TOMATO GOD RETURNS! | Fortnite (Battle Royale) w/ Cr1tikal

TOMATO GOD RETURNS! | Fortnite (Battle Royale) w/ Cr1tikal

1 401 512 views | 17 May. 2018

The tomato God returns with Cr1tikal for more slaps in Fortnite Battle Royale

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leland townsend

The0nlyMaster is shortened to T0M

Matthew Eggert JR

Looks like Toss boy doesn't have an appreciation for monotone rants.

Grasheila Tambayong

I love this shoggy guy, he should make a twitch or youtube channel

Alexandra Acevedo-Silvagnoli

Cr1tikals voice is so monotoned through out the video. Thats what makes him so funny

Ken Kaneki

Did no one notice that he said at the end he has 42 kills but he only had 7?


ahh sean drinkin some bud light thats some florida shit but you pronounce it "buhd laght"

Harlen Wood

Its called fortnut

Daniel Lizarraga

Not that Sean isn’t a BOSS

Deaf Eated

0:43 THE FUCK YOU SAY ME!?!?!?!

Tony Beam

Noooooo! Not fortnite.

Tarah Gunderlock

My ass hearts girls


You are god

eXon noX

Jack: I need this blue AR.....unless this is yours??
Cr1tikal: no I have a scar.
Cr1tikal again: cocks scar


Did anyone else notice jacksepticeye with over 1000 bullets in his scar

FRG Bossmoss 1967

Who else really wants to be in jacks friend group


Jack goes get a beer. Returns with water

G. H

13:43 hMm i wOnDeR wHosE nAmE iS tHaT


What’s that dubstep song?

Aaron Pabillaran

Wait till you see right!


Two absolute LEGENDS playing together <3

Christos GM

Get the minigun!!!

Elias Napier

who else is watching this while in quarintine

MarvelFan005 Studios

One like= 1


anyone else just here for Cr1tikal


Back in the day when shotguns did damage

Grumbly pine

Does Charlie sound like wade to anyone else? Or am I just hearing things

Susan Malby

let's put a smile on that face


The nostalgia...


It's so weird hearing someone call Sean by his actual name instead of calling him jack


Séan uses loudness for comedy whilst Charlie does the opposite, but for the same cause

Drew Henderson

Can u do more fortnight jack

TheZahrGaming 123

18 minutes of jack getting sniped

XXxdictionGirl Cookie

I'm ducking 8

Joshua Hallett

GG ROBIN, your an amazing editor love yah bud


Wait, you chose him over Ryan Reynolds!? Wow, ok, personally I like Deadpool better

Tusken Reader

I didn't watch the whole video, I just punched that like button.


why do i feel like Jack got serious after he started saying Sean instead of Jack


1:30 wish granted

TJ Rauchie

Goddamn. The make a wish joke with Tiana killed me


basiaclly, Sean playing with kylo "jesus" ren

Larry Poppins

Oh my God, the famous free guy star playing with the famous hunger games star? Hell yeah!

Ahmo Cengica

Top to the...oh wait!!!

Josh Crane

literally my video on youtube

Beth Slater

Lol nothing like getting an ad for a game with a random person playing it right when the outro starts for Jacks fortnite lets play.

plad plad

Whose here after watching jack’s akinator video?

boom guy

Please do more this is great

Galina Frenkel

Plz play more fortmite jack its changed a lot

Gta ac solid dude

I'll bow to anti before I bow to tomato God
I mean
You're awesome jack

Musical Lyrics

Bring this back in 2021

Corn Gaming

Don’t you just love a nice Tuesday broadcast

Tiffany keeton

Your the opposite of streamers they

Are better while streaming

Steamy Bacon


Christine B


Jasmine Brooke

I sent you a friend request on Fortnite because I want to play with you. My username for fortnite is jb404607 so that you are not confused

Spiral Output

7:19 i really like how he emphasized that shit

Kirby Pua

Props to robin actually listening to charlie and sean’s instructions

Zach Mills

Why does he keep calling you Shawn

SomeRandomGamer 619

Peguinz0 anybody

Bruh Moment

The legends are together at last. Charlie “Genghis Swan” White, and Sean “Billie Irish” McLaughlin.

Seva Slas

I wonder how your editer is gonna actualy edit this while whatching you be bad at forkilnigit

Kieron O'Connell

Jackcepticeye is the best

Tomatoman Plays


Sonny Productions

Jack I thought u liked whiskey not bud light it taste like PISS

Optik Aliveout


haider ali

"Chinese symbols gamer chinese symbols"


If you are wondering what does that chinese name means, it means: Hope Gamers have a short life

Abhiram .M.Sudheer

I always win the first match of the day in any video game
But after that I won’t win any match for that whole day

Dante Israelson

Play more fortnite for deadpool

Leslie Adams

Can you please play Fortnite now it’s season 9 I’m on my moms account lol


"Its so nice of you to be playing with make a wish kids"

i fucking lost it

Subscribe to Maximillianmus oh yeah yeah

1:41 YANKEE with no BRIM

Paisley Owen

i love his glasses

sir cums alot the hoi I'm tem guy

Petition for potato man skin in fortnite

the real me

Anyone here after the ice king event?

veronica guerrero

robin make jacks vids the best by editing

Chuckie Perry

Anybody watching this in 2020 and missing Tomato Town?

bb Bhurjhee

charlie is my dad

Mariah Spenceley

Robin you're awesome and I love your edits, even tho you work for Sean you still please everyone around him :)


Did anyone notice that Charlie is playing as himself

Johnson Valdon

He kinda sounds like Wade tho

Inferno PhantomZ

This is the greatest victory-inducing YouTube duo of all time. Jacktomatoeye & Bored Burgers.


The scar at one point has K1.02 ammo!!


The like to dislike ratio is insane even after so long

Lauren Hofreiter

we would have absolutely watched the entire two hours. multiple times.

Victor Franco

Best duo by far

Russian Potato

Everybody subscribed to brony pie right now!!!!!

Ray William Johnson

Who is Cr1tikal

Britty's Journal

I love the music in the begging of the video!

james webbboi

Jack is not good at placing walls behind him in a 1 by 1


I've been watching you for so long I've I've remember when you did that zombie games

Coke Gaming

In 2020 I thought good ol Soggy Slopster sounded familiar

FRG Bossmoss 1967

This was fortnites prime phase.


There is fortnite porn like the legit characters and cosplay

Zoey Xander

Now that Ryan renalds or Deadpool's in fortnite

Adam Daniel

4:00 this is why I hate Fortnite it's gun mechanics.

Savage Monkey30

To the pit of misery

Sir Banana

We’re stop of the morning to you lady’s?

PrayStation 5

Please do more fortnite-2020

Rj Molo

Alternate title: Screaming Irish man playing fortnite with Jesus

gino forest

Like this game jack? Play arsenal on roblox, trust me... Its addicting...