Green Eyed Monster | LIZZIE

Green Eyed Monster | LIZZIE

997 501 views | 9 Feb. 2016

Lizzie's status as the school's Most Interesting Girl is threatened by an exotic newcomer.

If the Skin Fits! -

Lizzie used to be an average middle school student with decent grades, a few good friends and two loving parents. But when her dad invents the ultimate pimple remover using reptile DNA, instead of zapping Lizzie’s zit, it makes her half lizard! In a surprising turn of events, Lizzie actually LOVES being a lizard girl! She’s totally confident and cool in her new skin, even when dealing with the tricky teenage trials and tribulations.

→ Credits ←

Executive Producer:

Greg Franklin

Birk Rawlings

Written By:

Greg Franklin and Greg O’Leary

Voice Talent:

Lizzie: Kelsy Abbott

Bailey: Erin Pearce

Sophia: Philena Franklin

Mom: Annie Girard

Preena: Lindsey Ames

Mr. Les: Greg Franklin

Animation Produced by:

Six Point Harness

Head of Production:

Andy Fiedler

Directed by:

Greg Franklin


Nicholas Butera

Production Coordinator:

Connor Slack

Melody Severns

Character Design:

Greg Franklin

Sah Tantivaranyoo

Mindy Lee

Rebecca McVeigh

Storyboard Artists:

Joey Adams


Lead: Angelo Vilar

Maddie Sandell

Jillian Britz

Jennifer Shang

Character Rigging:

Jenn Hagman

Mac Whiting

Melissa Graziano-Humphrey

Shane Corn

Ivan Sayon


John Dusenberry

Mac Whiting

Ben Brownstein

Alex Soto

Brian Kaufman

Emily Kyte

Sarah Wallace

Animation Services by:

Regh Animation Studios

Edited By:

Tony Christopherson

Ryan Samsam

Sound Mixing and Editing:

John Warrin

Esho Sound

Executives in Charge of Production:

Brendan Burch

Dave Vamos

Melanie Augustyn

"Lizzie's Theme" by Dan Franklin

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