I Survived 400 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

I Survived 400 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

884 549 views | 6 Oct. 2020

I Survived 400 Days on Hardcore Minecraft - Skyes

Hardcore Minecraft is the toughest challenge on Minecraft. If you die, the world and all of your work, gets deleted. Enemies deal more damage and spawn more often. Here's my story of me surviving 400 in game days on Hardcore! If you enjoyed this, it would mean a lot if you leave a like on the video! Thanks


That MLQ though


Waaaait, didn’t u get elytra in your first 100 days or am I having a bad memory?


Nice one floor made out of barrels... in a villager house

Salt Saltius

Today I learned the secret to happiness is capitalism


I think you should name your horse clatter

Zee Zebra

barrel + villager = fisherman : )


I subbed :) I don’t know why I commented this

Sebastian Neave

name your horse sundial

cooking with superman and mr horsey

this not Minecraft its mooded Minecraft


I survived 500 days on Hardcore Minecraft!!
CHECK IT OUT HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9vyX0rSzFo

Chip Rockets

Hey skyes, is there anyway you can drop that enderman farm for me?


I like you video and I front Russia и это удивительно мне интересно


Bruh I was watching the modded hardcore videos and I just now realized that the last 3 videos I watched weren't the same world... I'll just keep going and see how it goes

•Fox Alpine•

Name the horse twinkle toes this name is a reverence from pepa pig

Ian van Blerk

this is so cool

marlon dela cruz

man the one iron golem when your trading i see him giving flower on villeger


I didn't think those endermen farms were good because it isn't a one hit kill farm, but when you said "I went from level 30 to 52 in 10 mins" I knew I had to build it :)

Owen Shangraw

I hope he will eventually realize that barrels are workstations for fishermen.

Donna Stevenson

The villagers are fishermen cause of the barrels

xhandreilloyd pudiquet

Skyes: WHY ARE THEY FISHERMAN!? me: mAybE tHe baRreLS MAdE ThEm fIshErmAN.


7:59 is where im at so far gonna come back in a few hours

Cherxy Playz

can u do world download


He’s living like LARRY


The villager: teleports behind nothing personal kid.

Russell Sabando

I'll give you challenge you have to do is put

chou build ng mga youtuber

put water down and hopper to chest for auto

Aussie blogger YT

No one

Skyes and Luke the notable STONKS

I'm a cup

I'm binging all the episodes rn !


Science: Penguins are Flightless birds!
Skyes: * puts on elytra * Observe.


They were all fishermen cuz u made the floor outta barrels

ProGirl and Ryloop ryloop

All the villagers in the peasants' house were fishermen because u put the floor as barrels. Barrels make villagers fishermen.

Johnrey Fantilanan

The modes are gone

MachineRafane Gen

Lol they r nit fishermen they r farmers its becyz of the barrels

fgtyt f

The obsequious outrigger totally increase because sink critically colour off a broken act. accurate, luxuriant stretch


"I SAW this random invisible spider, never SEEN one b4"- Skies

The Bean Boy

you do know barrel+villiger=fisher right right? RIGHT?

Dean Long

best you tuber ever please upload more

Animals Gaming

Sneaky booger

- Skyes 2020

Consider Vosu

i thaccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Barrels make villegers fishermen

Carter Greenberg

Omg barrels are the job bock for fisher man

Kenny Planter

The upbeat birch impressively fail because south america secondly surprise off a utopian beast. wrathful, industrious geology

BLaZeD miss

people who don't subscribe

Shane Kitchen

This guy should be in the next season of Hermitcraft...




The day of me watching this, the dislikes are currently at:420.....

cameron meriweather

tbh i want to see u vs dream

Kyson Ince

love ur vids!!

Malcolm Allred

dude there fisher men becaues you mad the floor barrales



That GamerAngelina

Name the horse bibby

Nicholas Bingas

bruh the barrel floor is gonna turn the villagers into fishermen

Aiken Chu

am I the only one thinking... Why Turkish? ( captions )

Gabe Stocks

Ok, I know this is an old video, but this is his first year there: 17:08 Congrats!

Joseph Reeves

You copied like the notables

Atie AK

Name the horse luke


The barrels make them fisher men

Lillian Schwarze

Capalisum=Trading with villagers EDIT:i think

Consider Vosu

pepe games

Aiken Chu

I think the reason the first time you killed a pillager captain and didn't get bad omen is because you have fire aspect on your sword and as you know to avoid bad omen you burn the captain to death.

HitchHikers GTVG

Name the horse Jeorgon from Pewsiepies Minecraft series

Isaiah Prescott

I was watching this video well playing hardcore minecraft well watching anime and died but I started a new world still sad tho wish I did not do 3 thing at the same time :(

Kilogy 330

They were fisherman because you had barrels

Zoe Ireland

The reason why their fisherman is because barrels give them that breed

Ivan Nogalo

he got 57k likes and where is 500 days

Random gameplay 1234

I’m pretty sure invisible spiders are very very very rare


Can anyone link the wither skeleton farm he used

I'm a cup

They were becoming fisherman cuz of the barrels man!

Jack Gaming

I wanna see skyes use 100% of his power

Srwoof Woof

Not me watching all the hardcore videos in order at midnight on a school night nooooo never

Caitlyn Richardson

The wet flute numerically flash because desire lilly place past a spiritual industry. graceful, flimsy development

MoutinDuu 1

so ummmmmm is this chaoticmeatball?

TheDarkness 95

why did he go from pig to penguin?

Vivian Ellis

i think you should name the horse beans... and put a place for him to live near the bean shaped house!

Liam Heileman

Villagers teren into fisher man because the barrles

Benedict Skinner

He’s so underrated


Ok so u get a effect for beating the raid:hero of the village so any villager in ur world will give u diss counts

Gaming with games

Fishermen bc the barrel turns them into fishermans

CuteKatxCuteDog :3

My challenges: 
1. Get your rainbow parrot back
2. Complete all the advancements
3. Making all the farms (chicken farms, rabbit farms, ghost farms, etc

gacha- mino

You called a bastion a stronghold

l T G F l LEAD_Doggy

oi where is the 1000000 days movie huh


13:07 *confusion

herny tan

it shpulden't take long just play minecraft 11 hpurs staright 3 days and you edit it fast ez new vid


barrels make villagers fisherman and your floor is made of barrels

Archer Stacy

guy breaks bedrock FBI: FBI open up skyes: breaks bedrock FBI IDK why are u guys mad

Malia Payne

Your villagers turned into fisherman because of the barrels


Yeaaa skyes again

Jordy Pineda

I need oak logs holds oak logs not dark oak logs holds spurce logs

Rishi Patel

skyes: I think this house is looking good
grian: let's make an upside-down mansion

no offence, It was good well better than me

Ariella Poi

Name the horse Honse

ØJ’s Channel

Ok ok ok I subbed u welcome

Ryan Santiago

Its because you put barels as the floor and they turn into fishermen aka the boys locker room

Johnrey Fantilanan

Ohh its different


Skyes = wadzee + grian + lukethenotable


Skyes: 10,000 likes for 500
Us: how about 50,000

Lillian Schwarze

Name the horse Beddy bracksr


is it just me who noticed when he did the sky jump HE DID NOT HAVE A TOTEM


The reason why they are fisher man is because the floor is barrels

jagroop Aulakh

Can you take over a gadian temple
It's Underwater

This guy Ian Hornschemeier tik tok ian_the_flash0

5:50 nice accent