magic erasers. Why. Buy the big one so you don’t waste as much stuff because you can reuse those why purposefully create more waste

Camryn Armstrong

They were filling he pool but it still had gunk in it

Maggie W

so. many. beauty. blenders. WHY THAT MUCH AND THEY LOOK diRtY aNd NaStY- does she frickin put that on her face everyday ;w;

Colleen’s Cookie

y'all are talking about how she's in the swamp pool barefoot, but tbh, i would rather be there barefoot where i can wash my feet easily than get a pair of shoes all muddied up.

seokjins ramen

is no one going to mention the fact that a girl has like 7000 beauty blenders and theyre ALL used??? how- i- what?

Im Mxria

4:51 was gross

Mallorie Dugan

Now that’s a lot of damage

debora pereyra

Hola alguien que hable español y quiera ser mi [email protected]

Elsa Zere

The sofa is satisfying


Tf the first one is so much waste for nothing? you can clean this so so much faster, easier, and with less chemical stuff by using those metallic scrapers that weremade for glass surfaces


My OCD us really pleased...hehe

Danielle Goldstein

I can’t with the airpod

Emily Pauline

When you watch this to get motivation to clean your room after 20 days of your mom asking you to clean your room

Maggot Loves cheese

Can someone tell me why she has so much makeup sponges-

Essence Lindsey

In the firts vid I HAVE THAT IPAD CASE


Last part was so gross


I am obsessed

Kenzie Nitti

4:15 Mannnnnnn all those Beaty blenders omg!

Zaniya Nesbitt

When using the first one y'all wear a mask.

Sabrina Wu


Kerry Aston

I have that problem ;-;


I'm using airpods to watch it and now I don't wanna use them right now ;-;

Cara tea

I wanna see the full pool!


Cutting a wire in a pool, then sealing it with flex tape seems like a great way to get electrocuted.

Kibaki Mathot

it will take me days to clean the pool

rawr rawr

Is it just me or that pool still looks disgusting


3:00 wow.....

Katie Robertson

I hate that she just used flex tape. All it takes is someone to accidentally punch through. Just put some electrical tape on the wire and use wall filler to seal the hole the wire comes out of. Obviously put the wire behind the sealer. And if you can sauder the wire. Or just get someone to seal it professionaly if you wont replace it.

Shiromi XD

1:28 the forbidden matcha

iibluebxrriesii YT

The makeup brush one just hit different-

Aesthetically Random

That air pod tho

Gillian Contreras

4:13 the heck-

Celine Yong

using water jet is so much more easier and satisfying

Nate Coleman

the fact that you added part 3 to the pool <3

Marfuza Majid

I use in shot too

Ariahnna Jones

Hey umm were can I get that vacuum by any chance?

Allie Cheney

Ok...how do people’s pools even get that bad? I mean WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Ky's Toes

this isn't really any side of tiktok it's just MOTIVATION

Dried Memes

Can you make a video of the tiktokers that mix their detergents and organize them and stuffy stuff

Simply Myra

How they get that much gunk in a pool

Daniel Young

Not me trying to get the motivation to clean

Mariah Hobson

When the girl was cleaning her pool I would have just vacuumed it up periodt. If that doesn't work then I guess I'm not swimming this season. I'm not doing that much work.

lil monkey

You deserve like 1 thousand more veiws NOT


Mika aparra

she kinda sounded like the daily dose guy

Random Modnar

Okay wtf they weren’t wearing shoes in that nasty pool algae also they started filling the pool back up with the pool still being super nasty?!?!?


Why would you use your makup stuff for cleaning an sink;-;

star light

4:55 what vacuum is that

Ishika Patel

Why would you let your AirPods get THAT dirty........and I thought mine were bad. Also don’t use liquid on your AirPods

Hot Cheetos

Basically if your parents are strict and if they woman’s let you get TickTock there’s a TickTock.com so if you just type in tick-tock.com and then press watching out of this let you watch TickTock for free if you can’t make them or look at the comments or like it so you could just watch the TickTock’s and that’s it


(ruined 666 comments oop)
my mom always choses the wrong days to tell me to clean- everytime she asks me to i'm always unmotivated

•Layla_Wolfie •

I hate how people use makeup because everyone is beautiful without makeup everyone is unique never change yourself! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
UwU You are beautiful

animal lover

Im sorry but I'm not putting water in my oven for an hour just not happening my house is gonna light on fire

Delaney _22

Pool girl needs to rent or buy a power washer you can rent for like 30 bucks and it would save a lot of time

Ava’s Vlogs

The last one made me uncomfortable

Olivia Dacanay

the air pod one is really satisfying

Sarahlee Madera

At the end I was disturb


What are those vacuums?


Does anyone know if the first hack works??

Jaida Whitney

4:50 so satisfying

Venna Crowchild

If you say eww that means ur sassy I’m not and it’s not that gross at least it’s not bugs and it’s satisfing

Tai Tai Yu

4:30 so much free time

gacha hanna

Does this girl need that many budie blender's

Kaylee Morrow

The only reason I watch these videos are because they make me want to clean for some reason

Emily Calderon

1:13 Disgusting it looks like Frekin Green poop

Ennard simp

I wish that I bring my mom those cleaners because it's better and she won't get tired cleaning I hate this.

Zariah Miracle

The AirPod one was going to make me throw up WHAT WAS THAT BIG PINK CHUNK IN THERE

Jen Degnan

I sawed my pool I half and with the power of flex tape no more leaks

Rosana Hauwaho

Come on put part 4 when that girl was cleaning her pool man that pool was almost done but it now because they didn't even finish the pool they were close to finish that pool..

Caleb Bailey

What is that vacuumed thing called I need one


In case anyone didn't know this easy trick, pour coca cola down your drain every other month or like a few times a year to take care of any build up. But don't do it too much, might get a leak if you overdo it.


I tried the oven and water thing and started a fire please wish me luck idk what’s gonna happen after :(