Testing VIRAL Redstone Machines to See If They Work

Testing VIRAL Redstone Machines to See If They Work

801 717 views | 11 Jan. 2021

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Zach: It's probably not too bad

famous last words

S Indirani

Loverfella makes security for armour but it's minecraft so ppl can break it

Kae Emad

I was the first one to make a nether portal like that to off and on

Aakash Shailesh

Hey loverfella the secret staircase thing its just super complex and I tried it out for myself and it actually works but it took so many trys but it happened .


I have a question, why your videos are sk fasst and loud ,clam down !!!!

Calvin Lui Kurniawan

magmamusen! :D
i would put tnt on it

Boss Mum

The armour protection is really bad because you can literally just MiNE TEh BLoCk

Bagwis Ayap

/ /stack 20 right

Marc Conchalouise

1:31 try this outside on your house


To make the lava arrows machine a bit smaller use nether wart and light it with fire


Zach just changed the physics of MineCraft! ⚡

Jackson Bolton

Him struggling on the armory one is funny, I am good at Redstone and I can make a more complex one that will be harder to do. I'm not bragging it's called scaring.


magmamusen is a legend for that vending machine


If you put it in .75 he sounds normal

Angel Pratt

Pictures of but doesn't poop on you

Mallikharjuna Reddy


Collin Key

What is server ip

Asma Ali


The Mad Scientist Chandu

Those are made by blen diegi

Uroš Vrbaški

the last eye scanner is way, WAY easier, you just put string on an observer, connect it to some redstone dust, and boom, ya done.


6:25 I would add a simple sorting system to that so that it only accepts valid currency
8:37 or you can use the tilling and pick it up with an observer in order to activate it that way


I know already the wave redstone

CraftMan 123

You get blue ice by mining one with a silk touch pick in the ice spikes biome(a super rare biome)

Marcus Balangue

Do an infinite diamond with command block


Give puffer name tag and it dose not despawn

Russiankiller 87

Loverfella looks like sypherpk

brawl stars gamer

1:05 use arrows

Zeph Mafarang

Mine when I did vending machine and armor protector it didn’t work


my friend : I have an armour locker you cant get my armour

me : (pulling out my pick axe) really??

Windows 2000 Professional Edition

Lover Fella: "Nobody uses Purpur blocks."
People who built the end cities: :(

Jayden Schutte

I made that when I was 6 7:46 7:53

Suppanat Udomsuk

Magma musen!

My name is

It's should be played over my disorted GoUrMeT RaCe.

Tp NightTM

The bridge making is from mumbo jumbo lol

Mohamed Albaiz

4:30 Huuuuuuu can't you see?


Bruh this idea is better than my computer

Alexander WALKER

Is it just me or is the video seem like its been fast forwarded?


in the armor stand one anyone can break the glass and get the armor

Marcus Balangue

setblock ~ ~2~ diamond_ore 0 destroy

Jacob Rico

He's too fast


The how to lock your armor was mr.crayfish

Zeron 4k

10:8 he didn’t rate it

Asma Ali

A face scam-more like an eye scam

General_ Ducky29

Is it just me or when Zach places blocks in a faster time it sounds like perry the platepus

Justin Bennar Marquez

3:32 then everything changed when the fire nation attacked

bradley Frederick

i know how to make a really simple vertical tnt cannon

cowman boy

Your the best

Kars Power

You could use a button to turn it of


I want his server

Dark Corpse

Zach: *builds auto fire arrows “look at what we built here guys”

Me: “Oh it’s a lag machine aka: The Server Crasher

P.s. he thinks these are hard to figure out, he should try doing one ilmango’s or Mumbo Jumbo’s mega redstone builds

Chris Nathan Bautista

Where Is The Link Please


Hey lover fella can you guess what minecraft do i have


Look at the thumbnail hahaah wat a noob

truezumy chanel

The vending machine is so ezz to do


Thank you for watching, I love you - now pls subscribe

Jason Plays

Me a crafterectual:I’m 3 dimensions in front of you mortal makes a tnt cannon bow down or DIIIIEE

realrishiiscool Gaming

Use button for the first one is esy

Aiden Kallner

You were doing the armor thing to fast and I wanted to do it :(

Andrew Minsu Lim

you get blue ice in the water-ice-spikes place

Marcus Balangue

Just dis


This man be talking faster then sonic the hedgehog

Chris Thorley

i love these videos also join my bedrock world please


Why did that vending machine tutorial video looked to me like Magmamusen?


1 million fps

steven Vargas

The exotic mother-in-law analytically bruise because grease substantially tire next a sticky cause. splendid, vigorous slime

Michał Pustelnik

password cracker will crack hash sha-512 in few years...

Marcel Baran

For the armour stand can’t you just break the glass at 10:10


The second one is BlenDigi

snailophilia with Garry

Give credits to the original video maker pls. I have watched the original lava bridge and fire arrow video!!

random one piece animations

Has anyone noticed what the piston on the vid looks like or just me


No way

Jam Rioja

how about to make a among us crewmate


Pls play ark now pls

game penguin

love it lov e it love it love it love it love it

Mcu Playz

Hey u noobe u play with bedless noob ok

JD Playz

i use to do a bussines oh ur mc server but i got banned cuz of using mv leakes cuz i cant afford a mc account ur server is the best btw

Anthony The Pro Gamer

I literally made a redstone mech that moves flys and shoots tnt

Raingetsu gt

You can destroy the portal by using piston fp

Victoria Laumea

Fun fact: lover the nether portal video from wattels

Zhyxx Emmanuel Acabal

Intro: good
Ending: worst

Shadow Peaz

Water: sees ice in the nether
Water: Wait, thats illegal, you're just a water like me but solid.



Balaci Radu Ionut

You dont need a observator and also its enough to have a redstone contraption to activate it 2 times

Reed Laden

1:43 he stole that from Mumbo jumbo

Elijah cordero

Why was he speaking so fast????

Noeme lacupa

Wait you are watching mrcrayfish


You watched blehdigi

Molten Games Da 1st

BlenDiji was a youtuber he used

Isafold Ingibjörg

How can I get to your server?


the auto bridge one is i think from mumbo jumbo

NeoN NiNjaz

isnt this from BlenDigi?


25,600th like yay

U :O


Cynic Studios


Hadi Hadi Mohd

GOOD fella

Anthony Luiz V. Moyano

that was a canon

Botak_ 88

You see megma

Bianca Hermoso

Fun fact WSRNING ONLY WORKS IN CREATIVE get a chest fill it up with something hold Ctrl then put your hit box on the chest then press your scroll wheel thank me later

Pacific_Gamer 567

Anyone else hearing the Harry Potter vs Voldemort theme at the start or is it just me??

William Whitener

The vending machine could be better, you could do the item sorter thing so people don’t throw in dirt and get a cookie.