UFC Contender Series Results: Greg Hardy Makes Pro Debut | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

UFC Contender Series Results: Greg Hardy Makes Pro Debut | Post-Fight Special | Luke Thomas

40 765 views | 13 Jun. 2018

At UFC Contender Series Season 2, ep. 1, Greg Hardy made his pro debut.

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On the first episode of season 2 of Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series on Fight Pass, former NFL All Pro Hardy blasted out fellow NFL vet Austen Lane. Chris Curtis put on a striking clinic against Sean Lally, Kevin Holland had a decent showing against Will Santiago, Montel Jackson had a good and bad run against Rico DiSciullo and Alonzo Menifield made quick work of Dashawn Boatright.

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shiffraw dagnechaw

Chris Curtis should have been given a contract he was the most deserving.

Eric D



Are you recording audio using a sonar?


luke "its good to see african americans" thomas


20:56 haha luke wanted to say FUCK lmao

Izzo Khan

Luke "I'm a sjw bitch who has no clue about tech" Thomas


fire this fool!

Dean D

Love those Nile t-shirts.

Bryan A

Greg hardy vs cm punk (not sure about weight classes but make it happen)

Jerome Nowak

fix the placement of your light(s)


he really needs to spend more than two seconds swearing at his audio equipment before he starts these.

Burn The Old Gods

Wtf I love Anderson Silva because he is the best not cuz it's diverse or cuz he's black. Get over the racist shit luke


in the era of equality, why does it matter if he assaulted a man or a women? and should a man with one assault charge be barred from getting a job for life, and go around as a pauper?
im pretty sure she got a settlement big enough that she would go one more round again if she could. stop white knighting if you dont know both sides of the story. women already have the automatic support of the divorce courts, family courts, criminal courts, the media, academia, so like put the pitchforks down. its going to be alright if greg hardy is allowed to work in the economy

Danni Webcomics

Audio gets better at 1:00

Corporate Jake

Pulled out the NIILE shirt again.


Audio was 100% fuck the cabbages


There was one hair on your beard below your chin that I noticed 7 minutes in. Super distracting. Good video would watch again.

Mickey Romeo

your shot is too overexposed. look at your forehead.

Majestic Irrelevance

Plz don't do multiple stingers again

Matt R.

cant hear you bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good fun analysis.


A++ Analysis! Love the post fight shows.


Luke, figure out your audio already ya donk

Wes Bey

12:00 Greg hardy talks begin

Blade Brown

The ufc hw division is weak it’s the same guys getting title shots all over 30

Bo Byrd

Wow what a loser!!


which philly shell are you talkin about? the guy has his own imagination of the fight

jack morrison

This guy thinks wr give a fuck about his studio. What an ass.

Kno Name777

I love this contender series...some great fights on there


luke thomas = fat beaver

Slumerican 989

My man luke always posting good post fight videos

Ben Fellows

Luke "that's not what I am saying, what I am saying" Thomas

Rikky Hernandez

Dude, are you wearing a Nile shirt?

Mike Morale

You know it's funny Luke I never even thought about that once, until you just mentioned something about it and that's how it's supposed to be.... It's not really supposed to matter...

11111 bjj rhino

The sound is shocking I couldn’t be bothered watching sorry


After seeing Hardy and Lane trade hands on dwtncs, I'd love to see many more delisted NFL and college footballers who don't make the NFL, make the transition into mma

Nick Twaddell

God damn I wasted 1 minute scrolling through 20 minutes of video, some white grey haired beta zir talking nonsense rofl.

Trapping Over Vegas

Starting to learn clickbait I see. Unsubscribe.

Df car

Once the inner city gets involved it’s a wrap. The takeover will be just like it is in boxing.


Hopefully Donk Donkerson or Rick Rickerson get a UFC contract this year on the Contender Series.

Drop the Bassline

What is the issue with the audio all the time? I've never seen someone have so much trouble figuring out tech problems over such a long period of time lol

joe lav

Bisping slurp is super annoying for a brodcaster to have imo iv noticed it for ages


nice studdering off the top idiot

Léon Noël

I mean Rogan’s commentating sucks dick now. He gives no specificity other than pointing out who’s an explosive genetic freak with fast twitch muscle fibers.

Chainy Rabbit

Bisping slurps all the time on his podcast, both of them do. It's pretty annoying as hell


Has Luke ever posted a video without some sort of technical issue? This guy does this for a living and still can't figure out. It's unprofessional and downright annoying. Dislike.

Vato Loco

Audio is garbage!!!!

Frankie TheHeathen

Has this guy ever fought/trained? It isn't normal to have a non fighter have such a deep understanding of what's actually happening in a fight.


Careful Luke it almost sounded like you think blacks are better at sports.


get a sound engineer or techy friend to help you with the sound!


Bisping always talk wit a slurp I think he can’t change tht


luke thomas abuses his block/safe space button because he's a soft biiiitch


Yo your stinger is too damn loud. In every video you do.

Schweddy Bawllz

How’s that white guilt treating you bitch? What a bleeding vag.


superb lighting and audio as always

blaze 2017

This guy is douchey

Micheál Gallagher

Woman beaters should be forced to fight opponents who outweigh them by at least 40 lbs

Don Flamenco

Fighting is not a role model sport. You would think that some of the baddest men in the planet would find a home in MMA. I think this is a home for a guy who fuks up in social situations. This is a home for the people who want to fuk things up. People with anger issues. Violent people. On this planet… There should be a home for everybody. What better home is there for violent people, than in an activity where you are celebrated by disconnecting you opponent from consciousness. Some wild animals are better off in a cage, than roaming free. These people are animals... let them be


the Mic was not right in front or was blockd.....hahahaha I KNEW it^^
keep up da g00d work Luke !


I had to turn up the volume in the beginning then got my ears blown out by the intro


Hardy is one pound away from the heavy weight limit. He can kill most of us males with his bare hands. He put those hands on a women. Hoping he dies in a car wreck before he gets his shot in the big show.


0:34 bbuhbye eardrums

Nick Ryan



24 Frames per second is GOLD. 60 FPS looks like garbage in most videos. Somehow your video looks great. You've got a hell of a camera. Sony A7?


I think Sean Shelby should offer Colby up to Darren Till.. No respect just carnage. It would bring out the best in Darren... ✌️

Metal Faced Gamer

Yes the Michael slurping is awful. It's so noticable! I can listen to his podcast due to this.

(The edited below)
People please let's get this across to Michael. It's for his betterment.