What happened to Jermaine O’Neal? [THIS IS INSANE]

What happened to Jermaine O’Neal? [THIS IS INSANE]

342 970 views | 25 Dec. 2020

#NBAThrowback #NBAStory #Pacers

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What happened to Jermaine O’Neal? There’s not a lot of info about the NBA legend since his retirement but his story after basketball is just as interesting as his hardwood career. Jermaine is from Columbia, South Carolina and he grew up in poverty to a single mom. If it wasn’t for basketball chances are his life would not have had a positive outcome. This video goes over Jermaine O’Neal’s inspiring story and answers the question, “What happened to Jermaine O’Neal?

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Felix Acosta

Always good to hear good things happen how never give up keep it jermaine



Jesus Vasquez

i think his head finally popped.

Lee Plenty

What Happened? Didnt You Hear? He Became Wanya Morris after his playing days.


yah he was awesome!


Yeah great story except the man never did shit for the city/community where he's from word. This video is proof not once did they mention him sponsoring anything for the youths here tf that is sus af

si lewis

Great video. J.O was a beast and

Timszy Steelz

Only if alot of nba players had this man common sense. Instead of spending all their money on women and luxury. Why can't they invest it into a profitable business, so that when their careers are over they will not go broke.

kenneth vick

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.


What you mean what happened to him lol lol lol he had a good career on and off the court lol lol lol that's what happened to him lol lol lol

Chris Thomas

See this is how I don't see how NBA players go broke well delante West LeBron was the reason why he lost everything and on drugs but nobody says anything about it

CiriacOnline Channel

He is now a supportive father to her daughter Asjia, a volleyball star in University of Texas.


Columbia, SC stand up

Lovetron Lawrence

I always rooted for him.

George Glymph

Eau Claire lucky to get Jermaine? Eau Claire had a big history in basketball before Jermaine. Plus Jermaine wasn't a bad kid.


For once, this is an amazing story about a retired NBA player. Awesome video!

Irving Taborn

I'm a big fan of anybody that achieve anything positive in their Hometown around their hometown. But also Jermaine was the investor thank God that name that word came out investor

George The coconut

One of my favourite players


That coach that Jermaine O'Neal had....

We used to have black men like that in positions of authority. They expected you to be about your business and didn't want to hear any excuses. I respect the hell out of those guys. Unfortunately, you don't see that breed of black men in authority positions now and we all know why.


Great story.

antonio copuaco

That's the Real NBA Player they have a Big Heart and they Love The Future God Bless Bro. Good Luck


Jermaine O’Neal is from South Carolina. Kevin Garnett is also, he went to Mauldin High in Greenville, SC. (He went to a prep school up north later on)

Chris Sams

Blazers had Jermaine O’Neal Zack Randolph and Rasheed Wallace smmfh

Jesus died 4 OUR sins

Back in the days when a super star in the league averaged around 25ppg and was still able to reach the finals. Unlike now in days when you have Divas and snakes teaming up with 2 or 3 other stars to make it to those same finals. SMH


Hey man this was a great bio report EXCELLENT, good inspiration for kids!

Pablo Cuneo

Props to O’Neal for being smart with his money. He didn’t blow it on fame and ladies.

david lopez

I do agree that hall of Famers get there number retired and he was definitely not a hall of Famer. Glad to hear about his business

Angelo ristick

I met Jermaine O’Neill At a Nordstrom department store Right when he signed with the Celtics he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met

cali flea dog

I hate it when White People tries to tell Black People stories!!

Junior Perez

Good to see a positive video on a wealthy black man..UNLIKE VLADTV

Champu Returns

This dude corny af

Jason_Trip Smith

123 cops hit the thumbs down...

Justine Brumuela

you are a loser blogger!!!!all i know is manny pacman pacquiao...

Andrew Fulache

You talk so much!!! Boring vlog!!!!

Aaron Rose

Lance Armstrong your Dad bro? It's cool,he is dope af..

ron moore

His best years was in Indiana tbh that 03-04 team should have been the champs instead of the pistons i stilk say that was a goal tend. And that pistons brawl they were mad because Indiana was getting the best of them and eere the better team. But noway that brawl should have happened i really think that is always gonna be the conversation when you tslk about the pacers i but they had some dam good talented teams.

Mars Lowell

Awesome story

Jo_ra Ra

I remember when he had his Club in Broad Ripple

Therealwill_i_am Son of Robin


Rob G

Watced his game evolved !!

Rufus Simpson

A South Carolina legend facts

kd w

That's what sup!!!

jOe N

MW$ [:]

Rich Tech

I thought this would be a bad story. I'm so glad I was wrong


What a difference a father can make. Great job coach!

High Stakes

Never realised he was so well spoken


One of my favorite ballers ever...loved his Nike Shox Bombers/Elites. One of the first bigs who could do it all...post up or jumper along with tenacious defense. Hats off to him.

Ghee Rock

this guy is a real winner and should be a hof...he stuck up for his teammates and now he's successful business man, unlike iverson, rodman, or randy brown.


He may not have won a ring, but this man is a Champion!

Peterson Oliveira

Boa tarde first vai amém bom

eric han

Jermaine was siiiiick

Michael Salinas

Awesome success story! Great way to start my Monday!

T.K Jenkins

Thats dope

Chauncey Chappelle

SC Bwoi!!!

Se Mwen

Great video! Great contents!


Huge fan of the man when he played in Portland. Inspiration.

Joshua Lomotey

My respect for O'neal has soared after this video. I salute him and his wisdom. Thanks for the video

John Carbone

Dudes step pop dies and the very next year he’s playing historically. Smh

Jalil Johnson

Hell yeah SC gave bball two of the better forwards in the last 25 -30 years. Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal

Jeff gibbs

Good job Jermaine!!! I know your making a huge difference to the young kids surrounded by chaos.

RW Martinez

Defy Statistics? Statistics are not absolute. It is a sample size manipulated to drive a narrative. I am sure you will not discuss how those neighborhoods and at-risk youth were placed in poverty. This was a stereotypical narrative presented as a feel-good; however, it only reaffirms a false ideology of "boot straps" and black neighborhoods sieged with violence and hostile culture. I am not surprised by this junk.

Irving Taborn

Yes I did John Delong slim basketball shorts that they are wearing now and I did it because I knew that it was going to be hot because it was hot in my hometown my post office box is 15009 Durham North Carolina 27704 yes


Man thank God for that slippery floor in Detroit lmao

Dan Velm

He doesn't belong in the hall of fame. Pete Rose before him.


great story bro

Daryll jackson

They make it out to appear in Forbes magazine that he is virtually broke! Doesn't appear that way!

Eli b

No good years in Miami


I was always a Jermaine O'Neal fan and hated that injuries slowed him down. Glad to hear his life after basketball is prosperous


I always thought Portland acted like he was a bust. He was a star.


Anyone noticed that Ron Artest knew he bit off more than he could chew by awakening the beast in Ben Wallace? He purposely retreated to the scorers table where he found an opportunity to fight someone who wouldn’t end his career like Ben W would have.


Hell yeah bro!


You can't tell me that Stephen Jackson isn't George Floyd. 7:13

trent mealing

I went to Eau Claire high with jermaine in 94 his senior year my freshman year. But knew before high school. He was not that tall then but they moved from the neighborhood and he went to a different middle school but high school the region of the high school and middle schools are very obscure in columbia but we met back up in high school as he was a senior and I came in as a freshman ☘☘ Shamrock nation.

Master Joey

I remembered he was a beast on ps2 nba 2k..lol

Marcus Gilmore

That was a beautiful trade for my Pacers. I hate we didn’t win a championship but the fight in Detroit really hurt us we had a good team that year. I remember back in 96 NBA summer league JO and Kobe did their thing a lot people don’t know but they were best friends. I do wish JO signed with the San Antonio would have loved him to see him win a championship. We almost traded him to the Lakers which would have been nice to see him with Kobe...


what about stephen jackson he was a pacer

Vin One

The tone and speaking manners of the video presenter stresses me out. Why can't you talk calmly!

Derrick Hewlett

He was so underrated to me.He was a great player

Ernest Espinosa

Big and agile with attitude...He was really good...Glad he's still excelling in life..

As I See It

I'm glad he's done so well for himself after basketball. Most make every mistake possible and despite making millions go broke a couple years after retirement.

Santon Smith


A Butler

One of the few big men with range back then


I'm so smilling and crying seeing this brother get it right considering his background #Realrolemodel

Adrian Bajlo

Jermaine O'Neal is the reason why I'm a die hard Pacers fan and still am to this day...

Demon Child

Coming from a laker fan that blazer team with Jermaine o'Neil were scary he was really good he even became better with the Pacers


Back when basketball was interesting. Now it’s more of a drama series

David Caldwell

I played against jermaine O'Neal in mid 90s at AAU tournaments at irmo high school n south carolina state AAU as well..he's a really cool dude


"one guy challenged artest" ..why do that ?? He got decked hard..

eric neal

I am so proud of this guy he is most definitely a great business man

Dorien Jamal Brown-Bey

If you want to see Jermaine go to The Feed Store in Southlake, every time I’ve seen him that’s where it’s been. Some of the best brisket in DFW.

Carlos Richardson

If you can make through Eau Claire High school, you can make it through anything. That school was East Side High of South Carolina. Bodies in the hallways, I didn’t finish there’re but I survived. Jermaine was a beast but the best players was the dope boys and killers that didn’t play for Coach Glimp the legend.


8:18 everybody looking all made up and ONeal looking like he just got done with a one hour conditioning session. What a beast

Ryan Snooditty Williams

He looks like a stupider version of bobby brown


True success story, a ring would have been nice but what he has accomplished off the court is more important. Nothing is more frustrating than broke athletes.

Leland Bronx Avenue

I remember when O'neal played with Golden State he was a leader on & off the court

Chris Cyphaz TSL

These white boys love doing research on us! Do you think they can give the same presentation if they did a video on their own life...fuk no lol

Al T

I am happy to see he invested his money and now he's wealthy.

Hosea The Hamster

Yeah man I’m on his aau organization it’s great

MSK Transportation, LLC.

“I would absolutely do it again” Carolina bred!! That’s how we’re wired

Irving Taborn

And my name is Irving T.Taborn and and I designed those shorts that the new players are working and playing in and my home town of Durham North Carolina we warm all the time different types of design different prototypes for schools Recreation teams and colleges the name of the company is power fashion
And I am the President the investor post office box 15009 is my phone number and we still got links in the NBA and round the world all sports people wearing my designs oh the police sports jobs