Every POV: Fastest TerraSwoopForce player for each team (MCC 12)

Every POV: Fastest TerraSwoopForce player for each team (MCC 12)

136 652 views | 16 Nov. 2020

Watch the fastest players of each team out maneuver each other and compete for first in Minecraft Championship 12's new mini-map for TGTTOS: Terra Swoop Force!

0:00 Yellow SB737 #18

1:10 Orange Fundy #16

2:13 Blue CaptainPuffy #14

3:10 Green TapL #12

4:11 Cyan Pete #11

5:09 Red Tommy #8

6:08 Purple Smajor #5

7:05 Aqua Grian #3

8:02 Lime Fruit #2

8:53 Pink Dream #1


grian did so good! :DDD

david gomez

Finally green boy vs green boy

18B_Samuel Silitonga

Anybody have the link for grians mcc 12 stream ?

Adithyan Rk1

Oh nooo techno lost a moment to say TECHNOPLANE


Man jeez dream was on

Big snake

6:21 Sapnap was swimming

AMV Mewyo

Fun fact grian played this game with samgladiator 3 years ago

ZXtron Boi


Flat Cola

I remember when DanTDM played this map

Beth Vasquez

how did they join that?

- Caspo -

What was Dream doing that made him that fast?

David Faker

When will techno comeback

Nature Game

Tips for Elytra speed that I know:
- Sprint
- Running and jumping start
- Letting yourself fall for a bit at the start
- Staying high but aiming low

These are the only tricks I know but you can go at sonic speed.

karina blackmon

Did you know that you can crouch when your flying with eletra and for some reason when you do that then you go faster its strange


I miss the times when you tubers played this because it was a downloadable map with a full on story about entering the earths core with an elytra

Rosalind F

Bro how the fuck did dream nyoom so fucking fast

TimmyRandy's Emoji Network Channel

Something doesnt feel right about dreams speed, never have i seen an elytra go that fast


Terra Swoop Force..

also known as the Glide Minigame from consoles


feel bad for fundy. he would’ve gotten in top 5 if he hasn’t missed the landing.


I’m gonna say this... It makes sense for Grian to be fastest in his team..

Paul Dos Filipino

Some just say dream is hacking or a cheater but hes just good bro:)

Vixra Lyric

A funny thing I noticed and I havent seen anyone mention is the fan that Dream wacked was called "Blesssed" XD

Lucas Chang

this is nostalgia

BedHeadNinja Alt

bruh the nostalgia of me restarting the map every few weeks and getting stuck to either a glitch or me being bad

Daniela Recto

the fact that dream whacked blessed and he got 1st that was actually blessed

Jack Garrett

Dream has plot armor.

Demafelix Jaymark

Bro fruit is underrated


Dream is like freaking amazing at MCC, he just disappear at the end




Wii U Minecraft Glide mini game players be like: pathetic


The fundy one,.. oooooff

The Dopest Pope

Rigged against phil, will not compromise

Mr Kiwi


Celestine Buendia

I like how me and 90% of the teams are convinced Dream channeled the power of the lord in this moment


1.17 be like.....

Stella C

3...2...1... ADD

Ethan Lin

The only thing that can beat a green man with a smily face is a green man with a smily face


the fact that dream smack someone name blessed he is truly blessed


Poor CPK, guy spent time grinding for the map's WR

Akhtar Abidillah

technically CaptainSparklez was like just behind dream at the start and was on pace for top 5 but he missed landing pad

Patrick Ward

Grian all ready played that map before

Raj Bascon

A lot of people don't know this, but if you look down, you will go faster.
Like if you figured this out now

Dan Nguyen

wtf did dream do lol

After Artist

Anyone who has ever seen Grian fly literally ever is not suprised

MCGCast Vexation


Foxes Exist

Dream and Fruit: turn into birds

Laffing Gas

How was dream good at this he literally beats the ender dragon and makes a new game, and on his server you can't go to the end there is no reason he should be able to elytra (This isn't a hate thing btw)

Lindsay Arcadia Lee gno

Dream was like in the back (kinda) when they jump and the second one after him was like 5 seconds after, didn't expect that, thought they would be right on his shadow

JeanTheBean Machine

I kinda guessed Grian and Dream to be in at least top 3 cause dream is dream and Grian, if you watch his HermitCraft videos then you know he’s a good flyer, I’d say one of the best.


Every Minecraft youtuber that played this map in 2016 resurfacing their memories for mcc

RandomGuy22 '

I was expecting grian in this vid cause he played terraswoop force before and he's pretty good at flying with an elytra, good job for the other contestants as well

Robert Mélomane



Dream really said S P E E D

Thomas Cauchi

Of course Grian was destroying it. He's the Elytra God.

CHoco Fether

If popularmmos was there i wonder what could happen

(Popularmmos already played the map)

UwU Cøw

Dream did really well in that game glad I watched his pov


fruit could win if he had better render distances

Ryan Stallings

if anyone's really wondering how dream went so fast, it's because he started flying really high and angled down throughout almost his entire flight. you gain speed pretty consistently as long as you're angling down, so he was able to gain a lot of speed. just how elytras work lmao

Craze Banana

I like how Grian was at the back then got a bullet bill and went zoom


Rip to the people that didn't know how to go fast lol

Wesley Tsang

Dream went zooming

Pog Chuwu

Dream has inherited technoplanes power by using technos skin.

Suzanne Tan

I feel bad for all the people who overshot F


rip fundy/pete missed 3rd place cus he went to far ended up as 16th and tubbo missing 2nd place


Tubbo wouldve def gotten very high but he overflew ;-; i watched his vods


u can fly high but go in a moderate speed enought to dodge or u go low and run the risk of crashing with the speed ur at. u need the skill if u want the speed

Just a Minecrafter

Do it for the Captain!


I think I watched Popularmmos play this map a while back, that explains why it felt strangely nostalgic.


Literally everybody: how is dream going so fast!!

H Herrera

*’Dream in techno is skin is literally so over powered

Cohen Chesser

Terra Swoop Force: Exists
Grian: It’s like I was made for this

Random Rodger

I loved this. Seeing all teams reactions for the same game was amazing


Damn i'd actually pay to play minigames as well made as these.


The fact that Dream reach the end in 30 secs wtf?

Purple Boi

Tubbo was acually faster than Tommy and was almost the second if he didnt miss F in chat-

Scottie Yanes

I'm pretty sure Dream flew so fast because his trajectory of flight is downwards. Like 20° below normal sight. That's why he was getting momentum to fly faster.


I'm just wondering if Grian was in this hahaa cause this is how Grian got good at flying ahhaha

Ahmed Hassan

Grian's a god :o

Ben Oscar

george was swimmin through the air

Allen Extrimadura

So dream gained speed because he added force at his jump


All this video taught me is that Elytra momentum is not universal knowledge amongst the Minecraft community

KillerPillow 0w0

God if only tubbo didnt overfly he wouldve gotten a higher place !!


the way they placed dreams clip last

Gio Lardizabal

i love how grian got 3rd place! watching him in the hermitcraft server mastering the elytra makes me happy!

Leilula Solivagant

9:41 is that a voice crack or a shake in his voice

annika •

one fruit smashed it wtf and two dream was moving so fcking fast what how skill

French Toast

Fruit: Faster than the map
Dream: Speedrunning the map

Lapis Lazuli Mana

The fact that Fruit mistook Dream for Philza has gotta be some sort of compliment for this game

Alex Frostwalker

People who remember this map, I tip my hat to ya'll

Brooke Scarlet Amesbury

I was watching dreams stream during this

MC I Donate

You all wondering how dream is so fast.



Remember this map?

No One

7:05 my desir

ella phant

if u peep fruits starting footage u
can see dream, fruit and tubbo (the would be 3rd place rip) all take running starts unlike the majority and just eclipse everyone else in speed


Oh wow, this gives me big Glide vibes. Never played that online but it was pretty fun on even just the practice mode on he olde Xbox 360


Everyone: confused as to why Dreams going so fast

Dream: equally confused but not disappointied


Techno is good at pvp and dream is good at racing and parkour if they always team up mcc they always win

Altaku Girl125

Poor Tubbo overshot...


Grian got the skills from hermitcraft lmao


I remember playing this when it just came out in 1.9. its an amazing map