Adam Savage Finally Fixes His Giant Swiss Army Knife!

Adam Savage Finally Fixes His Giant Swiss Army Knife!

134 113 views | 18 Jan. 2021

In a previous One Day Build video in which Adam made a replacement blade for his Victorinox replica, many viewers pointed out that Adam installed one of the blades backwards! It's an error that's finally remedied as Adam shares a lovely note and gift from none other than the CEO of Victorinox!

The original One Day Build repair video:

Shot by Adam Savage

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Be still my OCD heart!


Almost no blades are on the back side of a swiss army knife.


Please go I want to see that too

Jeff Andrews

Dear Americans, plz pull your fingers out of your collective butts and sort your covid out, so we may vicariously live the factory tour through our man Adam :P

Right On With Jon Crane

I totally know how those projects go! You just worked on it a couple weeks ago but forget everything about it!? Did I really just take this apart 2 weeks ago???

Kevin Sisk

Thank you Adam , it was driving me crazy.


It would have been funny if the gifted pocket knife had the small blade assembled backwards just specially made for Adam.

Darryl Machtmes

You are so rocking the Mad Scientist vibe. Wild hair, near-sightedness, eclectic yet functional workshop. Brilliant!

Bob A. Bong

What are the clips he put the red plastic parts on with?

SK Facilities

How flocking cool!!!

Theo Marzona

This video really makes me think about how many wonderful people there are in the world

Nirate Goel

In disappointed for a lack of nut based pun one of the times the nut driver wasn't the right size. Such 'Aw Nuts'.

Herm Narciso

That had comedic value

jack raintree

If only you had a swiss army knife to use as reference


I bought my blue Swiss Champ back in 1999, when I visited Switzerland. It is blue, a color you weren't able to get in the United States at the time, and had it engraved similarly. It has taken a beating through the years, but still works great when I need it!.

x w

Make a leather holder for that knife!?.

Forsaken Fortnite

How much coke did he do before this video sniff sniff

Dave Messer

That blade didn’t bother me that much. Twitch I wasn’t fixated on it to the point of distraction at all. twitch twitch


Miss my swisschamp.


Who even dislikes content like this?


Omg watching you work on this with the various blades above your head is stressful xD

Everything's Shiny

I thought I was alone in this bothering me on every one of his videos. Clearly not! What a relief....


Fun fact: Swiss army ORDERED a compact multipurpose Solingen (blade city) Germany. Swiss Knife my butt!!!!!

Edward Davis

Is anybody else shouting "No! It goes the other way!" at the video?

Circle B Designs

Adam, did you ever get Jamie's beret that you shot with a shotgun?


There's a Doc Brown vibe going on here.

josh hightower

shouldnt the small blade be on the outside not middle? As in back next to the big blade

Paul Eugene

Anyone else get nervous when he put the knife on the edge of the table to insert the new circlip?


Wouldn't mind having one of those displays

The Guru Guys

Finally something where my skill set seems on par with Adam.... Trying to find the right nut driver size.


The mystery yellow/green wire is ground. It is not a big deal until it is. Adam has a poor habit of omitting grounds from his projects, and it is a little scary.

Mark Kutowy

Partial relief... the Thumb Groove is still on the wrong side. He’d have to remake the part to fix it.

Nelson Siliezar

now do it again but only using the swiss army knief lol

Steve Maguire

Oooof. That was painful to watch. I haven’t had that think in my shop for 10 years and I knew what was going wrong. At least pick up the new knife on the bench and look at the arrangements. Lol.

Liam Parker


jack raintree

Too bad there isn't a YouTube video you could watch to see how it was disassembled....




Krule World

as i need to open boxes a lot, i found having a tiny blade on my keychain was the handiest solution. Victorinox make a very tiny one just the right size.


Pretty sure it's been pointed out but, they even personalized the knife for you.


Hey Adam, after you reassembled the knife, one of the blades was not moving. I hate to be the one to point it out.

Jakob van Klinken

Opinel > Victorinox
Fight me


Just imagine the late Huell Howser doing an episode of Adam’s Cave!

Brian Hahn

Thank you for fixing it. I was one of the people disturbed by it. lol.

Michael Banados


Matthew Hilberts

But there is no corkscrew, or tweezers, on tooth pick!


7/64th’s you guys would be so much better off on the metric system.

GC Ribeiro

A part of the Universe just started working again... or something like that.

David Ireland

I LOVE those brown drawer sets above the drawers where he grabbed the transfer punch. so gorgeous.


Swiss champ was my first knife I got for scouts when I was like 11 ,when you are there can you ask if they can make a new swiss flame/Swiss camp ? And how I can fix my original one.

Kirby Spencer

I thought the tool cart islands were to eliminate all of that back and forth to the bench trying to find the right nut driver. I really did.

mike braack

Oh yeah! Switzerland would be so absolutely awesome!!


every episode: I just love it when Adam is so happy about something :)

Adam Savage’s Tested

The original One Day Build repair video of the Victorinox display:


The scissors, knives, and openers all go on the same side, only the awl is on the other side.


14:00 isnt that thing near the scissors ment to move too?



Mike Downey

Oh thank God. I feel like I’ve been holding in a sneeze for months. I can finally relax now.




am i the only one that noticed that the screwdriver/bottle opener was also upside down?

Propulsion Studios

Love how the scissors open/close, too


I've been waiting for this moment. Now, I can die a happy man.


What brand mini drill is he using at the 7:17 mark?

James Adams

You should talk about injuries in the work space. I see you have a bandaid and a black finger nail. Good content! Enjoy your work.

Benn Price

Is this the torch to signify the other end of lock-down?


Anyone else have an anxiety attack when the top blade started to jiggle!!


the blade is too short compared to the screwdriver


Adam your sniffling! Are you ok? Please be healthy!


Didn't even notice the scissors are on the wrong side.


DUDE! That is so awesome that they went out of their way like that for you, you must be super excited!

Noob In Nature

why make everything moving but only the middle tool not moving?

James Bass

I kept waiting for him to stab himself with the reamer when he had it locked facing him.


The knife is awesome though


Wait, it was broken?

Iam Damo

That was as satisfying as flossing out that unruly popcorn husk from your teeth after a movie.

fourth panda

You should go visit Leatherman in Portland Oregon. They make some killer tools as well.


yells at my screen the bottle opener flat head is on the wrong side. Hears the belts slip so glad you got it working.


A trick my dad showed me (in something like the nutdriver situation) is to press your thumb or finger into the bolt for a sec and use the imprint it makes as a quick reference.

Akefay Amenay

Am I the only one who saw the yellow Wright-style plane just teleport to a different orientation right before he climbed up to get the knife? Or was that a glitch in the matrix?

Jerry Richard

I liked the crash landing @2:58 when he put it down on the table and all you see is half his face in the camera doing the "whoops" face.


I EDC a SAK that I cobbled together from various ones I had, basically a SAK Compact plus the pliers, magnifying glass and phillips head from a swisschamp:

It's like an Explorer X. :D

Undergroundiron Entertainment

Does Adam have a coke problem.


The motor is making a clicking sound and annoying everyone. It's very dangerous so we have to deal with it.
Hydraulic press lowers

Babah Zam

If you put the scissor on the other side you have a proper super tinker

Mojos Bigstick

Thank you.


Oh thank god, its been driving me nuts

patrick de vries

c-clips also known as Jesus clips because they always fly away and you shout jesus(christ) followd by a couple of swear words


Does anyone else have a scar on their index finger and pinky finger from a swiss army knife closing on them when they were kids? Im sure the scar on the lockings picking lawyers index finger is from one as it is identical to mine. I only ever use locking blades now.

Xion Memoria

FINALLY !!! I was so excited to see this posted that I had to stop and get epic background music.

" Árstíðir - Heyr himna smiður (Icelandic hymn) in train station " makes everything better


You spend an impressive amount of time not in shot in your videos

Brett Oyler

We have all done the Nutdriver dance

Mr. Lee Reads

As a child, we would visit Gwinnett Place Mall to see Santa every year. One of these was in a display window of a jeweler and I loved watching it move. It was one of the things I insisted we see each holiday season.

Andrei-Razvan Tutuianu

more than 3/4 of the tinkers was done under the camera frame

Random Voice ie. Ian Tan

Don't own one, but the first time I saw a Victorinox, I was sold. Can't compare anything else to it.


I'm surprised the Swiss army knife arrived

Simon Ilett

If it was made in Japan, the correct socket could only have been 8mm or 10mm depending on whether they used a 5mm or 6mm thread. Was in fear of Adam stabbing himself in the head or right ear with the awl/rope splice/hoof cleaner tool after he swung it up 'out of his way'

Chris Baker

And this is why we love you :)


09:30 Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is a masterful performance of what we call the "where is my wallet?"-face.

Philip S.

This reminds me that people really do have wildly different problem-solving strategies. At no point does Adam reference the object the display is based upon for placement of the bits. That is my first stop.


oh, thankk god. That drove me nuts everytime I saw it.


I would have left it while basking in glee from the knowledge that so many people are so irrationally invested in the desire for that blade to be flipped around.

The Internet really does need thicker skin.