12 Creative Gift Ideas!

12 Creative Gift Ideas!

6 403 390 views | 10 Dec. 2019

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An originally decorated gift always causes a lot of emotions! In the new video, we prepared 12 ideas for unusual gift wrapping, from which your friends will be delighted!

Supplies and tools:

• Gingerbread dough

• Egg white

• Mixer

• Powdered sugar

• Ring box

• Ziploc bag

• Test tubes with lids

• Cocoa powder

• Chocolate chips

• Marshmallows

• Velvet ribbon

• Gift label

• M&M’s

• Paraffin

• Fragrance oil

• Makeup glitter

• Cup

• Wick

• Ribbon

• Sponge

• Mittens

• Hand lotion

• Lip balm

• Decorative snowflakes

• Double-sided tape

• Elmer’s glue

• Fake snow

• Clear Christmas tree ornament

• Necklace

• Bow

• Thick book

• Utility knife

• Headphones

• Earrings

• Straw

• Fishing line

• Box

• Bracelet

• Cardboard

• Scarf

• Masking tape

• Wrapping paper

• Cardboard box

• Acrylic paint

• Gift filler

• Tangerines

• Foam paper

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Tic-Tacs

• Hot glue gun

• Slippers

• Makeup


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Rajesh Kumar Meena

You All are so awesome I love you

_The Blues_

Lol I love how one part is just how to make a gingerbread house and it isn’t really a gift idea.

Kaelyn Harang

Hi I love your vid

devil girl gaming

For a earing that much

Kristen Parry

I mit make one of these presents.

Felipe Torres

I wanna watch this video all day

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Noah Maul

I'm cold but I'm not sick

Kaylee Schoenthal

The narator: Whats that mysterious ticking noise?
Me: Snape Snape Severous snape
Just me that did that? okay good to know-
Edit: Okay im not the only one-

Avika Jain

Who thought they were ZHC without reading the name

Fannie Hansen

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1:25 So funny

Abid Mehmood

I like the ice house so much I can't explain how much I like it

Michael Webb

Merry Christmas

Hollly Bop

Also Ben:hmmmmmm that was lovely

Like if u never get the meaning of troom troom

Branden Abduramanoski

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moncia carden

Good video!!

Oceania Hurst

trrrroooommmm ooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like me


i love your videos because you tell us so many new things that we can do

Bk Mod

He was cheating on his girlfriends

Like if you agree

Akshadha Reddy

This is just wrong.

myla echaluce

i sub to zhc

Gomana Mohamed

Yeah right

Simran Ramsahoi


reniyah Pittman

roses are red violets are blue i still don't get why i married you

Eden Wobbes Garcia

Kristy has a reindeer headband that i also have and its the exact same

Teresa Green

I love your videos sooooooooo much

genett diane

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Oscar Pond


DoRido'z The Geck

No one wants a already made ginger bread house

Èclairs With Elli

I love troom troom wow

Andre Villa

0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

Troom Troom

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Very bad

Lucy Denton

ugh the last one was so selfish. gifts are gifts not trading evenly.


Troom troom
Boom you smelly baboons

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Akshadha Reddy

Troom troom’s solution to everything:Glitter

Daniel Laurel

Well yeah, that's what we expected

Gabby Wirtz

ALL OF THIS STUFF IS SAYING here is some hacks : go buy presents and well tell u how to wrap them ARE YOU KIDDING ME I CAME IN HERE FOR PRESENT HACKS

Nuru Kariuki

The Boy is cheating on soooooo many girls

Kahleesi Clark



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Stacey Coble

what in the world is "name day

GlamBlox YT

put makeup in slippers
wrap the gift
uhhh that looks very simple

Edit:poor 127 hacks for housewives:')

Rafeeq Riyariza

This is not gifts
Its wrapping ideas

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You guys are bieng weird

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8:17 the begining of this hack sounded sooo wrong. also that dude has way too many girl friends

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troom troom is very very very very very very nice

LazyPotato Tenney

At 6:15, the guy put the ring on the lady's right hand. Just sayin

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That deer poop was SO GROSS troom troom was like "We know a creative and DEILIOUS gift idea deer poop"

Shannon Kohake

I was kinda thinking of my grandma-she was dead-I was sad and on one of the ones made me feel beeter:)

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