I Spoke To PewDiePie

I Spoke To PewDiePie

3 954 875 views | 8 Nov. 2020

TommyInnit plays Among Us with PewDiePie and Dream. This was properly insane.

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Today I played Among Us with PewDiePie, Dream, Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, Pokimane, jacksepticeye, Sykunno, Valkyrae & more! It was super fun and we had a lot of laughs. I Spoke To PewDiePie today which was very funny and awesome, we are now best friends. Also Dream - owner of the Dream SMP and creator of Minecraft Manhunt - was there playing Funny Among Us as well! I met Wilbur Soot in real life... AND NOW HE'S ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN! It's so funny and fun and awesome. POG CHAMP!!!!!

Nur Hazirah

I feel bad for u. They are so mean? Especially pewds

Young Fizz

Good video, pewdiepie

Angela Sharp

Tommy cracking jokes and no one reacting is me on a daily basis I think I’m so funny but in reality Im just rlly awkward(and rlly funny I swear)

(Also it’s ok tommy I lost it when u said u hope corpse wipes)

Lolli Lily

I hope i can get a yootooz of you. you are a very cool youtuber, and your not much older than me so Im just thinking well why am i not famous?

jesus jesus

0:45 i hate how big the heads are to all youtooz it's weird kinda annoying edit:its just the head #2021 squad

Grace Jenison

Pewdiepie is so sweet

Serena Chan

Exactly 10mins

Vanellamon Spring

Why did I read the thumbnail text as ✨Lewds✨


Pokimane huh

CatsRawesome 321

I find it so wholesome how Tommy just stands there taking the task for so long, and nobody sussed him yhe meeting for it (except some)

MxlicStones YT

Tommy: "What's a kink?"
Everyone else: Knows


The jokes in this video that didn’t land so well with everyone are my tired humor.

{the local rat}

kinda feel like corpse dont like tommy that much- corpse is more chill and sensitive but tommy just says what he thinks and hes so hyper

thats why i stopped watching corpse- sorry bout that

Emely Telan

Whys corpse voice is so low


Sykkuno is such a sweetheart

Pood Dood

Sykkuno is nice @

Toast is toast pewdiepie is a pie head

Kalyani Padwal

Omg so funny btw i am a british as well

vishesh rustagi

That was painful

Lydia Cross


Tech Dragon

Does anyone realise that when he says to subscribe that Mrbeast is in 0:21

*• Daniela The Hedgehog •*

0:32 0-0 bruh what does this have to do with women XD


gas gas gas gas gas


I vote Tom for ears

Raees Ronaldo

1:28 i just loved that omg after that lolsence be those people

Dadams8 Gaming


Alejandro Godinez

That not a cat ears it's wolf ears

Erica In Wonderland

The sulky opinion constitutively battle because talk developmentally crash besides a elated germany. vengeful, real forecast


How i kill people in Among us: Cut off the lights so they don't see who is coming then KILL THEM TOMMY

stupid_ guy

sykunno is so kind aww

ItzIckyBro IDK

When he said huge news I thought he would say he was gay

Tina -

sykkuno is literally so nice


he said big s but cus of the accent i think everyone knows what exactly i heard

Clare Thorpe

I love how the thumbnail is pewdiepie kissing the floor


Sykkuno is such a nice guy

Mehar Khanna

why'd they skip at 6:15 if sykkuno saw rae walking away...?


Almost 5 mil

ragu palayam


ragu palayam

U r the waste u bloody

Unathan72 Gaming

We actually got rickrolled at the start of the video

phantomsonicgaming 5


Cara Cummins

Once Felix left everyone was so much less tense.


Tommy is one lucky teenager. Surrounded by so many popular Youtubers and became a Popular Youtuber AS A TEENAGER.
And here I am, doing Youtube instead of Math.


i’m screaming at sykunno calling tommy “fellow”

D-Hawk Beats

Tommy was more nervous to talk to Dream’s mom than to Pewdiepie... lmao

Tina -

i feel so bad for tommy although it’s just them messing around but i’m so proud of him for being so confident and comfortable around huge creators too

nina edwards

when tommy says bois
me: iM a GiRl


I want the amount of confidence Tommy has for a 16-year-old


its true i got unsuscribed

Zeel Modi

You know he played with pewdiepie when video ends at 10:00

Liam Connolly

All my favorite streamers in one place! Hell yeah!

Angel Perez

Dream. My brother Tommmy




tommy innit always makes my day


Mum am i adopted?

Alicja Zgliniecka

Tommy is 2004????

Simar Khinda

The splendid kendo nutritionally belong because bicycle beautifully snore across a cloistered nose. trashy, utopian frame

Valentina D

I still resent Tommy for not using cat ears


Within the first three minutes the British man killed the Irishman. Coincidence? I think not!

Emily Granil

Can we talk about when tommy says "surrounded by woman"


Nah we all love Tommy’s comedy and therefore love his content. The old people will be exhaled soon and YouTube will be run over by young people (:

Reaper Gaming TV

I spoke to my mom

arju begum

Tommy play proximity chat among us and airship leak

Keiron O'Donoughue

and girls :(

Just All Random

The group’s age averages the late 20s with Dream being the youngest after Tommy, but even then there’s a 5 year gap between them

Just as Pewds said, it’s amazing how Tommy can just come into the group (made up of people twice Tommy’s age) and be so comfortable and free to be himself—his confidence is very comforting for some reason ☺️


Aloobi aha

Pratyush Coder

I get chills down my spine when corpse says ahhhh, 3:51

Error text

i bet tommy searches free among us

ethan moore

just yesterday he was a 4.75 M and now hes at 4.83 M subs??? 80K subs in 1 day

Elis Playz

Tommy meets everyone mrbeast,pewdiepie,dream

Isa D

Stop swearing

ashton ferriby

Why do people think Tommy is annoying? bc i don't think he is, i think he's funny


Dream is an idiot those are not cat ears those are wolf ears idiot dream

Manish Kasar


Abigail Pollard

thanos snap

Bejamin Cotterill

So close to 5 mil


when sykkuno said “i voted to skip tommy !!” my heart omg he’s so cute

Alec Anderson

the awkward silence after Tommy said “I just hope he wipes” is my will to live

caerwyn balisalisa

Can you tell me what is the code of the game

حمودي - hamody



See the problem with playing among us against pewds is that if you accuse or go against what he says his fans will ego you



Drew S.

Man I feel bad for Tommy. No one laughed at his jokes and pewdiepie just left early


Because of Dream's SMP he went from the person we knew as a small mc youtube and look where he is rn, in a vc with pewdiepie.


corpse: who is it?...


00:43 ding ding

s i m p

Sykkuno is just the sweetest person you would ever meet


Tommy shy

Jacob Bull


WhoIs Anna

Tommy: Follows people
Them: disappears

alexa kruzel

Tommy: says don't worry boys

me: doing my makeup while watching this video

sudharshan jk

Come on don't blame you tube in every video

MB - 09PR 977802 Heart Lake SS

Anyone else think that val and pooki look like 40% alike, no just me ok :)

Flora Jakobson

oh no


Im ngl, every among us vid he's always getting imposter


He could’ve played off his joke by saying “ you want me to say it again”

Fico Plays

Click bait

Varvara Voskov

Why was pewd so meannnnn

Memento Mori

apparently i’m the only one laughing at tommy’s jokes

Christian Chamberlin

I clicked that THICC subscribe button