Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Escape From Tarkov Guns

Firearms Expert Reacts To MORE Escape From Tarkov Guns

184 584 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the realistic weaponry of Escape From Tarkov, including the KRISS Vector submachine gun, the Mosin Nagant rifle, and the SIG MCX assault rifle.

Escape From Tarkov is a brutally realistic take on the first person shooter genre, and its fictional region of Norvinsk is full to the brim contemporary firearms like the MK-18 Mjölnir DMR, the FN FAL battle rifle, and the Dragunov sniper rifle.

In the above video, Jonathan Ferguson--a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries--breaks down the weapons of Escape From Tarkov, and compares their in-game depictions against their real-world counterparts.

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Hunting Basket

Show him squad

Devin Yeates

He should go over the gunplay of Squad. I feel he could get a kick out of the different weaponry in that game.

Jason Sellers

links in description dont work...


Хороший пиар ход, молодцы BSG!


Rising Storm 2 Vietnam 2 next please.


Is that a fucking gold svd in the background??!

Shuai Tan

idk, having him react to squad would be pretty nice


how about reacting to some guns from destiny 2? they are fictional, but there are a lot of details on them. thanks!

Marcus Jackson

Ah yes the mosin as a sniper rifle....Kicks snub nose mosin under a bush.

Liru Harmon

He should definitely check out Hunt: Showdown, it's got more of a cowboy feel.

Thomas Smithson



Jonathan Ferguson should look up the guns of Rust, probably analyze the possibility of a handmade gun

Meatis O'Malley

how him how breaking your arms has an effect on the stability of holding the gun and stuff like that.


Has he done Insurgency Sandstorm?


Can he take a look at Battlefield V
Guns like the liberator pistol and the type 2A SMG


BSG the guys who make Tarkov, do a ton of research on every weapon in the game

LoRd D

Still love my Remington 700 but about to update it to make it more modern by getting a new stock so I can add a mag to it

Murphy Fartz

We need more


Please Show him Post Scriptum

Funken Gruven

Great series! Next time send the chap a machine with Tarkov loaded so he can play around with it. Load up the configurator real time and maybe load an empty map to try out the guns, sounds, and action in real time. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed these videos and the feedback. I love that there are institutions such as the Royal Armory which are dedicated to preserving our history. That must be a wonderful job to go to each day!


sadly can't blow yourself up with ammo misload, gun just turns red if you put the wrong cartridge in a compatible mag and won't fire until addressed

Nick Parsons

So entertaining.

Actually A Cat



As a gun nerd myself I love this guy. I spend alot of my tarkov time on the modding screen as well.


@GameSpot Originally BSG (The developers of Escape from Tarkov) was originally going to have the MCX be able to be modified to shoot different caliber of rounds. But decided against it as it would be too difficult and complex to program for the time being.

hulk hogan

you should review hunt showdown firearms i think teyre pretty realistic but im not an expert

Braeden Griffiths

I see an mp-18, a chauchat, and what appears to be a villar perosa m15 behind Jonathan. That, coupled with the intro clips with BF1 I take it that’s a video already shot or in the near future?

Sgt Ramathorn

Someone should let him know they used IRL sound samples for weapons and movement. and used actual the actual weapons for the modeling.

booty consume

5:05 more like 3.38 la-poo-a magnum

Poet Gamerz

Break down more black ops cold war the innacurasiesss


i think a multi tool is easy to take out but who am i


i have literally spent 60% of my overall playtime in EFT all in the Presets-section


If you want to do this again with a game that is just a little less realistic, but still brings great visuals and functionality. Look at the game "Rust"

Kouteyba Abdel

Third part plz

Joshua Stockdale

Really cool dude! He should do Insurgency: Sandstorm!

Lennart Weinstock

I'd like to see Battlefield V


He should react to Vigor ! It’s a raid game similar to EFT

Silencer 1620

He should do pubg man, big ass recoil


It's back

Siggy Buttbrain

this is the only game id watch this series on lol


gonna absolutely echo someone else suggesting hunt showdown? very very different from the other games that jon's covered but the amount of effort and fidelity put into the firearms in that game is impressive (and also they have a 3D range that shoots the guns and shows off how INSANELY LOUD they all are)


Do Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades!


do h3vr lol that would be sick


PLEASE show him ARMA 3. PLEASE!!!

Goblin Garage

Scavs don't use front sights on Mosin's. They have aimbot lmao

bill withers

The one thing i've been saying they need for a while is the ability to change out calibers by swapping parts. Having an AR platform locked into 5.56 is kinda absurd considering you can fire everything from .22lr to .500 Beowulf from an AR by swapping out upper receivers, barrels, and magazines. Having that flexibility in Tarkov would be nice because then you could really modify your weapons to meet your preferences.


now do roblox phantom forces


yes, BSG should sell gunsmith like an app for phones or sth

Raif Nation

we need a part 3!!!!

Domenic Leser

It seems like you can't put a 300blk loaded mag into a 5.56 MCX. Also you can't load 5.56 and 300blk on top of each other to trick it into doing so.


I think he should meet Ian from Forgotten Weapons

Kenny Vo

on the topic of front sights and customizability, im sure everyone's been through the problem of keeping forgetting the stock ADAR front sight/gas block on while attaching a scope... and then all you see through the scope is said gas block LOL

Legend 27

I mean to take off the front sight all it takes is a hak saw

Sad Heartbreakid333

Do a weapons expert reacts to mw2

Will H

this dude is literally Mechanic

M Luka

I wanna hear what he thinks about the ash12


Still waiting calmly for an insurgency sandstorm video!

Cleber Silva

Show him Battlefield 1

Tom Shaked

Jonathan is a cool dude :)


If you use the super performance slugs in tarkov you have a 1 hit wonder sniper

kanaka gusasi

Please Far cry new dawn.

nazem zubir

Nice shirt, badgers. I like it

Liuben Ogando

Battlefield V


with mcx you cant blow up the gun if wrong ammo is loaded, it just wont fire


Arma 3 reaction please


"some really good sound desing in this game" yup he definitely hasnt played this game xD


I want ash 12!!!! Ash 12!!!

Sean Marek

It would be awesome to see Jonathan play Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades

Bill baggins

"get a second mortgage and get a gaming pc"

Someone should tell him eft runs like complete shite on any rig


please get this man a camera and mic

luggi lu

"I'd spent most of the time in [the gun Smith] instead of shooting anything"


Mila T

You should mix in some meme guns just to mess with him. The stair-pattern scoped rifles are a great classic. Or the double scoped obrez with 6 or so red dot sights plastered to it like petals

death korps of krieg

More Eft

Bubble Gum Rick

Definitely check out H3VR I´d like to see a professional talk about his top five favourites from the game!!!

Irregular Dave

You all wanted more Expert Reacts to Tarkov so here it is!

There are still loads of guns in Tarkov to talk about so if you want a third part, be sure to comment.

And if there are other games you'd like Jonathan to check out, be sure to leave those suggestions down below too!

rob rob

Firearms expert claims AK doesnt have rear sights....ok


They will let you load 556 and 300aac...but it won't allow you to fire the weapon. Same problem with 366tkm and 762x39. Kedr won't run PMM ammo either due to chamber pressures.

Great review. Love to see them


Suggestions for the third part: Bullet ejecting, charging (with and without a magazine), ricochets, tracers, tactical and emergency reload, different ammunition types (9x19 RIP vs AP, the infamous Star slug for the KS-23, etc), zeroing, scopes, blind fire, cracked visors, night vision, thermals and last but not least... frag grenades! (because they actually fragmentate into hundreds of projectiles instead of being a sphere collider that damages the player, like most games do)

Matthew Laxon

I wanna see h3vr/hotdogs horseshoes and hand grenades


Give Ian back his chauchat

Legend 27

What would happen if you put a 556 in a 300 blackout gun


Still waiting for the Arma series or Far Cry 2 hopefully

ssuo ben

Jonathan Ferguson could have said " the game got everything right move along" and I would have been satisfied with the review XD.
tarkov needs to get him a pc for the nice reviews.

Nearby PC

i think u should react to arma III :)

That random Airsofter

We need a third episode, it is insane how good tarkov is

Ralle Roz

Sees badger on Jonathans shirt
PRAYS this is a sign of honeybadger is being added in next


johnathan should review insurgency: sandstorm


the MCX will no blow up as you cant put the different rounds in. It stops you and the only way to change it is by swapping out the barrel in the Inventory where your character stores everything/in the smith screen. Other guns that can use different ammo types are the same where they need their barrel swapped out, of course this doesn't apply to shotguns

Daniel Stott

Maybe he could do a review of Hotdogs Horseshoes and Hand-grenades?

John Locke

Don't buy this game, Battlestate Games are fraud conmen!

Richard Keerman

You should review Receiver 2!



Not to brag, but As an American it’s cool to be able to just walk over to my safe and handle an ak47 anytime I want

Matas Vinikaitis


Dan Hammond

you need to play tarkov. Stop talking about it and do it! Since you seem to be a fan of fire-arms, you're exactly the kinda person they want playing it :)


you should show the ash, or the grenade launcher or the grenade matching guns on the maps


"people who use the mosin must be using them as snipers" laughs in close range head eyes


This man need to play/review Hotdogs horseshoes and handgranades vr, witch id say is gun the game


get this man to react to h3vr


Jonathan: Finally plays Tarkov and spends days crafting his perfect AK
Jonathan: Goes into raid with his shiny ak then gets sniped before firing 1 bullet

Philip Kurth

U know me I gotta see battlefield 1