McGregor vs. Mendes | Best Moments

McGregor vs. Mendes | Best Moments

316 582 views | 23 Dec. 2020

Best moments featuring Conor McGregor & Chad Mendes in UFC 189


YouTube Connolly family

Damn I get so emotional with that foggy dew song. People should do their research on it if they don’t know the history about that song it. So to see her there live singing it and McGregor turning around and pointing up at her. It’s just absolutely amazing. It’s a moment I will never forget.

big L

"Fucking better have my bags"

อั๋นนะ Moto

Chad was the first wrestler in UFC to lose to Conor by statistics Conor lost to all wrestlers. This is a new change.

ttv thejaje

listening to chad talk is brutal lol


Can you do also make a video of Conor vs Dustin 2?

Rodney legentil

3:51 conor is already in his head


Chad mendes walk out song is sang by my old neighbor Aaron Lewis

Joseph ll

8:36 chad should've took the advice.

ape Napa

this aged well.

cod amazing

Mendez is the worst trash talker


Mcgregor's entrance felt straight out of a movie

Joe Saffioti

I think what puts mcgregor on a different level is his mindset. All these other fighters have doubt, no matter who he’s fighting he refuses to acknowledge any skill of his opponents and in his head he reigns supreme. To him, losing isn’t even a thought

Luke Jones

Cody on the boat: HHAHAH have that Connor!

Cody when he’s signing posters: Oh hey Connor nice to meet you


Imagine if Mendes had a full camp. . . . He fucked Conor up in the first round man, he had no gas from having no camp.

its alex

Chad beat him up but gassed himself out in the first


I lost it when Mendes broke out that southern accent

Jrod 1k

They’re slow compared to Connor at that weight mentally and physically

Rob Atkinson

Connor McGregor v Chad “Woooooooo” Mendes


First man to make Conor look mortal in the UFC. If he was 10lbs bigger OR had a full camp, would’ve smashed the ginger drunk.

Easily Amused

Looks ill when he’s cutting weight.

Banks West

The tap machine khabib showed us who is all time champ and it ain't mcchicken

Teach Me Something

Conor has some ancient wisdom

Alex Dover

Chad Mendes pre-fight: Feeling great. Feeling like a beast.
Chad Mendes post-fight: Just rolled off the couch.

Eoin Curry

Why did Chael expose his number ?

The Grimwiz

In the ground, Chad did more damage to McGregor than Khabib


LOL skip to 11:12 - they did chad dirty showing those two guys clinching each other on the iPad

redruM 4woN

Has Chad fought since this fight?


very well put together videos of the build up to a lot of Conor's fights. His mindset was bulletproof

Lysander Miles

This is awesome

John Kennedy

Chad talks the worst game,shitting on Connor untill he looses and then Chad becomes captain fanboy oh Connor is amazing such strength

Mohammad Rayan Bin Elias

Conor fought Mendes "Juice"


gotta love the blood on the floor from Lawler v MacDonald


Fookin batter av meh bagz eh


Chad put his phone number on the camera

Fresh Sodaa

Chad really let Conor get under his lost physically & mentally.

YouTube Connolly family

For me that Conor walkout is the best MMA entrance ever.


Есть на русском б


killer mentality

Hobo Bobo

11:14 Sean Evans from hot ones

Im Roffy

8:18 kills me

Feargal Kearney

Was he baked in the post press conference

Alex Ferrer

Larone is quickly getting goated


17:12 funny coming from you mr ped juice head

Satwick Somya

Everyone's a gangster or in his prime or the best trash talker until a Dagestani walks in.....

I predict a catastrophe

Is it me, or his accent was waaaay thicker before? As I understand it he's been living in LA for ages now, right?

Lennie Williams

1:11 Conor calling cain & dj ring girls


“fuckin better have me bags”


thank floyd for your big $

Joseph Mathieu

You know this is super old when TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber are still friends.

Dead Pirate 666

21:35 That shit was scary as fuck, urijah saw his life flash before his eyes

Kris Kringle

excited for ya dood, fukin hyped for ya dud, stoked for ya dud.

I hate americans.

CrackerJax That’s Me

Damn I got goosebumps watching Conor walk to the octagon that time


If they had the chance they'd be wearing me... lol well said

Joshua M.

Dude. Dude, dude. Dude. Dude. Excited for you dude

Jrod 1k

Chad lame he looked Ed asf


he doesnt have the power lmao

Dan B

Conor tore his knee to make it a fair fight


Chad Medes is the absolute worst when it comes to trash talking lol super cringy!!


Chad money mendes, damn thats lame

Jrod 1k

Chad had none on him since the beginning


“He just doesn’t have the power.”

John Smith

so much unseen footage


these compilations are pure comedy

The Artisan

Conor practiced that back kick a lot for this fight specifically, haven't seen him
use it much since in later fights.. nice weapon tho


Chad before the fight (I'm a beast, I'm ready, I'm feeling amazing)... after the fight (well I only had a limited time, I was half fitness....) LOL
Chad half ped mendes

Nera’s Life

Connor is a true king

Dakotah G

cody was there getting an autograph? lol

Heisen berg

9:43 was sick ngl

Softwashexpress Hoeselt

good video

Jonas Gullhav

Why dies mcgregor look so different when he does weigh ins? Ha looked different at the jose aldo v mcgregor fight aswell

Mark Lowe

Urijah put the only belt Chad will ever have on him at 2:22

Will Page

Conor was just simply unstoppable. A great edit, really well put together and a real journey back to the time of the Notorious. I believe Conor rises again in 2021.

Burger Kang

15:22 - This part is hilarious lmao

Adam ScZ

Here we see the difference. McGregor was working all the time in preparation for the fight, wether in the gym or media obligations. Chad was laughing at a boat. And in the gym doing flying knees like a fkn acrobat or sum

Jrod 1k

Fire video

Cadan Cummings

chads eyes are offset lmao


Mcgregor the type of guy to kick a ball away and make you get it

xnxx tipsycamtoe

6:00 just showing all these guys phone numbers lol

Niel Patrick Condino

i can hit like mike tyson


Survival mode doing cardio while fasting with your earphones. uhm, oh, i guess thats some primal experience.

Joshua M.

Sinead singing above Conor's walkout tunnel...... This man was never gonna lose

manuel espinoza

When he talks about Conan


The Icelandics don't give a shit !!! Lol when the fireworks were going off

Blizz RM10

Conor looked exhausted at the weigh in, words slurry and all.

Brandon Larkin

How rogans face after someone threw some shit


He looked pretty good in my eyes. Excuses.

zam zam

Urijah and Chad are those bro-types, but nothing more...

Jake Dubs

I was an undefeated state chess champion leading our team to 3rd (highest finish in school history), on a back to back state champion team for track+field. A top 5 national team. An all-american in college placing our team in the top 10 at nationals (highest in school history). Let me just tell you one thing. Conor has the best mentality I have ever seen. He has all the checkmarks of a champion. You should study all of the nuances in the embedded series with him. The way he walks, the way he talks to his girlfriend, the way he ties his shoes. It's intriguing. He's energetic, takes the game seriously while at the same time joking around constantly. Great teams goof off. Great teams take it serious. Great teams have fun. Great teams are confident. Great teams don't like to lose. Great teams win. Great teams don't worry about the other teams. Notice how Chad never says anything with absolute resolve. He never goes to 100% energy. Maybe like 95% at most. Conor is always confident and has resolve with his words.

Syndic Calls

20:28 Jesus he can barely talk from the weight cut

Lok Flauntles

The Irish Crown King! Stand with me! I dare you!

Ish Hinds

Chad " McGregor has never fought someone who thinks there the baddest man on the planet "
Conor" that's everyone I fight

Radosław Poturalski

The way he pronounce " FOK OFF " makes me rotf

Adam Modding

That's why we love McGregor.

Powermove Squadron


Captain Obvious

Idk where all these mcgregor vs _ best moments are coming from, but the algorithm knows me better than my own family.

Brian Coyle

Impossible to watch this and not like Chad Mendes.

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7:35 guy on the far left just realising how much Conor is going to butcher Chad. But still trying to remain hopeful by staying quiet.


They knew the king was coming

Dan B

Chads trash talk summed up

Chad: What are you going to do dude?
Conor: I'm gong to fooking this and then that etc etc
Chad: Oh your gonna this and that etc?