BMW 4 Series vs Audi A5 - DRAG RACE

BMW 4 Series vs Audi A5 - DRAG RACE

154 440 views | 19 Jan. 2021

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You asked, and we listened!

Some of you have been complaining that we don’t do enough drag races with normal cars - so here you go! BMW 4 Series vs Audi A5.

First up we’ve got Mat in the 4 Series. It’s the 420i edition, which is powered by a 2-litre turbo petrol to deliver 184hp and 300Nm. Alongside him we’ve got the Audi A5 40 TFSI. Under the bonnet you’ll find a 2-litre turbo petrol which can deliver 190hp and 320Nm.

The question is, which of these everyday superstars has what it takes to snatch the win in this drag race? The Audi is slightly up on power, so will it be an easy victory? Or will the RWD BMW snatch it? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!


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I like those cars and brands

massimo piacquadio

Renault Clio dci vs ford fiesta vs seat vs mini vs vw polo


That fake thumbnail tho

Bence Ujvári

So the A5 looks better, cheaper, and faster... hmmmm


4 Series already looks dated

Imam yusofi

There was a time where cars had 4.0 badges with 4.0 litre engines.

I'm expecting the future Mercedes 63 AMG cars will have a 1.5 litre.

What a disgrace. We need to behead all the people that are responsible for this bullshit. Also a special public decapitation of the ' fake exhausts ' design initiators.

Old school middle-aged guillotine action.

Marc Aguilar

Mat do you think you’ll ever try riding a motorcycle?


Hi, could you do a race with a BMW M440, Audi S5, and a Mercedes C43 AMG? I think it would be interesting to see how those entry level sport cars perform and if it’s worth it to get the more expensive versions.

Lucas Nedergaard

Can you please review the audi A7 TSFI 55 e, so the new hybrid A7

Gleb Vinnik

Wow, Audi won both rolling races, impressive....


c8 corvette


still waiting for the race on foot between Matt and Yanni


Why does the thumbnail look like its made poorly in Blender?

Marnix Smink

Talisman VS CLA 200


Normal lineups! Seats ibiza and VWPolos and Cupras and merc a class and Audi a1 and a3


Drag race a Range Rover velar SVA


Do you want to see some more drag races with everyday cars?

Share your perfect normal car drag race line-up below!

Nissan Fairlady Z

BMW fans crying in their sleep, making excuses thinking nothing Audi makes is good.

Ian Bunn

Did my own drag race a couple of weeks ago... a boy racer in a Clio 2.0 Sport, and me in my 3.0l 2020kg diesel Touareg. He didn’t like the outcome.

חננאל חדאד

Honda Civic 1.5

Alberto Spinelli

As always awesome video.
I suggest to add a stability test among all the cars you try.

Just Play

dacia vs something else

Magnus Tan

Yeah, save the drag races for the high performance stuff..... I’d rather watch a group test of these kind of cars, which by the way, you guys should do more of! I really enjoyed the 4-Series vs A5 vs C-Class coupe one.

[[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

Imagine someone offering a conversion kit to replace the new BMW grill with the old one lol

Ata Özcan

this BMW is UGLY AF


Didn't sound right.... Is Audi A4 still around...? Because number wise, they should've head to head, the A4 with 4 Series...

Onur Alp Çimen

the drag race that i needed really. i’m going to buy one of them and can’t decide.


Yeah in Terms of power and drivetrain efficiency you cannot beat an Audi. No other manufacturer produces that great actual dyno numbers. An BMW or Merc is usually well in shape but I have never seen an Audi with less the 5% more power then advertised. And I have seen hundreds of the big three.


Who in their right mind would pay 40k for either of these cars?

Amit Jeevan

That thumbnail tho....

Michael Vuong

Please make more fake thumbnails

Thomas Jacob Kattookaren

Drag race a caterham


Every please engine in the Fiesta line up and similar in other 'one car' line ups

anadi desai

that microphone's crying

Rethabile Mathabatha

Bro in South Africa


This race of normal cars was really good, what about a diesel race on same brands BMW and Audi 2.0Tdi ? Thank you.

Abdulaziz Beyari

New rs7 vs old rs7

Poorya Rahnemoon

4:19 let see who's gona guess the "car" by the track first!!

Johny 5Stone



What the heck happened to the thumbnail, its such badly edited

Funny Fanta

Thumbnail made me think that is 2021 really better than 2020

Marwan Abdulall

440 vs s3 vs c43

Adrian-Cosmin Ciofalca

Next time Octavia 1.5 tsi and an 218i

Mustafa Birkan Özcan

Matt: lets have NORMAL cars
Me who lives in miserable turkey who earns 200 pounds a month and paying more than two times for cars cuz taxes: YEAH LETS HAVE SOME EVERYDAY CARS SHALL WE

Opel Astra TCR


Michael Acquaviva

The BMW looks nice in profile, and the taillights are growing on me, but the front fascia is a face only a mother could love.


honda accord 2021 vs the rest of the cars at that price range +5k


Race Mini Cooper F55 136hp vs Audi A1 116hp vs Mercedes A 180 136hp vs BMW 1-Series 140hp

Ess Beezy

Wheres the countdown girl? 3 2 1....?

Tazoh Berthole

please do a Budge Diesel car Dag Race

Oleg 14


TB Tech

Wtf is the thumbnail

simeon sharpe

Mazda 6 vs mazda 3


Year after year I am getting more and more disappointed at BMW...

UtkArSh MishRa

Matt forehead hair was like iPhone notch

Hamdan Ali

the thumbnail... that’s the WORST photoshop ever.


Pls more normal car drag races.

methusan sabesan

Beema boys are fuming

Mike Mayers

The audi wins because it does not have the bmw grill

Ali-Can Sarikaya

Mercedes e Class VS a6

rapha anter

I dig the thumbnail tho

Mike Mayers

That thumbnail looks 3d image rendered


How about a 2018 Audi A6 against the New style 2019 A6? I think they both have the same engines... could be interesting!

Calum Tait

Please do the Volvo Iron Knight vs Porsche 911 turbo S, vs that 1000hp bmw m5 or that crazy tuned RS3 (the Iron Knight is the world’s fastest lorry with 2400hp, 6000 nm of torque and goes from 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds) if you could get ur hands on one of these that would be amazing!

Raa Honey

Kia stinger vs audi and bmw


Dang...the thumbnail looks like it was made on Blender or something...dat rendering tho

Rockerty Rock

Drag race all the best first cars for young drivers to see what’s the fastest.


Yaris laughing in 3 cylinder lol 2 sec faster

Javier Alfocea

The A5 actually has more that 190. On a bench I think it pulls 205 or so.

Beef Keeper

Make a big hot hatch drag race?

Civan Aksoy

Boring car, boring drag race

Pro Gameri

whats up with the thumbnail?


Rev time more like air time


Ford Fiesta vs Electric corsa

[[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

Why does the thumbnail look like two CGI cars?

Vasil Petrov

Why are they only 180 and 190 hp?


Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce in next drag race please!


BMW 5 series f10 (not m5) VS e class 5th gen (not E63) (NO PERFORMANCE ONES ONLY NORMAL DAILY DRIVERS)

Sa Sh

I like to see rhe new X4M VS the Q6


420 GANG


Samuel Keter

BMW 5 series vs Audi A6


Audi xd

Art Hur

Kia Stinger?

Ahmed Shalaby

do an all manual drag race


Thank you Mat!!


I thought its going to be GTA cars versus, because of thumbnail

Bunk AssPitch

Thank you Mat for giving us a race between more normal cars!!! :-)

Javier Alfocea

*At Audi HQ* (with german accent)

-Engineer 1: "So how many rpm do we put for the soft limiter?"
-Everybody else: "YES".

Ahmed Iqbal

320d vs c220 cdi


can we have Giulietta veloce vs other hot hatches?

punk ask

Hey Mat, Forgot your hair comb today or did you lose it?

Baldwin Wong

Please drag x3 xdrive 30i with GLC300.


I agree, more "regular" and accessible cars.

Stephen Peacock

The bmw grill.....spew

Rehab Noor Chowdhury

Entry Level 3 Series vs C - class vs A4.

Raimonds Cacurs

Very soft limiter! :D :D :D

chirag desai

Race a bmw 640d

aditya tiwari

Yes we definitely want A6 vs 5 series

Lukas Murmann

A base model Audi beats a base model BMW...
New times


Still haven’t gotten over the front of the BMW