Junior dos Santos Calls for Justice...

Junior dos Santos Calls for Justice...

69 219 views | 9 Jan. 2021

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Chael Sonnen talks Junior dos Santos on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Matt Russ

Chael “ Surreal Gong” sonnen

Paul Legendre

Junior should let it go ,even if he's a little bit right ,it wouldn't change much for him he is on a loosing streak , struggles every time he get grazed ,but mostly his mental game seems gone ,the way he hangs on this elbow drama really shows his mindset is not the right one right now imo.

Russian Troll

Who is this Surreal guy he keeps talking about

Khan Khalid Hassan

"surreal" the moment gun.

Ralph Sarkis

Well Junior has a tendency to turn around and walk/run in a direction opposite of the opponent during the fight. Watch previous fights he does that, so it was bound to happen honestly.

Ragnarr Loðbrók

Been a fan of JDS for years and I think now is the time for him to hang-up the gloves. To be able to take a shot in the heavyweight division after so many fights — especially after the damage he received in Velasquez II & III — just won’t happen. That’s now 4 consecutive losses, all by (T)KO.


we should call for justice all junior dos santos fights ..... why is he still fighting ?

Sophia L.

Junior i have not been the same since USADA came around Do Santos. Its funny before USADA you could hit Junior w a mack truck and you couldn't knock him out. Them comes USADA and now if you just breath on Junior he goes down

jake5900 jake5900

Chael “ cereal gong” Sonnen

Mohammed Billlah

Title should be just how good Ciryl Gane elbow is?

Chase Michaels

Ok, Chael, one of the few times I have to disagree with you. You say that as long as the intial intent is good or if any part of the strike is legal no matter how or where that strike ends up it becomes illegal or it should be deemed legal. Not so fast my friend.
Here are some examples. If my front kick lands on the inside of the thigh and continues up and rattle my opponent's nuts and he can not continue should I be award a TKO. Hmm does not seem fair. Same with an eye poke I can hit an opponent's nose but if afterward my fingers poke his eyes you are saying that should be a legal blow. If he can not continue I should win by TKO. Help me understand buddy!!

Steven Nguyen

Watched this fight live he got rocked then shelled up immediately him complaining is not a good luck for a legend. He is going to go from UFC legend to UFC’s sore loser and likely former UFC fighter.

Say What

JDS needs to remember that he has been on the downhill for a while now, but was legal and JDS has been known to throw the same behind the head blows also, oh yea AND HE CHEATED WHEN ALL OF HIS WINS WERE WHEN HE WAS ON THE DAMN JUICE

Mike Mike

i like jds but this is kinda silly
jds was getting pieced the f up and turned into the elbow


You just watched Kiiyon Kimura's JDS video, too?

Chael getting ideas from YouTubers. Love it.

Omuerta Genetix


Tyrone Carrigan

Didnt realise Ya'Ear was a part of this


JDS should retire and focus on his singing career

Greay Statia

Junior is a legend that doesn't know the rules


brings it to you I ONLY BRING THAT TO YOU—brought to you by Chael Sonnen

Alexander Gunn

I still think JDS beats Lewis again


It’s a Brazilian thing

dave dixon

junior won BY A LOT

Charky Icenhour

Trapped. Flinch clinch. ?
When boxer moves on ur punch. Trapped clinch


Chael, "Surreal Gane"

Enguer vala

Chael "What the hell does elbow mean?" Sonnen


JDS should be getting cut any1 saying otherwise is pretty delusional, the guy is just making sad excuses at this point and should just retire and try keep his mind right for his kids

Finnur OC

Chael “what does elbow mean?” Sonnen

Benjamin Richard

JDS is a salty loser who isn’t in his prime anymore and it’s pissing him off. Very uncharacteristic of him cause he’s usually a nice guy / good sport.

Mike More

Chael has to be doing these mispronunciations on purpose lmao. Chael is a top 10 comedian of our generation.

Neeto Lemutant

Cyril said : « Yeah a little bit ». Which is the exact thing : a « little bit » of his forearm hit JDS behind the ear. By then, when they asked him, I was wondering what
Cyril would answer, and he came up with the exact perfect most accurate answer possible - plus adding something about him not being the referee, so that if it was ruled fair, then it’s fair!
Kinda sad from Junior to go out like that (´◑ω◐`)


Cereal gun

Imuris Viramontes

It was an illegal blow! And it happened right in front of the ref!

jamie manners

What does elbow mean


he lost it was not intentional obviously. He needs to retire instead of crying like a bitch maybe do dancing with the stars where they wont hit him in the head.

Gustavo Serrano

Commissions like a lot of institutions will never overturn anything they stand by because it means they admit they where wrong. It happens in the medical field. Sad and corrupt fact

Caleb Spain

What is an elbow?
Its the pointy part when you bend either arm, usually bone coverved by skin....well thats my best guess could be left or right.

Hueyi Tecuani

JDS hit Cain in the back of the head and won the title.... does JDS want that result overturned too?

SailorScout Venus

We had Blahovavich and Charlie Olives, now introducing "Surreal"


JDS makes surreal like up.
The reality is that JDS is past his prime and should hang it up. Recently according to JDS he feels the best ever, trains the best ever, and is looking to turn losses into wins. It reminds me of ngannou knockout which looked super soft to me.

Dope Drood

Ciryl Gane was humble in victory. JDS not so humble in defeat. Bad for JDS career, good for Gane's imo.

Joseph Piccuillo

If anyone should call for justice it's Poirer in his first McGregor fight. Dustin was hit 3 times behind the head, and then ate 2 clean ones to the face, KOd. I think Conor wins again on the 23rd though.

Adrian Vasilescu

so if I knee someone in the stomach and my foot slams into his groin, that is LEGAL, because one part hit a legal spot? Uncle Chael, come on...


Juniors a legend but its time for him to just retire


Im not sure what you are trying to convey with this video. You state, you don't know where he hit him. Go look at the tape before making a video


I love Jr, but he is notorious for shelling up and dropping at the first sign of being hurt these days. The strike wasn't intentionally behind the head, it was Jr's fault.

Mikiel Sahagun

Ah I get like if you throw a kick the opponent can't just put his crotch to the kick on purpose

Dart Droop

Brazilians always have an excuse. Change my mind

Jesse Wilkinson

Surreal Gung

Brian Skeeter

If Bader's loss to Nemkov is legit then JDS is just gonna have to eat this L

Chad Robert

If the fight looked close at-all, I could see JDS's point but he was so badly outmatched.

Marc thedark

From my point of view, at first, Junior turned his head, and at second, the strike also touched his ear... nothing to see here

Uncle Fester

Junior Dos Santos can't even take a hard jab anymore. I hope he retires this year.

Hugo Perera

Wait!!!!! If you throw a knee and your opponent is on his way down and you hit him while he is down. They always call that illegal. What's the difference?????

Nick S

Surreal Gane.


*2004 olympic games

Oua H8ter

I agree with junior dos santos.. all you people are ignorant if you dont understand illegal strikes are illegal strikes regardless.. there is nothing to debate.. it is clearly to the back of the head 100% its plain as day.. it was a bad call by athletic commission and ref..


Junior is going to be released by UFC just like Romero was. He is sticking to that illegal elbow just to stay for another fight. In that fight with Gane he looked like Cerrone vs McGregor, looking for a way out...


Surreal Gane

Ryan R

You made a 9 minute video and you just said in it you didn't rewatch the footage? okay....

Kylo B

But can you offer me just what the hell elbow means? And where does it fit into this?

Guy's Picks

"Surreal was never my friend."


Matt Russ

What I think is happening is JDS is afraid of being cut by the UFC so he needs a no contest otherwise he remains on a four fight loss streak


Chael: "Surreal Gong"
Cyril Gane: "ok, great."


"I invented The Elbow" -Chael

Fahed !

It don’t remember thinking it was illegal. I saw them replay it in slow motion. I didn’t go back and take a second look or catch every angle but I trust the people who reviewed the footage

The cool contrarian

Chael - "What does elbow mean". Nate Diaz - "No one knows what an elbow is mutha****er, this is America get it right"

Rj Miller

Dos santos’s head fits in Cain’s asshole

Bad Boy Cooking

Uncle Chael I think the king of Sweden said decathlon you modest guy


JDS just trying desperately not to get cut. Thats what now 4 ko/tko loss in a row? Why did Yoel get his walking papers again? He was at leasts cutting down the top guys still

Justus Jones

Well JDS.... Here i am!! You're looking for me??

Raul Herrera

He needs to let it go and run the fight back.

No Mud No Lotus

Where's JDS' responsibility and accountability in this? Keep your hands up and protect yourself at all times. If you got hit thats kind of on you. Complaining about would amount to an inch at most doesn't change the fact you made a lot of mistakes that contributed to you get blasted like that in the first place.

Mark Kravitz

Mr Sonnen please can we see @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE!

Daniele Patton

"I don't remember the strike well enough".
Why not watching it on Youtube before making a video about it?

Anyway, I bring this to you!
You the BEST Uncle Chael!

I'm a life form known as Manuel

Comment section filled with everyone copying each other trying to be funny

Jake the snake

Just how hard did he get hit in the back of the head

Eagle Fang Karate

Make sure the elbow hits Yair? What does Yair Rodriguez have to do with this?

Eric McLean

He just got his ass beat.

Rya N

Justice for JR!!!!!


I wish JDS and Overeem would call it a career now

Brad Dior

Rematch rematch! He cheat, cheapshot! No fair no fair, restart fight, illegal!!! Steroids steroids no fair! - JDS


I HAVE to now believe that Chael is in on the joke and mispronounces names on purpose
Cyril = Cereal - LOL

Struggle Chewie

Cyril is surreal and Chael is so real.

Chuck F.

This entire video about “an elbow” was nothing more than a marketing plan for chael to subconsciously highlight the site Bloody Elbow. Uncle Chael has moves we can’t even consciously see.

Hang tight Promotions

Its just sad to hear JDS make such a song and dance about this. Like you said when Gane threw the elbow he was aiming for his face or side of the head but junior turned away as he already started throwing it so it slightly landed at the back of the head. All JDS is doing is getting attention for the wrong reasons

Landon Cube

Sees strike coming
Turns head
Hits back of head

Lookit Thisguy

Jds had another fight seriously wow...


Chael "what does elbow mean?" Sonnen

Taylor Stillman

JDS gets hit to the back of the head...by the door, as he gets cut. Whines about it for months. Goes to BKFC gets tooled by Gonzaga. Goes away for good. EoS.

Jay B.

For me, if a knee is meant for the body but the target moved, becomes a low blow. It's still a low blow. So JDS has an argument for me.

Josh K

In a straight fight, JDS got beat up outside of a rule set.
In agreement with Chael that his retreating motion allowed him to be elbowed on his dome while it was being thrown.

JDS relax

OnBro Tv

Chael “What is a elbow” Sonnen

bath tub soap

The 2008 Olympic fuck up was Karma for Roy Jones Junior

Mort Business

Chael “Higher Juice Concentrate than Tropicana” Sonnen... amarite

ching chong

What does elbow mean? - Chael P Sonnen


U slipped the Jab and got eyepoked and now its ur fault for moving ur head towards the poke.

huh nah

In basketball this is called "pulling a foul" in reference to grabbing a small water dwelling bird.

Jan Wegman

“Surreal Gain” can also be applied to the biggest arms in West Lynn

Dennis Phillips

Cool and the gangster !!