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THIS DIY BATHROOM MAKEOVER WAS DONE UNDER $300!! We did one extreme bathroom transformation on a budget and I can't wait to share it with you! This bathroom makeover includes; peel and stick flooring, painting oak cabinets, how to epoxy countertops, diy dowel towel hooks, painting walls, and so much more! I hope that you enjoy this DIY bathroom makeover on a budget!

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PAINT FOR WALLS (night blooming jasmine):

CABINET PAINT (vine leaf):











Emily L.

This is stunning! Great job!

Patricia Kelly

Well done. Looks amazing. X

Sara J Hodges

Awesome job! It looks so clean and bright! Love the green color that you picked for the cabinets!

Terrie Broom

The floor, vanity, vanity top and lighting

E Fuller

Are the peel and stick flooring easy to remove/ doesn’t damage the the tiles? Renting...

Desiree D'Alessandro

I absolutely love it but my OCD can't stop staring at the gap in the flooring planks in front of the toilet...


Why do they always use the same intonation?


how durable are those peel & stick flooring? Do they long last? How do u clean them?


Could you use the same peal and stick on the mirror?


How you not know your "friends " YouTube? Lol low key you a hater

Jenny Cheng

Absolutely amazing and you guys are the dream team !!! One quick question, how waterproof is the real floor?

April Babin

May I ask, what was the wall color called before you painted?

Charles Rainey

Awesome job! Love it. I live in Vegas also and you're so right about the walls. I'm remodeling my bathroom too and ran into this same issue.

Health Channel

Hi, loved your video. Just one question. Did you have to take the toilet up to lay the tile in that area?

Emily R.

Great job! Nice clean look with a natural feel. I wish you had refinished the light fixture in gold as well. I remember seeing lone fox do it, I believe for his parents bathroom make over. Curious to see what faucet you select as well.


Very nice! Curious why you didn't pant before laying down the new floor.


Did u still end up using a roller on the cabinets?


Looks awesome so bright, well done

Britni Sonsky

This looks amazing! So many DIY bathroom renos look very DIY/trendy (which is totally ok! just sometimes looks dated), but this doesn’t look DIYed at all! It looks super clean, minimal-boho, and designed!

Daniela Vettoretti

Complimenti un abbraccio

Sheridan Conde

Is there a reason you didn't do the pour expoxy you did in the kitchen?

Ruthie's vlog World

This was beautiful


Very light & airy! Good job cute couple!

James Robert

If you have two bathrooms why not remove the toilet and lighting fixtures


Not brave enough to do my bathroom yet, since its part of a mostly entire house makeover. Scary, so thanks for the inspo. Pronunciation: Poplar (just a regular pop-ler tree), caulk (just don't over-do it, its just like chalk). very cute.

Dane Garcia

Fantastic job! The amount of equity you are going to get out of that hard work and small financial investment is huge!

PaHoua Lo

Can the epoxy spray be used on the sink as well?

Kathleen Stanfield

We did the traffic master grip strip flooring. Easiest flooring ever. Always rent the roller

Kellee Turner

Looks great! Love all your choices

Project Reels

Under 300? Thats aaaamazing!

Debbie-ann Williams

This looks amazing! Great job

Donna Bowman

Great job.


Lol, $300.... Except for the $1,500 in tools you used. The bathroom does look great, so good work on the design. Misleading, bait click title is a bit annoying...

House of Tristina

Exactly how I want to do my kitchen cabinets!

Susie Stokely

Just lovely!

Cindy McDonald

Love it!!Bright and pretty New light fixtures and plumbing hardware, it will be an oasis. Love the wood blinds too. Wow! And I have the same exact color green in my kitchen. Called Perennial by Behr paint I think. Love it!

Tray Turner

Yes honey! Loooove it!

Malaika S Durbin

This is nice! Excellent makeover.

Lorena Luna

I don’t know if this happened to you but when I used the appliance epoxy for my countertops it got EVERYWHERE! The first time I used it I made the mistake of not covering the floors and it took over a week to get the sticky residue off. Even after steam mopping it more than three times

Sha Hill

Don't forget to do the doorknobs as well. Very beautiful outcome


Krud Kutter is my BEST friend! Lol used it to clean all the baseboards in my WHOLE HOUSE (2,300 sq ft)! It took 2.5 days but my home is sparkling!

Adrienne Ward

Please link the name of the stain. Thanks in advance.


It’s beautiful

Heather Streeter

Great tips!

Willrock Herrera

Great video!!!


Wow that's a big transformation, I'm impressed.

Dulce Kim

Crown molding to frame the mirror is also affordable and looks so good and you can stain or paint any color! And you can get it at Lowes or Home Depot as well. It elevates your standard ugly mirror and makes it look like a huge framed mirror.

Xoxo Dionne

Nice video! I really enjoyed it.

angela ortiz

Everything looks beautiful

Daisy Sanchez

Amazingly beautiful. It looks light and bright. Thank you for sharing your idea!!!

corey trejo

How did the wood around the mirror hold up i have the same mirror and I would like to do the same

Bronte's Life

Hi everyone!! I hope that you enjoy this bathroom makeover as much as I do! Thank you so much for watching. If there is anything I did not link, please let me know in this comment thread and I will try to do so. Thank you again for watching and don't forget to subscribe if this is your first time here. Check out my other makeover videos here --->

Edith Luna

How is the epoxy on your countertop holding up? Are you able to wipe and clean it with no problem?
I loved the green cabinets btw

Tai Season

Very nice. I love the simplicity of the towel hangers. ♥️♥️

Terrie Broom

It came really nice!

Brunilda Guerrero

Loved this place

Abigail Rommel

Why do people peel and stick over tile? Vinyl is just so gross to remove, and if there's anything wrong with the grout underneath when you lay over it, that's not going to go away by masking it

Beachy Sands

Nice job! How did you handle the mirror clips that stick out when you were adding the trim?


Girl!!! What a transformation!!! And I just LOVE the green

I Love Smoochie

Great job

Andreia Nascimento

Yvette Garcia

Love this! How do you measure the hobby board? I want to see if Home Depot can cut it down me, but not sure how to measure it

Patricia Hall

Absolutely beautiful, love the flooring , everything is so lovely

Avius L

Hey. I got an important question. The peal and stick, do you know how that'd work with mold and such? If it gets wet would it get moldy inbetween the paper and the floor? Does anyone know? :)

Elise Mo

Omg ideas galore. I have the same Formica countertops in my kitchen and bathroom and I HATE them. Will definitely be trying the epoxy spray! I am going to try and talk my fiancé into letting us try out the peel and stick vinyl, too! Great job.

Faery Chains

This is such a good makeover! When/if you get a new faucet and sink bowl it will add the final touch I think but it’s already perfect!

MISS Thommas

Great team work! My fave was the framed mirror. Thank you for the tip on the hobby board. I will do this when i move into my place. I guess i will get home depot to cut the wood for me as i have no tools

Sydney Christensen

How did you put the frame piece on the top of the mirror where the screws are? Are the screws flush with the mirror or do they stick out?

Julia Colon


Kristina Bunnell

I would love to know how well the appliance stuff has held up on the counter top.


New sub. This is amazing

bbq at home Benny's smokin' BBQ

Absolutely beautiful job


That turned out beautiful & airy. That epoxy spray paint is awesome, I used it on my bathroom sink.

stephanie brown

Nice results. How did you handle fitting the flooring around the curve of the toilet? I haven't started my project because I'm unsure of the
toilet-floor thing.
Any tips?

Marnie Powell

Love love love!! DO MORE VIDS!

Shauna Nahodil

U didn't have ur sprayer even on right setting. Use cardboard to block over spray. Must of took u forever on that setting. Does save time when on right setting n ur floors look great. Love it all just threw me off with paint sprayer on that setting.

E. Sterling

The bathroom makeover looks fabulous! I love the green color on you cabinet.

Martin Fleet

You explain things nicely, clear and easy to listen to.
Impressed by your hard work, I have the ability to do things but struggle with the motivation (even before long covid Stole the last 8 months)
Happy Christmas x

Mrs Knight

Love it!


Good job!! It looks great!

Kareem t

Great job try adjust the paint spray so that it fans out equally so it has a wider overlap, you'll get better results faster

Dawn Brame

How did the top piece of wood fit over those clear mirror holders?

Sherry Linzer

You did a great job. I love everything you did. When you change the faucet, consider the light fixture also?

Chris O

What is the grey you mixed with the green paint? Do you have the ratios you used to get that color? I love the final product!

Glenda L. Vazquez

Beautiful... you guys did a outstanding job. Love the floor make over. The bathroom looks very airee.❤️

Kristina Tidwell

What brand name was the paint sprayer? If I'm super lucky, I'll be able to move in a few months to a house with a

R. Boyd

That floor looks amazing! Beautiful!!

Just Sayin'

Not sure why you would put down the floor before you paint the sink that makes no sense. Just sayin '
Otherwise it looks nice.

Megan Evetts

love that green cabinet and the hardware you used, so cute and unique!

betsy feliciano

Great job! I'm new to your channel. What is the name and style of your sprayer? Thanks for video, God bless.


Wow! The bathroom looks fantastic, you both did an amazing job - I especially love the flooring and the black shelf brackets

Dee Strange

Really like the green!


I never understand painting cabinets with the doors in place.

Alisa Redding


Cari Del-Rio

Wow. Incredible final results!


you didn't list counter spray?

Maria Sanchez

Hi, I just wanted to know if the vinyl flooring you used is resistant or not? also if it takes off or not?

mina mina

That cabinet color is gorgeous!

T Mavin

Looks amazing! I wished we could have seen the cuts you made around the toilet though!

Nica Rivera

Liked the way you framed the mirror. Great job.