Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It

Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It

39 621 239 views | 28 Nov. 2020

Do you think you could have done all the levels?

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Ender Cam

he hit one

Leslie DiCroce

I didn’t want: Nolan to win

Stuart Bacchus

It won’t let me type anything other than this :(

Christine Duiqueno

Chandler you can do it

Thomas Woodward

Something smells..


No wonder he has a lot of money

Bailey Adams

I want to do that

Benny Lloyd



Liked it

Samantha Salazar

Mr beast ... my name is samantha .. i am going threw a really hard time in my life i am a huge FAN!!!! I just lost my mother due to COVID 2DAYS AGO & now at a point of losing my uncle

Tayyabhussainlol10 Jekeoo


Art with Avinash

If u come to India it will help your many subscriber

Alex McDonnell

4:43. I think he hit one

Jasper Doyle

Ryf venturer

Edin Busevac

Goooooooooo chandler I love you

SUPREME Wendnags

Very good ☺️☺️

Arabella Soliz

bro next time u should make the lasers shock them it would be so funny

Angel Han


M Workman

Did anybody else see Nolan touch the laser

Chase Janney

6:12 Karl called Chris a nimrod lol

Chery3597 Cameron2597

The clear stem cranially approve because flag lamentably turn under a funny tsunami. grumpy, nutritious slope


I need money

Karyo Saikia

How do people gets invited by only subscribing, i am subscriber of Mr. Beast since 3years but i never got invited

Mj Pamittan

I just saw that Dolan hit a laser

Abdo Gaming

mr beast my mom died(just kidding)and my dad too pls give 100000$ i will kiss your leg (sound of someone dying from lie) lol

gary hetrick

Mr beast

- PettySorcery -

He called Lazar beam landon but his name is Lannan ᕦ( ᐛ )ᘎ

Aidan Socram Smith Jr

if ill play free

okanagan maltese

No but would of been a blast to try lol.

Haylee MacNeil


danger zone

This man is insane

Batman Jefe

0:46, 20 mil? While I am writing this, I see 39 mil viewers.


I want that Ipad

Sharon Cheah

nolan lit cheated cause in 4.43 hes leg touch the 4th lazer

GP Laces

The black-and-white colt conclusively hurry because banker karyologically contain at a silent belief. literate, actually pajama

Amat Aljuhaim


Roblox Random Creations

Roblox jail break in real life

John Collins


Pride Savage

Can I work for you Mr Beast

MJ Dixon


Yvonne lang Malakas

Good bye Chris

Richard Barton

You are the kindest youtuber

who you? 10 years ago

Bring back memories

Rebecca Vrseckaa

4:44 Nolan Hit it but overall this looks really fun!


13:50 where have I heard that before?

M Hassan

10:46 RIP

Janet Roche

No if I did that would be cool

John Rundell

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Ghost Dark

20.Mio i think you mean 39.5Mio

Khaled Almashghouni

"your the best brother i could ever ask for"

Yvonne lang Malakas

I don't want to have a bad luck

The Cheap Cook

reggae games

To meny memes

Amat Aljuhaim


Brendon Anglin

Best videos ever

MHB- The Medico

You Give Away So Much Money. Can I get only 1000$?

shri27 plays

Subscribe to my channel!!!

gary hetrick

MrBeast I almost got scammed from the comments on Facebook. Just letting you know people are trying to get credit card info.

Grezikowsky -_-

4:43 he hit

Magu The Trickster

laser beams

Paul Thomas

It should have gone to Chandler, he's only won 3 Challenges Chandler deserves to win.

Melissa Raad

Boooo Nolan his dumb


8:27 @Laserbeam

Connor Kaufman

Any one else notice karl moaning when he got to one heart?

Armin Rahiman

4:45 nolan actually hit the laser bruh

Susan Reynolds

it isn't even a real diamond


I was watching this one time and ate an entire pizza while watching


Maybe I could

Hernan Cortes Grajales

4:43 nolan hit the lazer. He doesn’t deserve to win.


2030 MrBeast: If you steal this bank you keep it


4:43 he hit it

Joel Awobode

Good work Mr beast

Yvonne lang Malakas

Congratulations sister

Nathaniel Klimek


gary hetrick


Mr. Muffin

He called Lazarbeam Landon

Prabhas koya

Last scene was very funny 12:48

Frank Cheng

nolan touch the lasar on the 6 stage a his bottom leg

The Retro Gamer

Nolan had lost a life in stage 6

Maggie Miltenberg

Chandler's shirt says chan chan lol


13:52 Nolan sister dialogue

Arionna Midkiff

Karl noo


chandler never wins anything and he's my favourite :(


Even if there wasn't a diamond and probably a burger,it wud still be fun to play

Niklaus Balaoing

Boo I want chandler

Gaming ST Sifat


marcos T3L14S

4:46 he touched one laser what a rob

Kirstin Pueblo

"your the best brother i could have ever asked for"

Regular Darwin

"the most advanced security systems ever made."
Proceeds to pass them

Lisa Nelan



Do you think you could have done all the levels?

Gamer God

I could do all of them

Dilan Chansirimeta

ti looks good

nazik alamin

Small diamond: 537,483
Medium diamond: 5 million
A large diamond:

extremely more than a trillion


nolan on the trampoline where chandler hit the laser nolan hit the first bar jimmy


give me 10000€ pls

pepijn meertens

love your vids❤️


Most luckiest job in 2021
Mrbeast friends

l Shi

It’s really sad that Nola sacrifices his legs to hurt and get her sister the money and the diamond

Vedamandali Mandali

I love your videos that are so amazing and your so creative and kind and stay safe Bye