chic amazon fashion & jewelry must haves

chic amazon fashion & jewelry must haves

15 024 views | 19 Aug. 2020

today we are back with another amazon favorites video because lets be honest, amazon is literally the greatest invention there ever was. I have done way too much amazon shopping during this pandemic and I have gathered my top fashion, jewelry and accessories I have purchased throughout the past few months.

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- gold apple watch band

- gold chain ring

- gold chain

- gold hoop earrings

- gold cartier bracelet

- khaki workout set

- black crewneck

- black slides

- black sarong

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Bri & Teej

Love this video & that gold chain ring SO much. Thank you!

Brooke Haley

do you have any links to the fake cartier rings?

Andrea Herrera

just curious if those Cartier rings were real? love your style! great video!

Marty McFly II


Maddie R

loved this video!! you should create an amazon storefront!

Meghan Jane

love this!


thank you for the watch band rec! exactly what i was looking for. i'm going to order the light gold.

Laken Francois

what’s the size of the crewneck?

Abby Labby

Where is your blouse from OMG?!?!?!?!

Marty McFly II

1st one!

Arlyn Maas

Loving the high ponytail