MY MORNING ROUTINE// Third Trimester

MY MORNING ROUTINE// Third Trimester

56 770 views | 31 May. 2020

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Aramara Rodriguez

I loveeee this and all of your videos !! ❤️❤️

savannah x

always love ur videos

Lauren du Mont

Are the wipes biodegradable?

Mercedez Lasiter

what do you use for your facial hair? I think you use to have a video about it.

Kenzie Bug

What editor and thumbnail maker do you use please REPLY


honestly soft smooth legs in bed sheets is the best feeling

Erin Oneill

Make a sliced apple & cinnamon stick pretty water! It’s so good!!! And refreshing

Zel Hassan

Can’t wait to meet little baby girl

Jk BirdSong

Hello new friend here from indonesia...
Very nice vlog...

Kasey Marquardt

where are the flamingo PJs from again??? anyone?

Stars TV

Wow how does Sam have her life together so well

Alex C

Love your channel! Just a tip, use an oil cleanser or cleansing balm when you remove makeup at night. You shouldn't ever have makeup residue on your face overnight. That just means whatever product you're using isn't doing the full job. Susan Yara, a skincare YouTuber, also has some gripes about makeup wipes and how ineffective they are. I just thought I'd say this! No judgment :)

Cheryl Marshall

Anita Arroyo

How was the boat ride with Captain Cutie?

Anna Marschall

Why is all ur room have surrounded windows all around don’t you think u need some privacy

Nivriti Rai

Am kinda early babe

rach k803

Always look forward to your videos! <3

Jessica Bizzell

You’re just the cutest to me!

Rachel Novotny

I will have to try those makeup wipes! I have wanting to try out some new products!

Breonna Rios

Where’d you get the tiny fridge?!

Shradha_ 2206

I can't wait to see the baby

Krista Horton

This is EXACTLY how my Ammi (Grandma) made oatmeal and how I make it to this day!!

Khadi B


Jessica Cunningham

Omg the flamingos are so cute

Sharon The Party Queen

Sam, what camera do you have? Do you have a link?

Leanne Custer

Malted barley also helps bigtime with breastfeeding especially when the babies born I drank malts its nonalcholic beverage and it works.

jasmin pacheco

Thank you so much for this video beautiful I always watch you for years love all you’re videos also just used the promo code for the wipes ❤️❤️can’t wait to try it I have sensitive skin so can’t wait to see if these wipes are it because I’ve tried so many and I always break out

Pablo Garcia Aparicio

Hola. Princess. Amo. Toda. Tu. Deliciosa. Cuerpo. Mamita. Hermosa


Half and half in coffee is the best.

mayra nunez

You make me want to move to FL, I love it there every year I visit and omg Jared got a boat that’s awesome!!! Love you Sam and your family too!!! Can’t wait to meet the baby on the vlog!!!

Zainab Elkadiri

You should mix in your sugar and cream while it’s still warm in the pot, then top with fruit after! ✨

Holly Winant

Hey Sam! Love your videos! What’s your nail polish color called? Thanks!!!

Kelly Noelle

Anyone know where her cute mason jar mugs are from?

Anntonette Franklin

@sam on your thumbnail where is your outfit from

Elaine Johnson

You should trademark the term “pretty water” since it hasn’t been done yet. You can probably even create your own flavor and create a brand. Just a thought

Jennifer Schaffer

Have you ever tried plant milk creamers?? There are so many on the market and they taste great (and are cruelty free;)


Your voice is changing! Pregnancy is sooo crazy

Elizabeth Richardson

I think I have those same biker shorts in my amazon cart right now lol removes from cart

Charlotte Thorne

When you have coffee in the morning is it normal coffee or have you switched to decaf? Xx

Sarah Stroud

I can’t wait to see you’re little angel! She’s going to be beautiful like her mommy

Kristin Boster

Love you!! Where did your get your dried pampas grass?

Sarah Bentien

Oh my word!! I LOVE that pajama set! Where did you find it?

Taylor Jordon

Where are your pyjamas from?

Marina Kim

You’re amazing! I love you and your videos!!! <3

Miley’sMommy #CDH

I have absolutely been LIVING in bike shorts and tanks, I’m 26 weeks with a baby boy


How cute you on the Boat at the end looking so happy

sara sanchez

you can totally have clean space with your kids. We always let them play and use all their stuff and then there was always a time to clean up and put it away. just like with your dogs

Tracy Love

Was bored and saw ur channel new suscriber

Vânia Passos

Do they ship to Germany? ::D

Angie Nic

The way Wyatt is laying there at 2:19 MY HEART

Samantha Fanz

Your pjs are sooo cute!!!

Arii Latesha

Basil happens to be my puppy's name and every time you said "Basil" she jumped up trying to find who called her


Best youtuber

Debbie Monacelli

where did you get your cute pjs??

francielly vaz

2nd trimester here and the thought of creamer also grosses me out. i have a small splash of half and half and honestly my hubby has to dump the rest out for me b/c if i see it in the sink or leftover in my cup, i puke. So weird ...

Callie Jefferson

Raise your standards

Grace Ritchie

love yr vids so so so much thank you for getting me through wuarantine

Carina’s Corner

Sooo idk if anyone will see this lol but I lived in FL for 2 years and idk if it was just Orlando or because I was in an apartment complex, but it was soooo buggy. We even saw roaches like 2-3 times — is there a way to keep all that stuff out? I ended up moving back to Connecticut just cause I was so freaked out by the bugs in FL creeping into the house lol and I felt like no matter how much I cleaned nothing helped. But I def miss it over there, so if there’s a solution send it my way :)

Jamie Averna

morning/night routines are probably your most posted type of video but they literally never get old. you are GLOWINGGGG more & more each day w this baby ugh

Ethar Naser

Love it

Hazel Effect

Hey Sam! Could you please consider doing a make up haul ?? Like what you use...what's best/healthiest, and which products you love?? Thanks. Love your videos!

Macy Valandra

Isn't coffee bad for baby?

Emily Albert

Totally relate on the clean room! It takes 5 minutes to make your bed and pick up clothes and things, and it makes you feel so much better at the start of your day!

Angela Marcinkevich

Lucky you , you get to see your Wyatt I don't get to see my nephew Wyatt

Kate Kiefer

Can you do a house tour??

Carsyn Frausto

I love your house! So cute

Gabriel Paro


Taylor Breaux

Just ordered those wipes, definitely going in my diaper bag! Such a good idea


OMG the view from your bedroom window though o.O AMAZING!!!! Also your bedroom looks so nice and bright and clean... love your style and your positivity :) Love from Germany XX

noa verspeek

You’re what i aspire to be when i grow up, you’re such a positive and motivating person!

Pure Alignment

This is refreshing to watch

Sydney Roberts

Where’s the tiny fridge in your coffee station from?? I need it for the coffee station in my room!

Angela Marcinkevich

What kind of plant is in your bathroom


hi!!! makeup wipes are really not good for your skin, they can be super harsh and damaging without you even realizing. try switching to a makeup removing cleansing balm or cleansing oil, that will get your makeup off so much better! like farmacy's green clean cleansing balm.

Samantha Leigh

GINGER PRETTY WATER?!?! OMGGGGGGGG i’m so doing this now lol

amanda velez

I have to return to work tomorrow, I will be raising my standards so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed returning home. Life has been so different being home all day everyday. I was able to get everything done at my own speed. ❤️

Claire Sauzel

Your breakfast looks so delish !!

Layla Darby

Your so sweet, love how you call Jared my husband. Happy safe birthing. Can't wait to see you as a family of three xx

Rebecca Ahamer

You are so sweet girl

Leanne Custer

You can also get malted barley syrup for a sweetner.


Hear me out, please. Don’t let other people decide your standards. If you want a clean house with a newborn for you, go for it. BUT if you end up having messes that sit for days because you are exhausted, you are enjoying your baby and family, or just DGAF, don’t sweat it. It breaks my heart when I see other moms or moms to be try to “have it all” when creating a little human and enjoying your family should be everything.

Caçadores de lugares perdido

Caçadores de lugares perdido passando por aqui show muito legal o vídeo

Andrea Courtemanche

What is the little fridge you had your coffee creamer in?

Angela Marcinkevich

Do more cooking

Natalie Minassian

I clicked so fast!! Love your vlogs so much!

Angel Champs

Where is the pitcher you made your pretty water in from? I've been looking for a cute glass one with a cover!

Kate Regier

Pleeeease tell me where you got that jug for your pretty water, I love it!


Try heavy cream with those

Motivation With Melissa

You are going to be such a great mama! Love your coffee nook :)

Lindsey Caldwell

Mascara is my must have!!!!!

Sam Elle


Positively, Positive

Yay! Another awesome video.

Georgia Anderson

You're gorgeous ❤

Lindsey Caldwell

Ooh maybe make the oats with milk! Super creamy


Are you consuming caffeine or decaf daily?

Jessica Hamilton

Where your pj from ? So cute


I want my life like this..

Erin Webster

Sam did you bring your lemon tree with you when you moved?! I’m attempting to grow some atm because of you

Simply Alex

omg!!! can't believe you're pregnant. I know i'm late to the party but I used to watch your videos two years ago and all of a sudden i see this!!!! wow so happy for you❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marga Mangoes

I'm sorry, but "Samwipes" immediately made me chuckle a little. Sam will wipe soon, using those water wipes for the baby! [ I'm going to have to try those Billie wipes they look refreshing. With hot weather approaching, they would be the perfect solution] Lol I love you Sam and your channel! So happy for you on your new addition to your family!