Living Room Makeover | Jvongphoumy

Living Room Makeover | Jvongphoumy

53 820 views | 23 Apr. 2020

Hey Everyone! Today I'm showing you my living room makeover! You'll see how I transformed my living room and did some DIY decor. A lot of decluttering was needed but I love the end results. Thank you to Article for sending me a couple pieces to add to my home, super grateful. I hope you enjoy the video.

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Article Envelo Black/Walnut SideBoard

Article Ivory Texa Wool 8x10 Rug


INSTAGRAM: @jvongphoumy



SNAPCHAT: jvongphoumy

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[email protected]



Black Faux Leather Chair

Leaning Ladder Rack

Ikea Ivar Shelve Unit System (Customizable)

Ikea Krokholmen Coffee Table

Ikea Fall Storage Box


MUSIC: Music Bed (Best Music for your Youtube)

Vardy Sao

Showing love from PVD❤️ During quarantine I have been spending more time being creative, drawing/coloring, room decor, and spending time with my grandma. - IG: vardyyyyyy


Omg superrr cute

Katie Dang

Your living room looks so nice Joanna!! I'm glad you got to use your additional time at home for productive things that make your soul happy. So far in quarantine I've been working hard to meet my deadlines for school because spring semester ends in less than a week. I still don't know my status with my internship I've applied for or its available anymore, but seeing people like you make the best of their circumstances inspires me to gain experience my own way. I also adopted a cat from a local shelter to keep me company. Its something about having pets running around the house that makes quarantine bearable. Here is my Instagram handle, hope I'm lucky (IG: katiedng) :)

Netanya Buban

Happy to know that you are doing okay and staying safe during these shut downs! I’ve just been cooking and reading a lot during quarantine

Misaki Monden

AHH so happy that you got your channel back!

My job is still operational under limited hours, so I’m kind of thankful for that. My manager makes sure that we are protected with masks and cleaning supplies.

IG: misakisasimi

Cindy Vue

Yay, happy you're back on youtube. I hope you got most of your videos back! During quarantine, I just been getting back into digital drawing and actually commited to workout now lol. My instagram is @euv_dee
Thank you for the giveaway that you're hosting!!!!


Ive been working out more during quarantine!! It’s my way of relieving any built up stress or anxiety that I have amidst all of the uncertainty of the pandemic. I also feel like this quarantine opened my eyes to focus more on myself and be grateful for the little things. Love you & hope you’re doing well!!

my ig is @cxnthy :)


these lifestyle videos you do give me life


What is the color you stained the ikea shelf? Do you remember?

Kamoree Love

Question were you hacked

Michelle Vang

YAYYYY for being back!! We missed you


Yessss I love these videosss! I’ve literally just been doing my online classes and sippin on some wine cause a glass a day keeps the doctor awayyyyy

Alma Sanchez-Salinas

You make make me want to dye my hair black!! Love your hair!



Ina Balatbat

Wooh! Finally. Been waiting for you to go back on YouTube.

With this quarantine, I’ve got plenty of time to meditate and self reflect every morning. I’ve also spent most of my time in the kitchen. I’ve been baking and cooking a lot. Hope you stay safe!

Ig: @inabalatbat


It’s so pretty

Rachel Nguyen

I’ve been eating too many snack and then working out so that I can eat more snacks

Jenny Vang

HELLOOOO! I have been such a long time lurker of yours. I'm just always so in awe of you & all your amazing content.

During quarantine I've been doing nothing but working & I'm really starting to feel burnt out. I'm ready for everything to go back to normal & for my co-workers to come back


Yayyy so happy you got your channel back and uploaded a video!! Love the end result. That tv stand is so nice and i like the leather tabs. Hope you and your boyfriend are staying safe and healthy during this time!


Work it woman! Too cute

Lin's Layers

This quarantine situation has me reflect on my my current, past and future in ways I’ve never done before. Been uploading YouTube videos of things I love ‘interiors’ and motherhood. Looking forward to a brighter future where people are more thoughtful and loving towards others. Thank you for your beautiful ideas in this videos and ones before. @lin’s layers.


You’re so creative!! I’m so happy you got your channel back! You’ve inspired me to redecorate my own room! Love this

Lorena Olvera

Love your makeup!

Alicia Phomphakdy

This has totally inspired me to start decluttering my own things at home!! Happy you're back sis <3
IG: aliciaphom

Alexandra Whitifield

So happy that you're back on YouTube and thanks for this video! Your decorating videos inspire me so much! Honestly at first it was a struggle for me I actually went on a trip that forced me to self quarantine away from my family when I got home. It had me all messed up. But now I'm just trying to take things one day at a time, redecorating my room, attempting to learn yoga and reflecting. Ig:Alexandramarie521


Her: I don't really know what my style is, but I like what I like
Me: FINALLY someone who gets me... T^T <3

Sydney Ngo

During this quarantine, i’ve been trying to keep myself busy by painting, playing with makeup, cooking/baking, and working out. :) ig: @syddneyyngoo

Megan Flores

love love love your videos! i’ve been finishing up school during quarantine, i’m almost done and am graduating with my bachelors in 2 weeks

Ash Blue

I love how everything turned out!

I've been spending quarantine finishing up schoolwork for my senior year of college and watching PBS shows with my Mom. ✨

IG @idyllash

Soka Muy

Yayyy so glad you’re back!

During this quarentine I’ve been catching up on my school work and trying to hurry up and graduate! Can’t wait to finally be done with college, it feels so close but so far...

Wennyta Pinheiro

You need to put a sealant finisher coat on top of the concret, so it doenst crack or stain.

M bolt

Hi Jo! I love your style and life—looks like you live simply but in a Chic way and I love how you have time for your home and YouTube—what do u do for a living? Just YT? Or do u have a real job outside of this?

Just curios bc I have a shitty full time job, not that I want to do YT, but I don’t have time for a real life to make a home or hobbies or love

Just looking for life inspo for a nice simple happy life


You did such a good job!! Love the tv unit and the DIY concrete table is everything

Lindy Cha

Glad your back! I miss watching your videos. I’ve been putting together puzzles. Not much I can do with a broken elbow and forearm. Stay safe and enjoy this weird weather of ours. IG: llindyyy


The living room looks amazing! I can’t wait to own at home so I can decorate like that. I’m in the military overseas so it’s a bit different for me! I’ve picked up reading again and I’ve caught up on a lot of sleep !

Ashley Lopez-Arisue

Heck yeah! You’re back!

Keionna Reed

You’re gorg!


How can you be so talented!? I love the style of your decor.

Also, what I have been doing during quarantine is healing. Lost my sister in March and quarantine makes it feel so long ago yet feels like yesterday. Also healing from the break up, it’s been almost 11 months and I am definitely forced to sit with a lot of my emotions more than usual. Basically, I have been reading healing books, singing, and working out to keep myself a little sane. How are you?!

IG: itsnanasithi

gnc _onthedaily

Always lookin forward to your video girl !
During quarantine i been rrying this whole vlog life lol its not easy im always forgetting to pick the camera up when I'm doing anything ar pi nd the house now .. Or anytging thats exciting while being stuck at home. But most exciting thing ive done is fix my back yard! Wr just built a firepit and re decorate the other half of my back patio . so exciting!


Derian De La Torre

I will be watching a ton of videos like these makeovers during this quarantine. IG username: thatsDerian


Working as a nurse and trying to clean and reorganize during this quarantine time. I always look forward to seeing your videos and posts, Joanna.

Vi Im

love your style!

Nordikins life

I Love Your everything design

Wendy Truong

glad to see you're back!! i've been spending quarantine catching up on some much needed r&r, after working 50 hrs/week on average. it's been a lot of Stardew Valley, tiktok-ing, new recipes, and not to mention kdrama and anime watching haha!

Sou Niravanh

I’ve been Lao dancing! Trying to stay active in my own way. Also, I’ve been baking. Sad that this is how my senior year is going, but at the same time I have the time to do the things I enjoy the most.


Yay for a new video!!

I've been working from home during this quarantine and learning new cooking recipes!! Actually, I've been learning and trying a lot of new things.



I have been waiting SO LONG for this video!!!!

Victoria Sweet

Loveeeeeee it!

Chelsea Nguyen

Welcome back! I've been studying and catching up on kdramas this past month. @cnchelsea

Jasmin Mendoza

This is so cute! I’ve been busy with university courses since quarantine started. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about commuting and I have more time to focus on studying for exams and completing coursework.
IG: @sleepyjasmin

chloemae manguiat

YESS NEW UPLOAD! I always look forward to your videos, I love your asthetic and your style. ❤️ I've just playing animal crossing and making pizookies this whole quarantine. Animal crossing has definitely taken over my life.

Rita Phetmixay

IG: @ritamixa

pc dc

Hi the concrete table top looks like slate, if you put bees wax on it, it will change color to med. - to dark slate, the rug on the ladder , put the 2nd rug on the top, it has colors


Your style is so pretty.. I’m so happy you’re back.. please if you have the the black dresser drawer hack saved please post it I wanted to do it.. I just been chilling waiting for you to get your channel back and reading tax books. IG:LAchronicles_

Julie Xoxo

Angelina Khang

So glad to have you back on yt

Mycah Equette

You’re so dope! Love your content and your decorating

Briannah Plasse

I’ve been spending most of my time in quarantine painting the interior of my house, completing school work, and watching a little too much Netflix

Sovanny Thach

I’ve been drowning in online classes!!! I’m transferring this fall so I’m literally so excited. I hope things will be better around the world soon


watching kdramas not even gonna lie !! Haha my ig: omg__jessica

Alyssa Cabrera

Loveee ur makeup here and I especially love how your living room came out!!


Omg I love your style so much! and can I just acknowledge how good you’ve gotten at editing and filming your videos??? Can’t wait for more content!!

Sharon Prom

Yay sooo happy you’re back!

j p

I would literally pay you to decorate my house i dont even care at this point. i love your style and i think you would do well in this type of field!!!

Faith Acelajado

I love the vibe that this gives! I've been spending my quarantine trying to get through the last few weeks of the semester. I really can't wait to finish! insta: @marilexia :)

Nats Nest

Looks sensational

Kristina Wei

Love this!! Is your Ivar IKEA shelving unit stained? I’m contemplating if I should get one for my living room too!

Farheen Afzal

Its nice to see that you've got your youtube channel back. Quarantine has been difficult but nothing good comes easy. We’ve gotta flatten the curve. I’ve been trying to get back to studying for my July exams and masters exams in December. Its been a ride though with kids home and broken boundaries etc
Praying for everyone’s health and well being. ❤️

nmutua _

Aww I love the way you decorated your living room. It looks sooo lively and comfortable. I actually been organizing my room and making it look neat and comfy.

Koko Xayavong

just found your channel and i love it, and youre so pretty

Erin C

binge watching your house/loft makeover hehe

Rita Phetmixay

Ahhhhh love your videos sisss!!! Been working as an essential worker during quarantine and cooking lots of yummy Lao food!!

Natalie Singleton

Looks very nice!! Good work.

Beatrice Serrano

Love it

melike anar

I love your style and your color

Thea Alleyne

I really love this series. Everything looks so cozy, stylish and personalized in the best way. So cool!

Nichole Nguyen

Hey I'm so glad that you're finally back! Love this video <3
During quarantine, I have just been getting more into makeup and also staying on top of my classes so that I can graduate high school.
IG: @nnnicholee

Ann Vuong

I’m so happy that you’re back! Especially during quarantine too! I have been trying to keep busy during quarantine by sewing, painting and doing the chloe ting 2 week abs challenge like everyone else.
IG @annminhvuong

Wenn Zhang

Love that IKEA shelf! I have something similar, can you share what kind of stain you used on it please? LOVE it!

Kirsty Mickiewicz

I'm so happy you're back! During quarantine I've been binge watching YouTube DIYs for home decor and room makeovers and actually trying to recreate a few! IG: kirstylee___


Love these types of videos and you!

Shella Rodriguez

Rewatching this!!! My dream living room.

sandra abdelmessih

Obsessed with you

Selena Yang

Glad you have your YouTube channel back ☺️!

I’ve been helping my parents out with errands, taking care of my nieces while school is out and just trying to enjoy the weather when it’s nice out


the wall with the prints look so pretty! wow

Bea Liwanag

I’ve been trying to relearn German online :-)

Sandra M

I love the transformation! Definitely super cozy and soooo cute!

I’ve been doing so much doing quarantine! I still work from home but workout almost everyday, read way more, bullet journal, FaceTime with friends and watch movies


It's so good

K March

You're style is so much like my daughter's! She even has the low style credenza/ TV stand with a marble top! She lived in a loft style apartment with overhead exposed ductwork and exposed sprinkler system hardware. She had extremely large windows and had her furniture arranged the same way too. Wow!

Nilanda Sutoummalee

Loved the living room makeover, and glad to have you back on YT! During quarantine my two saviors have been anime and tiktok lmao my IG: nilandaxo

joyce anne

I've been wanting to get my own place and be able to decorate with what I want. Hopefully in a few years. In this quarantine, I've been working and I'm lowkey been slacking on online school, it's been unmotivating. But I will get back on track. On the bright side, I've been working out 6 times a week so I don't fully become lazy hehe.
ps. your style is really calming and soothing, love it.
IG: joycenotjoice

Somatra Chhum

So glad you’re back the room looks amazing !

Holly Ehrlich

During quarantine, I’ve been using this time to reorganize the home. I’ve been cleaning out our drawers, finding a place for all my belongings, and purging things I don’t need anymore. I’ve also started pay some extra attention to my house plants, trimming/propagating and now looking into some “kitchen sink” gardening :)

IG @heartxholly

Amber Dalston

If you want the concrete table to feel smoother but still have that “rough” look, you should pour some resin over the top. I have a floor in my house done like that and it looks incredible!


Beautiful makeover! Love the gallery wall! ❤️


I’ve been doing online school, FaceTiming my boyfriend, and trying to keep mental clarity during quarantine.

Amairany Guerrero

So glad you're back!!! I'm recently moving in to my new house and I loveee watching your home makeovers, perfect timing to get ideas for decor!! ❤

Mando Ulysses

I just found your channel and I'm so mad I didn't find it before. LOVE THE CONTENT

Vannia Cuervo

She’s back!!!!

Jessica Vang

I've been trying out new recipes