GALAXY FOOD CHALLENGE || Astronaut vs Real Food! Eating Everything In 1 Color By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

GALAXY FOOD CHALLENGE || Astronaut vs Real Food! Eating Everything In 1 Color By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

1 351 740 views | 13 Jan. 2021

Have you ever tried moon rocks before? Or a huge candy planet?

Check out our new awesome video and let’s explore this cool space food together!

Just look at the colors of this food! It’s beauuuuuutiful!

Let us know in the comments which of these exciting galaxy treats you’d like to try!

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Dakshina Durgaa

That looks pawsome guys

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This girl isn't good

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I like space Foods

Mitena Samrin

I don't know why the planets are heavy even if they are small

Qaseh Naurah Zunurrain Mohd Razib

Stupid thing

Noel Mghenyi

I. Love. The. Galaxy. Lipstick

Amanda McLauglin

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What does GEO mean?

Kids Diana Show U

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I like Melony in this video......the video is awesome..............

Aaratika Byanju


9999 without videos challenge

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sudhi chettisseril

I, want to,be astronaut

berry games Ambrish

Galaxy Food wow

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Hi guys I'm so excited

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Hi you are so cool

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Sorry I am late I lost my phone and just found it

Byebye Hui

Galaxy is my fav colour

Leela Bai Prakash

You are best for me. ....

Diya Dey

1:26 Orrrrrrr you could eat the moonrocks instead ;-;

Harry Potter

Hey my mom also has Galaxy A71 !!

Syed Habib Shah

And bad

Olivia Mudhiriza

You guys AR so mean

Shakil Shakil

WOW ! I like Astronomy . HI ! I am Rosa


I like the parfait lol

Avish Hansah

Please make more video of galaxy food in 123 go please pls

Felicia Griffin

They are not actually floating

Chanel Grandison

What the heck 123 go

Leticia Martinez

The most dumbest clickbait

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Choi WJ


Avish Hansah

Wow that galaxy cake is amazing lovely

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Shania Emmanuel B. Ybias

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Shraddha R Maruthi

i want fire powers

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R.I.P Nick
1 like = 1 more life for nick

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Hi I love u guys videos I'm just asking if u can maybe give me a shoutout and if you want to say no its fine

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They looking really cool

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I am subscribed your chance and I love you

Shanaya Prakash

My favorite colour is galaxy so this is my favorite channel

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Shoaib Sangani

Jinyeo Do

The one below the earth treat is Venus


AHHHH your freaking me out no you are freaking me out me:BOTH OF YOU ARE MAKING ME FREAK OUT

Faith Maina

I like it

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I love your videos ❤❤❤

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I Like all The Galexey foods .

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1:22 ew

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Zanele Mkhonto

Wow! Look at these galaxie foods they are so beautiful!!!


New video on my channel! What's In My Mouth Challenge with a REAL LIZARD!

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