Does a Bullet Proof Hoodie Actually Work???

Does a Bullet Proof Hoodie Actually Work???

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NO they don't work!
Every time I see a video like this, the minute someone puts on one of these BULLET PROOF items...
NOT throwing bricks...
Not stabbing at them with knives
NOT setting fire to said man in Bullet Proof item..
It is almost as if they ATTRACT BULLETS!

Dylan Stearns

Bro wore ear protection for a 22

its Kuba

cheezus you got a giant chest and arms

hk; hhkf

he got doof doofed


It's like saying being hit with a sledgehammer is OK - because the Kevlar didn't break. You're still incapacitated with massive bruising, internal damage. and broken ribs/bones.

toxic tinYT

probably should've redone that first part eh?

Random Guy

Bulletproof clothes are the next big thing in America.

Jacob Peach

So I take it that jacket's worth every penny? Hey Matt is it? can it stop a Glock at point blank range, I ask because there are people who like to sell drugs to children & they need to be stopped, there's this drug called crocodile... nobody tries to call the police in my neighborhood because they're too scared of retaliation & the cops & the DA won't do anything about it, I bought what was supposed to be a bulletproof vest from wish (& that was my mistake) it wasn't even stab proof

Collin Barbee

" but no penetration " * slaps gelatin *

Laura Dee

You have to relax your breathing to stop hiccups.

Patty Gonzalez

He said welcome to wosfslws guysx

Zeref Dragneel

What is this hoodie!!!


I like to see guns shoting body armor forever


10:24 It ought to be possible to 3D print "heart tissue analog" with muscles and vessels as strong as an actual heart. Just seal it up, and put it into the gel cast, and if anything leaks out, it's not "heart safe" at the impact level. It also ought to be possible to print bone "analogs" that fracture at the same impacts that cause human bones to break/shatter. It'd be great to know when your vests wouldn't have mattered due to internal trauma (such as haemorrhaging and broken bones).

kalipl 123

just aim at the head lol

James Hubbard

So according to the comment section only kids wear hoodies these days


imagine you get shot by the "silent kid" and then you walk towards him and say you son of a B_TCH with him being terrible in aiming for your legs or face he panics that would be so bad ass

El brown Teddy bear

Wow desert eagle is strong

scott scott


Alex Mint

Sure the bullet won't go through the armor up to a certain point, but that's definitely some broken ribs or a skull in the case of the head.

Disarray 16

No resume pinned ??

TheUSA Protector

Dammmm that's a ..badass lever action

john Eguez

6:25 the upgraded version of the wild west


No link to buy the #BulletproofHoodie?‽

Zlatko Sokol

chcance of getting shot 0.001 president change of getting shot 0.01 maybe 0.1

Arezen HodlumYT

everyday be like: glock or smtg? -A full-automatic uzi

Nathan Macsotai

american schoolkids hoodie


the slug would have broke the spine

Bodie Mongeau

gay introw

Ayden Theel

Has anyone noticed that whenever he says “ouch! That’s hot”, he never stops touching it?

porotos_conkrne._. XD

the start of the video: CORONA VIRUS THIS SHIT ITS REAL

Korbin schomer

Why doesn’t American schools have this already

MLG Legolas

covid got to him thats why he was coughing in the beginning

Lighter Of GOD

Nice shirt dude..

Nigel Rennie

you have corona dummy wear your mask stop coughing

scott scott


Jennifer Campbell

You kinda buff not gonna lie.....

Stevan Zdravković

dude its so safe, no one is gonna shoot magnum at me, at least in my country its rare as dinasour and illegal

22 Kaleber

The quiet kid:

grim of reapers

id be the firearms checker,cleaner and ammo buyer.
name:dj (my initials)


Im pretty sure that buckshot broke the spine of the target. Stopping penetration is one thing, its the energy transfer thats another story.

Rahul Roopnarine

John wick should have had this in part 2


What exactly was the 5.7 round? I’ve never seen a 5.7 like that one you actually shot

Sikender Rathod

I don't know english

Mark Castaneda

My favorite part was the end. The last second hiccup! Lol!

Twitch Snakeone1

Dragons breath shotgun lol

Erica Knutson

You should make a shirt with the barret on it an it should say powerful


You should get lights out there matt so you can shoot at night and use some cool night gear

scott scott


Cutie Patootie

Thats a awesome Hoodie

chikkinn sharkk

He got the Rona

KNG Blizz

@ 13:00


Fortnite Kids: He stole that from Fortnite season 15

v shxff

that uzi got no recoil


I wonder what protection this would give while also wearing a level 3 plate underneath it

Disarray 16

I worked over seas as a squirrel fluffer for 6yrs. After that I began a zebra destriping business, in which we used liberal tears to burn the stripes. I spent a year riding around in a kangaroo pouch. Anytime I seen a fluffy squirrel, my mother kangaroo and I would chase the squirrel down and force Feed it kangaroo milk, than tickle it till it past out from laughter. The momma kangaroo and I would than kidnap the fluffy squirrel, the next thing we did is top secret.

I've wrestled gators upside down, using nothing but my pinky toe. I can swim in waterless water. I can run on a groundless ground ,uphill with no mountain in sight

I once took candy from a psychotic elephant, and gave it to a baby. The elephant stalks me to this day. The fluffy squirrels protect me.


Donald Adams

Matt my name if I worked there would be DonAconda because if there was a snake that needed wrestling DonAconda would be in there doing it!


So you're telling me there's a hoodie that can stop 5 9mm bullets going full auto at you? Someones gotta tell them dudes in chiraq

Roze reaper

When the quiet kid shows his presentation video

David Stewart

Work out a bit do you .


I want HENRY..
In the UK the most Powerful Henry we can get is a Vacuum Cleaner.... and he ain't that quiet....


the quiet kid be like:

LouDog 8426

American: "looks like it made a half centimeter tear"

me an American who legit uses the metric system: "looks more like 3/4 of an inch there bud"


im a kid and i watch these lol very entertaining

Random Banana

Matt what is YOUR carry. weeeeeeeell it's your run-of-the-mill Basic carry. an Uzi

mr reacts

I can stay all in night on a block in my hood im fine as wine


10:24 love dat sound

Milan Mark Khetani

Make a t shirt with a AK 47

ah mecorp

trayyvon martin should have using this hoodie.


best selling in the hood today


Chuck norris is sending you my resume now

Eric Jr.

I guess I have a new go to Jacket whenever school re opens


that new round is for goth p90


one of these couldve saved king von

Cell Skywars

My dads friend is a beneli sales rep for Maryland Virginia and deleware


If you stand on your head and shoot 2 rounds with the barrett your hiccups will go away

Breifdream Bruh

It’s ironic that if you wear it you look like a quiet kid so nice

Adam Patyi

Ya got a licesnce for full auto guns bruh?

bob roger

I like ya cut G: 10:24

Alex Znas

13:30 DAMN , think that is a real human , he would swiss cheese


That explains why the quiet kid always wears hoodie

Audio Arcturia

I mean don't get me wrong: The slug or .50AE would absolutely shatter bones, knock unconscious, cause internal bleeding, dislocate joints, whatever. This is impressive.

Richard Bridgeman

10:24 “I like yo cut g”

kasper wvg

DENIM ON DENIM, damn man


6:28 I'm having far cry 5 flashbacks


bro his intros r the beesssttt

OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation

Vests may be bulletproof but WE are not, these would STILL hurt like hell!

David Stiles

To keep the bullets from hurting YOU and damaging your muscle and bones with a bullet proof vest wear a fitting boating life jacket underneath, like the 3/4 inch thick ones, so buy the b.p. vest bigger to fit the life jacket underneath. You won't get any bruises either.

Jerri Hickman

Where can I get one of these and what brand are they?

Ray Foster

Him showing all his guns would be blatant proof of an unhealthy love of firearms!!! and Mer would definitely find out!!!

Mr. Gamer

Let’s just pick a basic normal, everyday gun, a full auto uzi


Da Nya

John Wick: "Interesting"

Korbin schomer

Idk if this man is in Russia bc here in America we use fucking AR’s


joe exotic watching this be like

nnn auto

Poor guy, someone stole his neck :(

Fade FuzzyOnionz

My cat coincidentally watched the first 10 seconds but left after lol

Rachel Quinn

Make your own gun for your YouTubebrs

Chris Sanabria

i like ya cut g 10:24


I just feel like, yes, the bullet don't penetrate...... Blunt force trauma, person is down and dead. So who cares if it penetrated or not, you're dead.
Guess theres lest blood to clean up.
Yes, your skin, may, have not been penetrated, but your organs are mush absorbing the energy of the round in such a small time.


puts earplugs on for a .22

Caston Meyer

thATs ThE Gun FRoM FoRTniTe