Rich Tiktoker vs Broke Tiktoker

Rich Tiktoker vs Broke Tiktoker

755 130 views | 6 Dec. 2020

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Many people dream of becoming a popular Tiktoker. I wonder who manages to become successful faster - rich or poor!

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18. kinnara nareswara



i will follow poor annie

Diamonds and Doughnuts

5:58 $5,000 for plain black leggings

Liana Psoma

In the beginning the video couldn't be so long and she isn't on tiktok

Khristopher Higareda

Thus is fake look ay the rich she not even recording she on her lovk screen blogers phone

Jim Jaco

At 1:20 i saw the girls phone and its not filiming

Moses Mitchels

Who of you are on TikTok

zhaneisa mykhaella

0:52 uhh your phone is not even unlock

Gladys Cadag

why her likes

Maya Khan

U know that if u are rich u dont nead to show of the rich stuf poor people can make tik toks still with the stuff she neads


2:12 "Delivering mail..." she has newspaper in the basket that is on her bike.

Bogneruc Dorina

broke tictoker

x. Elin. x


Roblox Girl

I cansee it

Halima Sharfuddin

Nandee Tjaondjo

Being rich does not cost happiness

Rifnfififjfjjfjdjfmfmfud Skskdjdjdjdjjdjdj

They both not filming video

Player Maral

u are not do tik tok

ملك ملك



the rich girl is always in her lockscreen

18. kinnara nareswara


Alexia Kavalieratos

There so dum did you just see there phone there on the Home Screen and if the poor girls is poor she should not having nice cloths and a bike

Nataizya Namfukwe

I want to be on tik tok two more years

Kristin Maiers

I saw on the phone their phone was not on lol

Shantharama Manu

I love poor☺☺☺

alexa ruiz

she is not in tiktok

Jeni Wilder

Who puts milk in their bowl before the cereal

Sishosonke Dlamini

My family is a little rich.

Ojasvi Devokata

Love your videos

Cathleen Penuela


Samantha Conway

I'm just back from the holiday and I have been working on the last few weeks of the week and I've had a few more weeks to get back to the same time as the rest of books i and I have been working on the phone dont play with me im not the best way to get back to the same jk

Ashliegh Gamit


Niya Riad


Marcos Biteng


Helena Powdyel

I am TickTock animals and I have 703

Alepina Taeiloa

if the broke one has a phone then why dose she have a big phone then the rich one ;-;

Naz Bibi



She was not in tic tok in any sence

Zeynep Tosun


Harathi Sasirajan

In which Country are you living

Mailash Daimary Daimary mailash

the first one when rich tiktoker wake up they dint do tik tok

roselyn in Dreamland

1:13 the phone even go to TikTok it on the home screen

Maricris Laru-an

I like the poor tiktoker.

paul robinson

There not ripcording

Naz Bibi


Roblox Girl

Erica your not in tiktok yet

Nevaeh Milhem

It is 2021

Nestor Castañeda

Wait a time in tiktok is1 minute

Nandee Tjaondjo

Poor any

yuktha vallishatti

she is not realy doing tiktok in the video

Serene Arnous

At 1:13 she wasn’t in tik tok

Johan Venize Cunanan

I love tiktok

sangeeta Devaraj

She does not brush her teeth after she wake up.....its like

Tiffany Precious


Donnia Alexis


rusiate saukuru

The rich was not doing TikTok she was looking at she's phone next time do it properly ok

Kumari payyavula

Rich tiktoker

Angel Grace Policarpio


Aparna Roy

I am super rich

Premeela C

1:14 you can see that in not a video

Vijayalakshmi M

Do rich vollger vs poor vollger

Eyoel Zemedu

They are good


You could see her phone and it was just her Home Screen she was not in tic too

Rizza Mae Regaspi

I saw the rich girl in kitchen her phone is staying in the home screen

Naz Bibi

You want even recording

Sanna and moody And leah ashe fan

Fmmgfjfnnf fb FM chcnf ng nfj fb fb (speaks gibberish)

Zeinab Rahal

I don't love troom troom

Qeta grace

1:13 I saw she was not going live she was in home screen
like if you agree

Quatram Solutions

poor annie

ice Queen playz

Your not in tik tok your phone is just open


When the rich girl was filming the phone was an even on TickTock


Did you guys see that she is actually not recording . If you guys see that hit the like button.

Srimathi Priyanka


Lhyzia reyes

Who is watching this now 2021

Harathi Sasirajan

In which Country are you living

Roukaya Ibrahiem


leila price


Mailash Daimary Daimary mailash

just like this they do

Janiyah Holmes

1:13 She was not on tiktok.



Moonlight Wolf

Fun Fact: If u write fun fact people will read all the comment.

Jae Miner

Dont talk about the phone Ughh Dont focus on the phones

Liz Latido

I like the rich one

Saritha Revanna

Wow very nice video

Richo Soriano

the RICH GIRL is not really a tiktoker and shes not open her titok and the girl is not relly rich this is soo stupid and annoying and dumb and SUKS and not cool

M&D parmar

Make a wee vid
Of Jones cena

Aishath Riyasha

was it just me or did Erica use her home padge as tiktok LOL

Barry Williams

How do you have a phone when you're poor

the among us Gamer

Haha i love you guys

zainab kamran

The rich girl was not on the ticktock she was in her home screen

anam ejaz

Make more rich video

Rizwana Tasawar

the rich tiktoker did not on her phone hahahaha

Quean Kea

I miss you

Ramon Marino

i like this one

Jaliyah Williams



you know people that go on tick tock
China is just trying to get your location

Volpicelli Family

I don't see any Rincols


Erica not recording when she do her morning routine and annie not record a video when she complained about her bike

the robain sisters robain

Attention this is for all the people who are saying that she was not fliming. Whats the point its just a video guys relax