Hermitcraft VII 976 Automatic Scute Farm!

Hermitcraft VII 976 Automatic Scute Farm!

311 367 views | 22 Dec. 2020

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Episode Ninety Five! We need scutes for potions, how will we make an automatic turtle breeding farm?

Hermitcraft Seven - Best Of Xisuma - Episodes 71-80


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Fire Playz

Hi bro if I am youtuber what qualities need to join hermitcraft server

John Doe

12:00 because zigzagging was under engineered..

Haven Yoo

X its bc tutrles drop seagrass when they die


petition for xisumavoid to add an pvp hermit

Anurag Yadav


Slime Cube Boing

First he murders striders for his ghast farm, then he tortures turtles just for their scutes. HOW EVIL!

Mini Fam

Is it scoot or skeoot

Max Roberts

No need for a dragon breath farm put the potions in cauldron and right click it with a stack of arrows to tip them no need for dragons breath

Qz Rei

Merry Christmas Xisuma!!


Add a collection system to only collect the Seagrass and bring it back to your seagrass storage
For longer scute collecting

Daniel McIntyre

i wondered if X would realize that his babies could fall down before they grew up to breed

Luminary Levi

Plz keep Hermitcraft alive everyone!! It brings joy and happiness to the Minecraft community and that is what I rlly want to continue to happen.


Hellooooo, BEN HART 0_0

Inventor 47

Hey xisumavoid, check out this youtube channel please. YouTube: living waters. Thanks.

John Doe

Because he used so many scoot last season?


Invite pixlriffs to hermit craft

Ann Z

Hi I’m new here what is this series about? Tysm :)


hey, xisuma, the seagrass is from the turtles, they drop seagrass when they die. you should make a hopper to the seagrass storage!

Shane Matti


David Yodo

4:05 Yes, Farming in Minecraft is a very cruel Business...

talal zahid


georgeterz terz

A channel by the name brawl plays made a video 5 months ago claiming you have taken part in Britain's got talent

raxycal agnylova

Invite new hermits xisuma

EmperorBoo Dr.Uknown

Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas!


Great thumbnail game lately


It brings a smile to my face every time you say, “...and so my friends...” Even though we could pass on the street and not know each other.

Géraud Benazet

Completeley over engineered railtrack. Why not make a simple loop. Were you tired X ?

Benjamin Lake

The seagrass is a mob drop from the turtles

Ghannon Gray-Edel

If I'm the winner... Then shouldn't I be allowed on the server to celebrate my victory?

Aaron Robeyns

Ooohh myy ghod i know youaa facee

Zander Albercook

You didn't return the shopping district to its original Glory you covered it up with a bunch of green crap it was originally a mycelium biome so if you want to return it to its original Glory make it all mycelium

Owen Nielson

If your ever looking for a new hermit craft member, consider looking into Wattles. He is a very talented at Minecraft, and would TOTALLY fit into your server as well.


back to beesness is perfect!

Orion Rising

Did you say.. beesmas? That’s a thing on roblox!


I relly want to see youre real life face and btw where you in britans god talent cuse i heard youre voice there hmmm

Shane Matti

Plsss plsss

Alexander Carver

did anyone else hear someone say LaAaAaAaG in a high pitched voice when they set off the fireworks?


Turtles drop seaweed

William Johnson

Can I join Hermitcraft? It is my dream!

Lilianna L

The sea grass is in with the scutes because turtles drop sea grass when they die :)

Benji Fasham

Creative mode???? On hermit craft????


Well farming in minecraft isn’t as bad as real life

Shane Matti


First Name Last Name

3:20 Wrong “there” X!

HappyGamer 4ever

2021 will be fantastic with those potions! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year X!

Ryan Cai

You have a gift


Happy Christmas, Xisuma
Praying you have a brilliant 2021!

Soumili Banerjee

That was a cute pun X!

Rai Seenath

Can anyone tell me what x uses to make his netherite armor look like that? It's pretty cool


I swear i know your face


would a cat-bed based gifting farm be a good rabbit's foot farm?

Shane Matti



Zedaph could use some splash potions of slow falling for his pig launched in the end, as he's using them to make pigs fly around in his space ship

Shane Matti



#askhermits# when is the server will allow pvp
We want pvp

Animal Wings

I am a bit late probably, but wouldn't it be cool if u just put glass on the base of the new turtle tower. It would be very different and i think it would look amazing. Sry for my english.

Xanthos Alpha

3:23 anyone notice the wrong use of "there" yet?

Shane Matti



The seagrass was dropped by the turtles when they died

Alex Eschen

Why did I think turtle eggy needed sky access to hatch. Derp. Thanks X.

Theodor Butters

3:25 A reference to "Home is where I lay my head" by Metallica?

Katashi ;

Is the multiplayer sleep updated or not?

Im sorry if im bringing this up now.

Shane Matti

Hey can you pls make season 8 seed the biggest seed in the hermitcraft sever and can you make season 8 a forevery seed and make trixyblox join the sever and all the old base of all season

Martin Hlavsa

yeah, turtles can drop sea grass

michael yahalom

did you know thast actually turtles drop seeagrass so either collection system or you know you get extra seagrass which isnt a bad thing

John Winter

add fwip to hermitcraft

KhillikiaLea W

Merry Christmas

Max Hanssen

I am the only one that thinks that he could probably get more resources just buy going and finding turtles instead of spending hours on a farm. I know he likes farms but it would save more time/

Stef D

X, please consider inviting stampy to hermitcraft. I think he would be a great addition.

Graeme Brady

Dont go to dream amp it is all scripted

Vivi*** N****


Official Mr.D

I lost my job cuz of the pandemic, so I decided to start a channel on yt. wish me luck.

Nova Ace

when turtles die they drop seagrass

Mohammad A


Randy Hasik

X, have you ever thought, your going to run Stressmonster's potion tree out of buisness

RedditN Talking

Can you help me get vanilla tweaks (anybody I’m desperate)


Minecraft dia a 1.17 Snapshot 2021 to obtener jugar

Josiah Fox

How was the holidays for you X

Matyáš Prchal

Why i read cute farm


Invite pixlriffs to hermitcraft

Mees Biemond

The tutles drop seagrass when they die


You should invite pixlriffs to hermitcraft


I would love to join the Hermitcraft server to simply organize chestmonsters for the hermits

I Like Turtles

My name is Scott. My nickname is Scoot. This video was hard to watch.

Shane Matti


Shane Matti


spam account

love the old skin coming back!

Shane Matti



Invite pixlriffs to hermitcraft

Odin Ludvig Ankeraa

Merry christmas Hermits

James MacKenzie

That is an EASY scute farm, def building one

Shane Matti


James MacKenzie

I like how the turtles are just T posing XisumaBois

Aaron Aneckstein

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Xisuma’s great choice of time lapse music

Jan Vafa

Hi... the other day it was pouring rain...
Noah was struggling to get all the animals taken care of. Frustrated he called out, “Lord, what am I to do with the bees?!?!”
The voice of God replied, “Put them in the archive!” (Ark hive


Invite pixlriffs to hermitcraft

Dragomite012 Asher

turtles die they can drop sea gras


Ngl. That was kinda cool.


24 episodes away from that face reveal