Halloween Food vs Real Food Challenge!

Halloween Food vs Real Food Challenge!

31 262 142 views | 9 Oct. 2018

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We're dote on Halloween, and everything associated with it! And today we decided to make a cool Halloween food challenge! Are you interested? Then sit back and watch the new video on your favorite channel!

Supplies and tools:

• Hard boiled eggs

• Tomato juice

• Paprika

• Black pepper

• Olive oil

• Green olives

• Black olives

• Straw

• Red food coloring

• Parsley

• Red apple

• Knife

• Gelatin

• Marshmallows

• Pizza crust

• Ketchup

• Salami

• Cheese

• Rye bread

• Liver paté

• Mustard

• Parchment paper

• Tape

• Muffins

• White glaze

• Milk chocolate

• Fettuccine pasta

• Salt

• Vegetable oil

• Water

• Ice cream with red topping

• Brain shaped mold

• Chocolate cake

• Chupa Chups

• Foil

• Hot glue gun

• Toy eyes

• Strawberry topping


Heart of the Beast by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

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This is Halloween Dubstep Style by TheJakeLeeProject! is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License.

Source: https://soundcloud.com/thejakeleeproject/this-is-halloween-dubstep

Griphop by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100413

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

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Question of the Day: what Halloween food idea did you like the most? Comment Below!

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Chand Jha

Start headache

Tanunykia’s Family Photos


Kassandra Daphney Dioso




Roanne Cruz


Wezzygamer Boi

Perfect for October the 31st

Murat Erman

Halowwen yes

Rita Challis

I don't like zombie I like Christie better

Winkle's Bakery

At the being of the video you play the song this is Halloween from my fav movie

Lovely Lomeda


Mahado Mohamud

I'm at all of your ideas and it's a girl and getting more cooking videos do the element thing One please I subscribe

Shiraj Islam Chowdhury

Yes Halloween wins

Shravan Jha


Eyas Elyyan

T ALla

shamsa,s asmr, mukbang, fun comedy

I am confess

Talía El Naggary

After tomorrow is h

Gaurav Kumar

I like the girl.

momoore ajayi

Mehr not scared

Sylvia Pointon

Who ever likes and comments my comments I hope they have a great day and that thing you have a great life with a family and friends and I hope that they have the bestest Christmas and Thanksgiving

Saniyah Imad

the red apple is not red on the inside that is a pomegranet that looks like an apple

Nisha Ranjeet

I. love. The. Pink. girl. She. is. looking. So. beautiful

Lorah Jane jabagat

i see miss gonsales make up zombie

swetha s


Chary Rama

Red Apple

Olimpia Sammartano

Bangladesh Mizan

Halloween is win

Kiibo owo

I hope this channel gets deleted. It's so harmful

Dark Shadow

0:49 anyone else see the string

Thangzamuanguite paite

it fun

Sofia Calderon


charlyne gliceria olea

Halloween food for me

Oeri Widodo


Troom Troom

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Mubasher Shah

how did you make black ice cream

Aaron Lo

I like to watch troom troom

Sylvia Pointon

Can i pls have likes and comments

Krul X tepes

6:53 I am pretty sure there skeletons not zombie faces but ok.
Also who is watching in October 2020?

Chrisjewel Diolan Laugan

That zombie is not real

Thangzamuanguite paite

i love the cut girl

ItzPotato BreadOwO

Me: ship

xinyun zhang

Me living in China never knew there is a such thing as a red apple, cool world

Ayaan And Zaviyar And Anaya world world

This is my favorite chanel and video

Raj Lumbar

Please zombie food challenge aur banaye

Franchesca Marielle Tan Tarrayo

liver patte

Jessie Smith

Zombie is a douche bag for slamming somebody’s face into cake Bad manners

Daniel Chandler

Do you know God

{Lovable Bunny

I like the regular food

ismail sanli

Sadece yüzünün yarısını boyamıs ama güzel bir video

Raj Lumbar

Please make part 2 .

Tristan Inoue


Faith Pham

i like the regeliar


did anybody not notice when Zombie ate the eyeball in the first round seconds later he has another eye in his eye hole thing

JaNiyah Williams

I don’t care if Halloween food win because I think regular food win

Han nah

I made all of these

They all tasted nasty

And I'm a good cook, but I couldn't fix these recipes

Eric Nodding

Hello troop troom

Madhavi srinivas

I wanna do that eye ball soup

JustMae AKA Kaelyn

was this in October because today is October 13

Omar Othman

Hey why are spiders snakes are better actually much better

Sylvia Pointon

I love it who else

Diana Hamze

Why haloowen win?

charlyne gliceria olea

I like zombie food

Jahniah Fortune

She is very scared of him.

Nola Dillon

Haha if she just knew what they are made of she wouldn't be scared

Elliana Hanson


Rafaela Gançalves


Lance Brook Mejico


Jahniah Fortune

He is doing a funny move.

Sylvia Pointon

Healthy food loses


I will terrify my friends with the eye soup

Murat Erman



Halloween food haunted real ones not zombies

Decena Brillante

Server:I love you much stay safety and be alert when, there is something gonna happen


Me watching this on October:yess

Demon Myanmar

azkfikcjnhigyghyh6g 4th get UC xtcgftfe4redkg7h6huo0nibioj'hguutoggtjgjfnwfef ed ggtrrf

BananaBread -Roblox


jinny canonigo

ew gross i dont' like musturd

Mimi Handique



Halloween is best

The Random Inventor TRI

I only like real world

anjala sunil

What years ago

Sanjay Kadam

I love your channel

dipti sharma

Please make more videos like this

Farooq Haider

The cake was looking good Halloween and simple too.they are tasty.

Brittany Rucker

What kind of apple is that it is red on the inside!

Nisha Ranjeet

I love. the apple.

Dhymond Martin

This was awesome and nobody can do anything for a new

Maria Irala

Holis quiero que agan un video de la prinsesa Aurora

Shiva Raj

I don't like monster

Hima Vasanthkumar

wow its nice but so much scary

Thumeka Katise

I have never seen an apple that is red inside



Jeejima D

Ja they did

Sylvia Pointon

Pls and thank you

Sylvia Pointon


ʀᴏʏᴀʟ ᴀssᴀssɪɴ

Cristi will eat the pizza normally because the pizza was normal

Sri Hari Naredla

Regular food

Midnight sans 0w0

You didn’t put enough sause

Phoenix Iejend

Definitely the cake

Satan,s Little devil


Sylvia Pointon