Hermitcraft Seven (39) Livestream 24/05/20

Hermitcraft Seven (39) Livestream 24/05/20

12 860 views | 26 May. 2020

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Trust me 1:38:50

Red Truck


Redspikey 180


Peanut Lemon

A comment on one of X’s videos mentioned listing to a stream like a podcast while playing Minecraft, and now I’m going to do it every time he posts :)

Tycho Mallee

Xisuma, can you make a server like this for fans on pocket edition, because that would be amazing

Dave Chen


frickin cares about "first" or "nobody:" memes


X have you thought about making a vanilla tweak for birch logs

Ben Miller

Who else actually liked the non stripped birch wood on the castle?


anyone know xisuma's streaming schedule?

E Beth

What is that spelling of 'valuables'......


Rigdon Freker

Did you see space x launch

Daniel Clasen

1000th to view

Connor McIntire

Hey Xisuma, I also used to drink a lot of sugary drinks but I am trying to convert to tea instead. But I still want my sweet, fruity fix. What is your opinion on tea with natural honey instead of sugary drinks? Some people seem to think that tea with honey is just as unhealthy.

Jeanne murphy

Let’s give a moment of silence to the people skipping school to watch this

Eli Tran




Reshie Pitrouille

"but you're 52yo you should know that"
me always imagining people younger based on their voice; 0_0 what- well i guess its cool
'but you're not 50"
me again: i legit believed it for five minute...

d games

Me 15 sitting with a glass of strongbow listing to this a feel bad

D. Hulsman

Hey X why don't you use optifine? you can turn off connected textures if you want to



Chemical Skeletøn

X try selling concrete powder in the concrete shop especially brown

Paeches Lenore

I, too, was surprised about liquor stores being classified as an essential business. I was explained it was about keeping people from experiencing alcohol withdrawal - as that often lands them in hospitals.

Emad Sohail

Plz subscribe to this channel he needs views
God bless you

Lord Reaper




E Beth

If you don't drink alcohol or fizzy drinks, what would you drink at a party!


You need to eat more you're getting skinny


This is the last time you'll see the button is alive.

Decreasing Entropy

I personally recommend Doctor Strange in terms of the MCU. There's character development and amazing graphics.

JothanZ VD13


Jeffrey Black

There is a very simple reason why alcohol stores (along with other stores) are allowed open while churches were not.
People go to church to congregate and listen to a sermon, or other similar activities.
It is a large gathering of people.
Meanwhile, people typically go into stores, buy something, then leave.
It also means they don't need to get into the storm of what shops would be deemed essential vs unessential, which would raise all sorts of political issues.
Would they limit it to just what you need to survive? So all you can buy is simple food and water? Otherwise, why should they allow candy and coffee, but not alcohol?
What about computer supplies for all the remote working? But does that also include allowing those stores to sell games and the like? Why should games be allowed but not alcohol?
This way is much simpler. They allow stores to remain open, but prohibit places where people congregate.

So it is quite simple and understandable.
They aren't prioritising alcohol over religion.
They are preventing people congregating.