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Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.

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Bill Poor

Why is everyone running always so fast for the conditions. Because they are showing off for the cameras?


Thanks for the eye candy at the end to warm up a cold winter night here in New York.


This is my happy place .


Interesting looking Formula... hadn't seen one like that. You saved the breast till last! Lol! Thanks for providing a bit of warmth up here in New England!



John Calvert

2:50 Very ugly look.

Boat Work Play

Flashback to last year when Sea-Tow brought us back in. lol

Jordan Tobins

Does anyone else think that the Sea Hunters are out of proportion?

The Grinch

2:26 Outerlimits powerboats, winner of the world champion offshore and fastest production boat in the world.

Bryan Thomas

8.52 that's my preferred winter project

Geoffrey Wallace

Smoking a cigarette is bad for your health lol.

Cajun OGO

Heck yes! More bikini vids


The coolant water coming from the tell-tales of the engines on that first Nor-Tech looks like steam (overheating) but that would be really odd to happen on all engines. Was that just wind whipping the stream into a spray?

Nope Never

Friendly reminder around 3:45. The most important thing before leaving the inlet everytime, make sure you paid your seatow bill.

God Blessed America

If you catch the tides just right Hallover is a breeze.

David n

Has anyone gone through haulover on a snowmobile?


Putting the “Boss” in Boston Whaler... 0:58

Boat Zone

Would you risk it out ? If your boat is smoking white. Old Cigarette needs new engines.

Nikos K

1:21 that TECHNOHULL rib looks amazing

Sven P.

What I always wonder... Is'nt there a speed limit? Over here in good old Germany there sure would be!

Byron Harano

Enjoyed the shots of the glass bottom boats!


My buddy had a Boston Whaler “1985 ish” with one of the first 40hp four strokes anyone had seen “Yamaha”. We flew around that lake catching serious air off ski boat wakes! The good ol days.


Never do what? What's with these titles? Cigarette smoking is the Never do what? I didn't see any white smoke or anything out of the ordinary. Gave chances in past over clickbait, now unsubbing. Sheesh

Aaron Davis

Haulover was cutting the boaters some slack

j k

This the calmest I have ever seen Haulover

Mark Morgan

I agree with u, all those boats that have thru hull exhaust like that steam a lot, my brother has a 34ft formula fastech and his steams like that all the time until u get it on plane and it will puke steam out of them as they are idling as well!! But as soon as u get them on plane then it goes away for the most part!! A couple of my friends have cigarettes also and theirs do the same thing!!! I Wonder if he ran out of gas ?!! And I bet I speak for a lot of the guys on here, saying that u blocked that girl at the end and the last boat u showed cause u put thiose videos on the screen! Other then that this was a really good video!!!


Can someone tell me, when it comes to the woman, how many pictures can one take of themselves?

Omar Rivera

The little whaler is so much fun

Kade Geovanni

So Nice


White smoke is overheating ?

Stuart K

Those Cigarette do sound nice and the boats look fantastic. Keep up the good work

Joey Muhleisen

I hate Cigarette smoke!!


I don't care how many engines your MTI has or how many kids you have in the bow of your 17' Bayliner... that dude in the Whaler is the uncontested king of Haulover flybys.


You darn well, the guy in the Whaler, is out there having a blast jumping the waves!?


The little Whaler. No fear!


I have recently found these Haulover Inlet videos. There is a lot of criticism of what boaters do wrong. I would be curious if through all of the filming if someone has come up with the "magic" method of getting through the inlet safely. Is there a combination of driver, boat, speed, etc that wins most of the time?

Byron Harano

Is this at slack tide?

Les Faust

Not really sure what kind of white smoke would kill two engines,,, bad gas or no gas????

Cass Shewart

I dont know when the rough water starts but the first couple minutes were the most calm I have ever seen that inlet

Antonio Nascimento

Lindo vídeo e boa sorte

Gavin Abrahams

points to the whaler for making it but minus 10 points for no life jacket..

Tim Wise

8:43 we can always expect you to deliver, thanks.

Jerome Adams

Boston whaler gives no f*cks. Who needs 900 horsepower, not him.

This Lyfe

That poor transom on that whaler.hahaha.

Михаил Южный

Лодки у американцев супер, но женщины страшные.

Oraven 1

Need more bikini shots from now on

The Grinch

1:07 what is going on with the guy and his 87’ Boston-whaler? Weird

Ray Zickrick

If I was a boat salesman....Haulover for the win.


chick at the end taking pictures for her ONLYFANS lol, they aren't good enough honey lol

R. S.

Yes slack tide. I think of photos should we look for the high tide and low tide so they could have the best ride of their life instead of trying to wave jump And trying to hurt people innocently

William Ely

I love to see the big cats running through there.

Dayne Wilson

Could just be steam from cold water temps hitting warm exhaust.

Gear Jammer

yep, the clown in the boston waler is gonna be the next on towed in, lol

Les Faust

What is the name of that 62 ft Pershing unzipped...????