Back To The Future BTTF - Clock Tower Scene - Homemade (behind the scenes)

Back To The Future BTTF - Clock Tower Scene - Homemade (behind the scenes)

551 927 views | 28 May. 2013

Go behind the scenes as Homemade Movies recreates the climactic finale from Back To The Future! Subscribe to CINEFIX --

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Doc struggles to reconnect the electrical cables on the clock tower while Marty speeds down the street in the DeLorean time-machine! Will the Homemade crew hit 88 miles per hour as the lightning strikes?

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Piotr Michael

Dustin McLean

--Miniatures crew--

Ben Martin

Aaron Brownlee

Sean Puglisi

Directed by Dustin McLean

Produced by Jon O'Brien and Dustin McLean

Created by DustFilms

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Braulio Andalon

do the school dance scene from back to the future

Endyman Spencer

You said Adidas wrong

Doctor Whos Fan

Give Me The Remote Controle Deluxe PLZ

Drason Meerrkat

You should put ant as stunt driver

Mathias Hautcoeur

Very good djob !


I have the three movies

Joseph Lowry

Great Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dhian arjianty


Sha Fakiri

i am seven years old my dad is buy Marty 2 shoes

Moonwalk Rules

Cool channel
Can you take a look at mine

Gus Gold

the rise of skywalker

Eli Echavarria

0:50 I wish that was real.

Angelus Maglines

Dr Emet brown is so cool

Carrus Brick Productions

2:05 looks exactly like him

Simone Mastroianni

How would be like BTTF if they had potato budget

zaga the meme red pen tophat clan


Pam Wynn

Make the secound and third movie

Diamond miles8

Do teen wolf like if you agree

Alan Ortiz

9:14 ❤ love is sondrack

Apollo Vanron


Gamer HMK 06

Back to the Future is my Favorite Movie as well




Do Harry Potter

Ry James Whelan

How about on Wii chuck tv

The cool place Bro

I like Back to the Future

Brian Flook

I like back to the future to


Wow I’m a big ‘fan’

Arfan Eka Diandra

The lighning you mentioned in 8:20 was also done reversed for the movie.

degan kernaghan

i love Back to the Future

Street Hawk

so creative .. love it . Great job . I actually have a friend that owns a Delorean .
and I drove it several times

The Board Game Channel


Kim Shook

Try doing in Indiana Jones movie

Anna Hope

do back to the future part 3


Wait wait how does Dustin draw so straight even if I draw with a ruler I can’t draw a line really straight

RCS Entertainment

back to the future 2
back to the future 3



Doctor Whos Fan

Do Alice In Wonderland Old Film


That G.I. Joe looks more like Biff!

Albert Tejeda

Mui bien


Please do the hover board chase scene from back to the future part2


Dustin who is your favorite character in back to the future

Donovan bourdon

Hy do a back to the future 2

Noelia Marconi

And Back the to future part 2

Steve Pen

1:38 OMG!!!

Eric Kalhoefer

The meg I'm going to make it Bleed

Wop Wopo


Frank Lewis

I would like it if doubles could do some missing scenes and things shown from a different angle, especially the ending of Back To The Future Part Two with Marty running towards the clock tower with the scenes shown from the opposite side. The part three would be able to preserve the original footage and we do not need too many things repeated.

Moonwalk Rules

Do you guys like Michael Jackson

Zeng Family

bttf 2!!!!!!!!!

Dyn Dyn

Great scott

Doctor Whos Fan


Alison Tirona

Can you please do the hoverboard chase from bttf 2

Jamie Barker

Do the scene from Back to the Future 2 the cafe 80s


Awesome work guys! The guy playing doc was incredible. I only wish you had included the bit where he says 1.21 Gigawatts!

back to the Future boy Andy Marty

I went back to the future fan to


1:58-More like  Rick  Sanchez from Rick and Morty than a mad scientist.

Neon Ellement

Avengers Endgame

Vctr Rvr

Meee to

Natalie Nelson

Do spiderman into the spider vurse

Spencer Cooper

Where is the movie? I wanna watch it

Food TV

I love back to the future too

Jamie Barker

You should do the cafe 80s from Back to the Future II I made and I made the Clock Tower Great Scott big fan I want to be Marty for Halloween

Steal Jack

Love it how u use the same mid way split on the screen that used for the film having the actor twice in the pics lol


Doc voice if fucking creepy damn

Marisa Kamada

I have this same car but it is from part 3

super Jeffy Logan

Do the behind the scenes of your intro

Ariel Rodrigues da Silva


Eli Echavarria

0:21 Is Part 1,2 Or 3 Your Favorite?

Michael Cortez

i though it was superman 1978

Megan Cobb

make back to the future 2 trailer

John Smith

I love diy prop shop and your homemade movies!

Colldemegs19 Colldem1913

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Donovan bourdon

Do a back to the future 2

Boris Makes Movies

back to the future my homemade is coming!!

Matt Lelliott

I made a delorean out of lego

Hannah S

Fun Fact: I live near by the Twin Pine Mall from Back To The Future and been in it they still have the Twin Pine Mall sign inside

Diamond miles8

Do darth vader from planet Vulcan

Kent Ruether

Can you do back to the future 2
hoverboards scene

Miguel Angel Ricaurte Camargo

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Eric Barton

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Olga Coy

Back to the future is my favorite movie



Divinah Salva

Make a homemade cars2

Elijah Horne

Best homemade movies episode ever. Like if you agree!

Proxy Gameing

Bro you are best

Dr.Emmett Brown

You Designed Me Perfect

James L. Anderson

1:38 1:39 1:40 1:41 1:42 1:43 1:44 1:45 1:46



Amazing Gage



Please do back to the future part 3 on railroad tracks

Nick Chuha

Brah you suck

Have fun with Adrian Avocado

I thought Star Wars was your favorite movie

Georgina Pucciano


Elvyn Zhang

My favourite movie is Terminator but did u created the back to the terminator

Dyn Dyn

I watched back to the future 1 and 2 and 3

Carrus Brick Productions

I had a bttf marathon yesterday

Ngan ta

Make the meg pis

RCS Entertainment

You should go for 1987 Predator trailer that would be awesome to see. I have been watching your videos.

Logan WWE

The figure doc looks like Ben Franklin