30+ AMAZON MUST HAVES! *Amazon Products You Need* | Moriah Robinson

30+ AMAZON MUST HAVES! *Amazon Products You Need* | Moriah Robinson

166 971 views | 17 Sep. 2020

30+ Amazon Must Haves! Amazon Products you NEED!

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Moriah Robinson


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Makeup and Hair: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/2ZAm9zNFg2AoyWWyli544z

Cardigan: https://rstyle.me/+LCCsOttFbkEkyZufJXPYgg

Earrings: https://rstyle.me/+-ca4DF60UPsCT2RhgJ_EeQ

Gold Jewelry Info: https://bit.ly/3c7GH2u

Lip Color: https://rstyle.me/+mKYZCyZ0Zu6d7Y_S8B8Pcw

Middle Finger Ring: https://rstyle.me/+I6JZVJdtG24RWkgJ4WXA9A

Pinky Finger Ring: https://rstyle.me/+jrv0RN27bNLQmrXRdOJ9Ag

Green Nail Color: https://rstyle.me/+ONDHeowsKENYurhV1oxRWQ


0:00 Intro

1:19 Amazon HOME Finds

7:57 Amazon RANDOM Finds

11:28 Amazon CAR Finds

16:03 Amazon TECH Finds

19:49 Amazon BEAUTY Finds

28:00 Amazon ACCESSORIES


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Mango: https://rstyle.me/+fyF17aS7Hip71d-PHowZqA

Macy's: https://rstyle.me/+LzROrgU-8tDB7BiGq6IK_g

Fabletics: https://rstyle.me/+XVEjlgEWqQShES-S8vyHIw

H&M: https://rstyle.me/+rJlfiJ5YBI23cW2vK_06mg


Top: Medium

Bust: 34DDD

Pants: 6, Med, 28L

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 145lbs


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June rodriguez

Ikea has a phone holder only 4 dollars made from wood our bamboo

Olga Lockett

I have the phone stand! I love it

Brenda Paz

also! if you’re making a mess with the double cleanser balm, just get a little makeup spatula and use those to scoop out balm!


Super good ideas and thank you so much. I have been looking for a car tray a quite awhile. This will do the trick. Being in sales and always in the car eating, phone calling and trying to balance papers. This is my makeshift office for 2021

Lyndsay Jenson

Omg where was that scrunchy 10 years ago when I needed a hiding place for ummm substances.

Cheyenne Freeman

I live in columbia South Carolina, and am 25 too. Hahah

Melly Mel

Swimming pool noodles as boot stuffers grab a case $30

Linda Lagarce

Yes! Tha phone stand, have one everywhere! Need one of those lights!

Narin Grewal

Honestly you have the best complexion I have ever seen. Do share a video on your beauty routine please. Request from across the oceans Singapore <3

A Schwartz

Absolutely loved the amazon haul! #NEWBIE


What is that lip combo I like that color .

Lillie Pinho

Love the wonderful products

alx bd

Stephanie Hernandez

These products are neat. Thanks for sharing!

Tanushree Majumder

Where are the links of these products

Just Me Lisa

Where did u get the two necklaces you have on they are so cool

Heather Kassler

The creator of OPI np is named Suzi so there is always one polish named Suzi..... in every collection.

cj wins

You’re adorable. I love the rambling. Lol I love amazon prices on jewelry!

Renee Torres

I absolutely love using a scalp massager!! And the phone stand is a must!! I have 1 but wanna get a 2nd one. I love the makeup organizer, I have mine stacked up, 3 drawer sets on one side of my vanity and a carousel style one the other side. Love your videos!!

Becky Bell

“I wear a mask because I care about others” I LOVE that you said that! ❤️❤️

Sara Kay

love that purse light! omg

Renee Jester



Another Fabulous video Doll! Picked up that Amazing make-up organizer, and yes, I need those scarves, love wearing hats!!

Rina in London

I love that one lighter wow

Blondie B

Yes. I like the masks with the filter pocket so much more. And, there are some that are easier to insert the filter than others. I have purchased several that do not have the filter pocket. I have used double sided tape with those masks to put the filter in. Those masks are the ones I use when I’m washing the better ones.

Krystal Fosnight

Great items! Thanks!

teri candeloro

I think I’m finally convinced enough to get that scalp massager! I have literally been putting it off for about a year, and like one of the subscribers said, she should’ve gotten it years ago!!

Jodi Henriques

Adds to cart

Amy O'Neal

I love a long video! I like to watch while I’m on my treadmill so it helps the time go faster when I have something good to watch!


If you like double cleansing I highly recommend a cleansing oil instead of a cleansing balm. It’s so much easier to use because they come with a pump rather than a tub you have to open and scoop the product out of. Since you won’t be handling the container as much you won’t have to deal with the packaging label rubbing off and getting all over the place.


i also pepper sprayed myself as child. lolol. its life changing!!!

Yelena 15

You can purchase a short phone cord by anker brand separately. It’s about 1 inch long. It’s on amazon

Mary Buck

Great video! Wondering if you could show how you tie the scarf on your hats? Probably obvious to most, I just remember how cute it looked in a past vid & was wondering how you tied it, if you tucked the ends in, etc.

Jennifer Ellis

5’ 9” and you’re 145 pounds? My dream! I don’t think I’ll ever get there and I’m 5 9 1/2. I’m not overweight but I just feel like I would be skin and bones if I were 145. You look beautiful.

Michelle Bennett

What are you using to hang your hats in your closet?

Cristina Antoniuc

Carli Kitchell

I would advise buying pool noodles at the dollar tree and cutting them to make boot stuffers. Much cheaper!

Starfish 409

Omg, you’re a genius

Denice Warne

Can you link the manicure video? I can’t find it!

Brett Mangels

You would LOVE the law of attraction planner!!

Shalome Westberg

Ha! "a really aggressive cowlick" That made me laugh out loud.

Ashley Wolford

Just got Mrs Meyers dish soap lotion and body wash, smells so good!

Tabitha Thompson

Bear spray is just really good for home defense. The best thing about it is it sprays really far compared to pepper spray.

Shelby Hennis

I haven’t even watched yet but I already know I’m going to be spending some money before the night is over

Angelika Kopek

Love all the everyday/techie stuff!!


Is there a link to the daily and weekly notepads? I did not see it on the storefront. Maybe I missed it.

Kalinna Slay

You look like Karen Gillan

Leean Juan

Oh girl you making me spend moneyyy haha but im living for your videos!!!

Carlsen life after 60 Carlsen

Go to the dollar store and buy those tubes kids play within the pool and cut them to fit your boots that’s what I use. I get a pair out of one long tube and one short pair for my Shorty boots

Watermelon Gal

Amazing, amazing finds on Amazon!! I still need to get myself a head massager. Thank you so much for sharing these! I find this helpful and enjoyed this!

Fashionable Life LeeAnne

I ordered the car tray earlier today! I am also going to look into the phone holder.

Janice Field

That hat looks great with your coloring!

Elizabeth Wickman

You can get a wireless charging phone stand on Amazon too.

T. W

Moriah I need you to stop recommending me such great items from amazon

Joy E

For your boots, just use pool noodles! You can cut them to whatever size you need! Wayyyy cheaper

Linda Lagarce

Adding that lips stick holder!

Almetra Briggs

Loved this video and definitely going to purchase the makeup holder. I need it in my life!!

Angie Soto

julie trudgeon

Love your channel. Wish I could figure out Instagram. Uggh.


I always buy the things you suggest!! Thanks for the recommendations! <3

Moriah Robinson

I always get mixed reviews- but want to make shopping as easy as possible for you guys! So reply to THIS COMMENT & tell me.. what’s easier for you? Blog post/storefront with links? Or individual links??
Thanks so much for watching!!!

Michelle Lucia

I clicked on this so fast! Love,love........

Jess Bishop

I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but I’d prefer far better when you used to link the items in the description box instead of a link that takes me to another website to then take me to the sellers page. I know you can never please everyone but just a genuine feedback.
Also, I just bought this scalp massager thingy this morning! What a coincidence


I LOOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR ! can you do a video how you keep your hair color so vibrate !

Jessie NoJoke

I need more shoe reviews. I bought a pair of slip on shoes that you recommended and I wear them everyday for work because they are so comfortable. I would love a dedicated show review.

Kelly Bonanno

So many great things to check out! I got a scalp massager a few months ago, that is something I wish I bought years ago!

Kathy Kovacic

The cell phone stand works for a tablet as well.

Lil Wrong Way

I have never seen another Moriah spelled like mine! Gahhhhh!!!!

Tiffany S

I came to the conclusion a while ago that if something exists, you can find it on Amazon. You can search anything and if it exists it will pop up. I love that lighter.. I love all the products

Erica Oeltjen

Your hair color is SO stunning and you are beautiful! Love your amazon videos always, keep them coming sister

Alyssa Chaplin

What camera and lense do you use?? Your video quality is so good!

Bronwyn Gavin

Woohoo! South Carolina!

Delta Sierra

Try the hada labo cleansing oil for a double cleanse. You can buy refills for it too

luz cruz

I have that to what mine came with wire not the box

Jan Roth

Your videos are NEVER too long.

Bronwyn Gavin

Amazon Amazoff is my favorite OPI color. It's such a pretty blue/green type of color.

Blanca Melendez

"No one is really seeing my lipstick, it's really sad" You are my soul sister!! It is sad.

Jen R

Is there a nose wire in mask?

Cami Smith

Who is your favorite you tube “influencer”?

Teresa Large

Wow!! Thanls for showing me all the amazing, useful, wonderful things!!!

Avery Joyner

Pepper spray is actually stronger than bear spray! They both use the same chemical, but bear spray has a lower concentration because it’s only meant to deter bears and not hurt them

Bronwyn Gavin

Funny story about pepper spray, lol... when I was younger, my roommate and I had some friends over one night, and this guy thought my pepper spray was a flashlight of some sort and sprayed it all over our livingroom. It was by the door, so we couldn't get it. We ended up all 8 of us cramming into my bathroom with my 2 dogs. It was ridiculous

Shawna Durocher

I’ve been watching for about two years and I always wonder why you don’t have a southern accent! But I’ve never asked. Are you originally from the south? Love watching your videos! ❤️

Rinda Sor

I heard foam noodles for the pool are good for long boots as well and very affordable.

Michelle Windle

Oh k newvsub here and loving your channel I bought a lot off your list. Oop. Lol.

Cynthia G.

Car tray is definitely a game changer!!!! Got it and have used it every work day since!!! Thank you!!!

Pauline Potts

I love anker power banks. I have several different sizes.