Hermitcraft II 246 Q&A With Xisuma Part 1

Hermitcraft II 246 Q&A With Xisuma Part 1

54 653 views | 15 Jun. 2014

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The first of a 2 part Q&A.

Doom II Lets Play


Statics Slime Farm Video


My First Youtube Video


One Year On - The Story Of Xisumavoid


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zeb ven

im playn mc while whatching this
it really helps me 


What computer are you using?

Drew Fisher

Can you put out a at uprise on how to update minecraft please? I'm stuck on 1.5.2

Sam Lemme

World tour!!!


If you are interested man, I would be up for doing some networking! I run the Cube Community Minecraft - as well as the general collab community where we play/ record other games too - would be wonderful to do some networking - not to get a step up on the youtube but to honestly make more contacts, friends and create some pretty funny content. I'm British, just finished my Degree in Acting and would like to branch out more :) - so even if myself or my community isn't what you are looking for please feel free stopping by an checking some of the CC guys out - I feel they all work hard and we are pretty much a big family that stay in contact through our facebook group :) It's important to stay close connected which is why we don't recruit every nancy dew that asks to join :) - Well talk soon maybe man. :)

Isaiah Hawkins

I wanna see a world tour !


I found an awesome survival server through the XPD server (now Respawn Network) and i cant thank you enough X. you are awesome (this is in response to the comment about public survival servers) TY X! 

Syed Kumail Abid Ali

Its really hard to speak in the British accent but i really like it and that's what makes all your videos a bit more fun and entertaining to watch than they really are.

Ross Hartigan

world tour :D

Blake Woodruff

How does the hermitcraft community pick a new youtuber to join?

Daniel Scott

17:15 X there was a minecart chest!

Drutech Druid

would love to see your old world

Belanna T

After listening to this, I think you were the best thing that happened to Hermitcraft. Stepping up when a leader is needed takes courage, and you are a natural leader, you are serving the community, making it survive and keeping things in order. Leading is not about commanding people, it is about showing the way, and letting things happen, flourish. You are doing an amazing job.


It's great to hear about you. True about the advice: When I'm very angry at someone, I don't interfere with another friend's relationship with them. It's not my business. Just today, one friend was forced to choose between two people. shaking head


And please a tour of geomine

appel flap

If you ever were to make a ff7 lets play, I'd watch it definitly :D


Great episode :-)

Isaiah Hawkins

What is your real name?
Are you married? Do you live in the UK?
Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Daniel Richmond

I watched that tutorial when I first got into minecraft....  I didnt ever build it because it looked much too  difficult to me...  I think I might just give it go...

Samy127 [Multi•Stan]

I love the anonymity that’s why Etho and you are my favourite minecrafters I feel like I get into the character more and focus on the game I don’t need to know you personally

Liam H

Yay! World tour of that server!


Docms first world tour is what I think you're talking about and yes... that world is still one of the best i've ever seen. Also, I can touch on this community thing a bit, I've had a Minecraft server for prob almost a year now. I like to keep it 100% vanilla and atm theres only maybe 5-6 active members. I've thought about different ways to find some good mature ppl that won't grief/steal etc... but it is difficult. I will never understand how griefing can be fun. I feel terrible if I accidentally break blocks at someones base :I. I don't get it. Great video though! :D


And I'm a doom baby. Loved it, and love it still !!!!

Metric Jester

That is some of the best life advice ever!

True MCN

Show us the world


please do a tour


who owns the hermitcraft server?? please tell me ;)

Xander Lameire



Am i the only one getting only 240p


After creating a monster of a gold farm, why still pick up gold? It seems kind of unnecessary.

Samiul Akbar

Did you really just ignore a saddle??????????????

Oliver Middlemas

When he says he likes being anonymous, does that mean that other hermits haven't even seen him or know his real name

Ethan Roberts

Old world tour please :)


Hey Xisuma a night vision potion helps when using a x-ray device. 


Isn't static part of Hermitcraft? or was?

Adam Canto

If you weren't in YouTube, do you think life would of changed in a good way or in a bad way?

Manel Pereira

show your old vanilla server :3


xisuma, why did you take the iron at 8:22 when you have the iron foundry?


Do you/ did you play any instruments?


World tour please!!!!!!


18:37 it sounded like Xisuma said MineCrack i was loling the whole time

Tom K

Doom, FF7 and MC are my three favourite games too!

I also work as a musician. Like your style Xisuma!

And yes, do a tour of the old server :)

Ethan Jensen

Ive searched through the internet for 5 hours trying to find your face or name, and I found rendog mumbo iskall stressmonster cubfan docm tango... basically every hermit except you!! :( and you and iskall are my favorites :)

Ashantin 3

Very interesting. Thank you.

George Collins Gaming



Soon as you said the first bit i turned it off sorry xisuma thats all i wanted to know lol


You should do a tour and download

David Castilla

You're a great player and youtuber, there's no question about that. But you've demonstrated to also be a good person.
I usually am anonymous like you, but I had to show the face this time to be able to properly thank yor efforts. I'll also keep punching the Like every time :)
Keep up the good work XisuMan!


Damn I really want to see your face but I understand

Jane Candy

Yes world tour


Thanks for the Q&A! Please do a tour of your old server!

Adriana Mandić

What is enchanting of your sword

Caroline Kester

WHY would you leave a saddle in a mine cart!!! and a billion music discs (you could sell?? I thought you were an item hoarder?) and two horse armors?? what?!

Nick Stilwell

Someone tell me if im forgetting something... but my xray machine is a fence post, moving into it and placing a redstone block on it.


Haha, I still have you as a friend on Playstation network! I completely forgot!

Dominic Litchfield

Xisuma, don't worry about people asking your name, you have no obligation to tell them :)


What computer are you using?


Server Review !


I'm sure it's already been asked but, how old are you? You said you grew up with MySpace which can't make you much older than 30.


im still kinda new to the idea of hermit craft and sorry if this sounds funny but i really want to thank you for the q and a because if u wouldnt have explained how hermit craft got started or how ur the mastermind on keeping it alive i wouldnt have had a clue so again thank you xisuma


Yes world your! ;D

Mike Green

world tour YES!

reuben rees

Make a tour on your old vanilla server


You chose a few very interesting questions. Also nice that I got my question answered.

Especially the one about anonymity. I am currently subscribed to 86 channels (107 before removing a few) and I know what about 80% of them look like. Personally I think that's a bad thing. At least for gaming channels it kinda is. What I like the most about watching for instance Minecraft video's is that it kinda takes you away from the physical world. And it's about a voice and personality. That's what I like about it. When you go add a face (and name for that matter) to that, your opinion of that person will change, which might make watching his/her video's less fun of interesting. I don't say that I haven't wondered how you look irl from time to time, but to be honest, I actually do not want to know. To me you're Xisuma who has a great personality and a fantastic voice for making interesting video's.

Another thing, I haven't thought about that for a while. About 1,5 to 2 years ago I decide who my 3 favorite youtuber's where at the time. By that time they where all doing their own things. However somehow they were all brought together to the wonderful community called 'Hermitcraft'. I'm talking about Spumwack (formerly known as The Minecraft Muse) Mumbo (without the Jumbo) and You. This hasn't changed since then. I really find it quite convenient that these 3 persons are now playing on the same server. I really didn't expect that when I made the decision at the time.

Anyway just keep up doing what you're doing and I'll keep watching as I'm watching.

Dalton Jackson

Tour plz


I fully understand you :) Good video Btw. Its never boring to watch your videos :)

Samihan Muppirala

I like imagining what Youtubers look like, but once I see their face, it's just totally ruined my image of them.


Will you show your face to us ?

Katherine Lucas

Xisuma I would love to see you do a world tour if your old server! I think it will be really great and fun! :)


Yes world tour!

Dominic Guarino

When he said FFVII >>>>

na na

Hey X. You said in this video that you had like a network thing for smaller server's. Well i play on a server like that and i was hoping you would talk to me and the owner about networking together. The server that i play on is great. We are like one big family from all over the world. So if you see this could you youtube SMG me and i hope we can talk about it. Thanks X

Katherine Lucas

Also my question to you is what is your favourite quote and why is it your favourite quote?

Matthew Daines

I want a world tour!


@ 3:35 you can see how your slimes got in :)

Aiden Foley

Just EAT XISUMA!!!! lol

Sorceror Nobody

The talking into a mic answer made perfect sense to me! I've found it much the same since I started. I suck at introductions, but likewise am fine once I get going... mostly. My main issue at the moment is long silences :P

Some really interesting stuff here : )


Q&A question: do you plan on showing your IRL face?


I know this may sound like favouritism but name atleast 5 youtubers you like watching.

Liam Jachetta

Yes Yes Yes!!!! do a world tour!!! plz!!

True MCN

I want to join and start my YouTube!!! Can you add me please?

Max Schaar

Please do the tour :D

Luis Rodriguez

yes do a

David Mc

No face cam needed, just your voice and Minecraft is all we need.
Glad you are making these videos.
We learn cool info about someone who is more like a friend than most YouTubers.
Another great video!
Love it when mobs battle each other.
So glad they put that in the game.

Lucas Simon

Lol...."I got a pirated copy..." XD

Phillip BEck

LOVE YOU XISUMA <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 you do such good tutorials and all around just fun quality videos! I LOVE THEM


the map thing i do that to

Xander L.



9ish min in, talking about Doom sucking you in...

a reminder as you play the latest version :)


And please a tour of geomine

Big G

Make a tour of geomine



Thomas Usher

Do a world tour of your server. Im always interested in seeing different bases to influence me playing Minecraft :)

Alex Avraam

Xisuma what is your favourite movie? (Not sure if this was asked in q and a 2!)


People say you don't want to show your face because it could mess up your reputation in the British higher class, is that true?


Hey Xsiuma.
Awesome video! I feel that when some of my favorite youtubers show their faces it ruins their youtube personality.
Keep up the good work!


Yes do the review!!!


Cheers Xisuma, thanks for all your great content and hard work.


"I Downloaded A Pirated Copy Of the Game" YEAP! Every1 Does This.....

Jack Walsh