Max Holloway Reflects on Loss to Alexander Volkanovski | Joe Rogan

Max Holloway Reflects on Loss to Alexander Volkanovski | Joe Rogan

637 703 views | 18 Dec. 2019

Taken from JRE MMA Show #85 w/Max Holloway:


think Max is in denial about the effectiveness of those leg kicks. Hopefully behind closed doors he rectifies the problem

Ed McCaffrey

Love his attitude even when losing his championship belt. Make no mistake about Max Holloway he will be back very soon.


Sorry but this is coming off poorly. The first 5 minutes they are acting as if this was a scandalously bad decision. It was anything but. Volkanovski clearly won.

Nikos Kalantas

Max and DC are the most pleasant guys in UFC history.

Noel Mulcahy

Max super cool dude trspect always

Len Xiang

Unless Max changes his game in miracle fashion..... he will lose to the... AND NEW....


Joe has almost as big a hard on for Max that he has for Spotify.

American made

Volkanovski definently won the fight. The rematch will be awesome.

Tyler Conley-Day

I've been a Max fan from jump, but I didn't even want him doin his last or maybe last 2 fights. Hope for the best , but believe long term head damage is kickin


I think he took less damage with Ortega than this fight

Kenny.B US.ArmyWarrior3275

Max is my favorite fighter in the ufc period. He the same in person as on tv.


It isssss what it isssssss

Jibin Thomas

It is what it is. I don't know what this is

Tyler Nelson

That fight was electric city man holy shit


The winner should be the one who damaged and put their opponent in more danger because if you are in an actual street fight you can't try to outpoint your opponent if you want to win

sean kelly

Damn Max needs to slow down, take a breath and speak more slowly. I can’t breathe just listening to him. He’s not a dumb guy but he doesn’t sound very smart when his mouth is moving faster than his brain. I have the same problem sometimes.

Mar Clar

Max is going to have to get ready to grapple and wrestle because that Alexander mo

Ziga Vidmar

Max got battered didn't he

Weird G


veryarmed verydangerous

Ever seen racist sympathizers with zero proof spewing lies... with their zero credentials. #onlyinmaxesworld

Tim Jespersen

No one seems to understand Volk is short with longer arms than anyone he fights. It make him harder to hit without you getting countered because your also shooting straight punches down opening your head up for counters. Now I hear Max making a lot of excuses giving little credit. He will lose again.

Frosty Cookies

Who’s here after he just got robbed in the rematch? There should’ve been a trilogy in the works rn this is BS.

raj moradiya

Joe said and he got it.

Dee Wolf

They are talking like the judges got it wrong...they didn't. The judging talk is valid overall BUT not within the context of this fight. I don't put it past him winning the rematch 'dragon' = enter the dragon bruce lee calf kick I think too...


Sorry Andy Wang, Holloway right there is a REAL warrior.

Flippant Booch

Alexander "Leg Kick" Volkanovski

Andrew L.

Max "big hooker fan" Holloway.


Jeez man, I just love Max. One of my all time favorite champs.

Lucas C

Max needa come back to the new JRE

Nate Johanson

I still think volkanovski winning the featherweight title was the most unimpressive title change I’ve ever seen. How you gonna become world champion off leg kicks?

Noud Lenssen

I can’t imagine if there is enyone in the world who hates holloway

Ishmael C

After the Dustin Fight I sense a cautious new fight style from Max. It makes sense after that gash he received on his forehead.

Jeff Castillo

Max positivity is the reason he will always be loved.

Rodi Sengmany

Max gna bust him up next month.

CaE XTheSpartanX

How max Holloway isn't the champ anymore is beyond me, he won that second fight easily


Dan hardy and forest griffin would be good judges

R Garcia

I don't understand why Rogan keeps dumping on the judging. Any decision on a fight that goes to its time limit is a matter of opinion. Even hardcore fans routinely say that the fighter they favor won decisions that other hardcore fans say they lost. Rogan should learn to live with the judge's decision. Judges who are NOT martial artists do not have the prejudices of people who have preferences in fighting systems. Strikers favor damage, and grapplers favor control. It's opinion. Quit bitchin, Joe.

J Lang

Max took the least damage in that title fight, because it wasn't a fight. It was a Point Sparring match

john golart

Dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon dragon


I cannot disagree more with Joe about hiring ex fighters as judges.


1,68cm (5 ft 6) & 109.0 kg (240 pounds). Does anyone believe this here ?? Hahhhahahhahah


I like max ......his an awesome fighter to watch.......but I honestly think his a shot fighter.........his reflexes aren't there anymore.....I saw it in the Dustin fight ...and more so in against Alexander ......I truly believe he will be stopped in the rematch


Hiring X fighters as judges would be great. Someone should fund that idea

Joel Van deimen

I like Max but if he thinks he won that fight he's dreaming.

khalil mijrime

lofi beats


If you don't love Max you should seriously reconsider your life choices

Pierson Shelton

Anyone here after Holloway got robbed in Holloway v. Volkanovski 2?


I love how people in their profession know that lisencing is bull crap, but are okay with licensing in other professions


his legs got lit up, just own it

Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan

Fckn Max always seems cool asf

Unknown Entity

5:20 Kinda annoying that Joe just repeated what Max said without noticing thats what he already literally said XD

I love Ian Farbridge

I feel so bad for Max, he should have won the rematch. But UFC judges still favour champions like Jones and Volkanovski.

Dimi Dolla

Ready for him to go undefeated again till he retires

Max Ivany

Come on Joe. You gotta call bull shit on Holloway’s fantasy. He thought he won? He was dancing at the after party? He sure didn’t dance during the fight. That’s one of the more disrespectful wrap ups I’ve ever heard. He will get his ass kicked a second time as well.

Matthew Webster

Max deserves a rematch. He earned it

john alexander

yep, he took no damage and dished out even less. had his leg in ice after the fight and had the most leg kicks delivered to him in featherweight history. but it didn't hurt lol.

David Miller

simple. great fighter is Max and the eye witness testimony is never accurate. He was outpointed across five rounds though. If the judges were wrong he will make this 1-1. Great fight regardless of the W.

Michael Dominguez

MH, that means you gotta stop gaming soon. Put in that work. I respect this attitude towards losing. Brian Ortega deserves a rematch too lmao

Bryan Gan

Alexander Volkanovski performed incredibly, but he used 3 very specific weapons designed directly at Max Holloway's style. Expected, as Max was on the top of the heap for so long. The same way Max used 2-3 specific weapons to conclusively beat Jose Aldo who had been at the top of the heap even longer. This means that if Max and his team can figure those out, he should have a shot.

1. A LOT of feints. Max's defense is to step/lean back from strikes instead of blocking/parrying or moving his head, a lot like GGG. A sustained use of effective feints (shrug the shoulder, the 'death glare' at the target spots, a half-step in, etc) can interrupt his volume and make him reset.

2. Stance-shifting advances. Volk would put his guard up, step forward into southpaw, and step again into orthodox. This made Max back off and reset every time he was starting to gain momentum. It has to be combined with feints and actual strikes occasionally to be convincing, but it worked.

3. Limiting the exchanges. If you exchange with Max, just like with Tony Ferguson or Nick Diaz, you will win some but eventually lose, because their volume and pace will almost certainly beat yours. Just like Gaethje did to Ferguson, Volk didn't throw that much but threw in specific spots aimed at interrupting the volume/pressure fighter's flow. When they were apart, Volk constantly threw leg kicks. When they were in close, Volk bobbed and weaved with a tight high guard, and threw counters in combination, which interrupted Max's own strikes, and then he got out. So Max was never really able to get the ball rolling, while Volk scored often from out far, and occasionally from in close.

If Max can check the leg kicks more, or stay even further apart when they're at long range, he can take that weapon away somewhat. Or, he can bite down and keep the pressure up and constantly attack the body in order to crowd Volk (the way Ferguson did to Pettis, Cowboy, RDA, etc), he definitely has a good shot at victory. It's the most interesting stylistic matchup of the fight island card, can;t wait to see it

sean kelly

3:08 - What in the actual fuck did he just say right here??


Max “at the end of the day it is what it is” Holloway

Jonathan Wiliams

Who's here after judges cost him the second fight

Infamous Roy

Rematch was no different. Competent fighter lost due to incompetent judges.

Those judges should be sent to vacation in a special Polish recreational camp which were made in 1940s to take a shower.

hazed fails

So true what Jo said so many real fans out like me been a fan of UFC since early 2000's will do a way better job than alot of people in ufc at anything that would be a dream job for me

Dee Bee

It is what it is!!!!!!!

Billy Barnes

Max is the man! Really appreciate fighters like him!

Kevin Lam

whos here after he got robbed.


Poirier must be kicking himself for not fighting Max at 145 for the title

Rich Brotherton

I want to see my boy back on top Holloway forever


I don’t like the point system whatsoever, takedowns weigh into a fight way to much like how Reyes lost to jon. They should look at it more like a street fight in my opinion and defending takedowns should be weigh on the round more, if u wrestle or do mma u know stopping a good wrestlers takedowns isn’t easy at all and can drain ur stamina a lot of ur scrambling for awhile

Ata Brown

Arohamai Max, we love our polynesian brothers.


Watching this after maxed got robbed smh


No one thought you won that fight Max. Alex did more damage than you and landed harder shots to the head and body

Darragh Broderick

He didn't beat McGregor. so he didn't beat them all

bub gamer

Joe "my opinion changes depending on who's in front of me" Rogan

Jim O'Connor

Hoping Alex gets another win against him

Fedor Silva

I think Max is full of shit in this interview

Keluarga Dwi Bagyo

Joe rogan still not realized that his comentary was totaly wrong and bias

Tracy Gun'z

X fighters would be a conflict. All fighters pretty much know each other, would never work. Ya need people who don't know jack.

Mini G

Should be the champ again hate to see it happen especially twice to such a great guy

DIY Lobotomy

Sorry Max, you were a great champion but Volkanovski did not just out point you, he literally rendered you ineffective in all facets and utterly fucked you up rounds 1-3 and did more than enough to also win rounds 4 and 5.


Max is going to bring back the heat. There was a reason Alex was looking at the clock at the end of the last round.

Taniera Manaia

Think Max is downplaying how completely outclassed he got tbh. Volk won every round.

Muderink 40

In my eyes max is the goat

Kingdom Citizenship

Joe 'He's the greatest of all time' Rogan.... until they lose and prove they aren't

Clinton Collier

Great idea Joe. They should hire ex martial artists and articulate how points are accumulated and how judges should score different scenarios

Deminus Germanicus

Yeah Max got exposed. Watching that performance was just sad. Made no adjustment to the leg kicks, had zero urgency in the later rounds, and still thought he won. His boxing heavy style can only work for so long.

Nevin Kuser

I feel like if they would have gone a few more rounds max would have won. I think he knows that too.


Who knew he'd be victim to another bad decision

James Castro

Turns out it was not Australia. They going to fight in a island

black M

have to say the judging in MMA is much better than boxing

The Teejay's Motion : Slow Mo

Hawaii the best.

Arpan Mangrati

In this 2020 with all these shit going on everyone should hv positive thinking like max


At the end of the day the fight was what it was.

Justin James


antoine rossignol

Judges smelled of alcool and cigarettes...

Father Zanax

Max “it is what it is” Holloway

Weird G

As much as they try to hide it .... Holloway definitely lost all 5 rounds


Max is just the fucking man and everyone knows it. Great dude.

The Podcaster

Max won, Nasty Rogan needs to stop yelling at leg kicks