Double Fails (November 2017) | FailArmy

Double Fails (November 2017) | FailArmy

9 204 705 views | 21 Nov. 2017

Double the failure, double your fun! The best things in life come in pairs, and fails are no different. We have skateboarding fails, bmx fails and more! Submit your videos to

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The Ice Cream Truck!

Skateboarders Simultaneously Faceplant

Bikers Fall Simultaneously on Grass

Two Guys Fall Down Waterfall

Two Girls Attempt Diving Board Flips

Paddleboarding Double Fail

Failed Backflip Causes Snowmen to Fall Over

Two Ladies Fall While Dancing

Two Girls One Tub

Girls Try to Do Handstand on Wall at the Beach

Dogs Can't Fetch Ball

Two Sled Riders Knock Down Kids

Snowboarders Crash Into Each Other

Two Boys Faceplant trying to Backflip

Two Skateboarders Fall Together After Trick Attempt

Boys Try to Wear a Shirt at the Same Time

Little Boy Crashes into Windows in Fun House

Boys Fall at the Skate Park

Guys in Bubbles Crash Into Each Other

Guys Fall Off Wooden Drying Rack While Taking Photo

Guy Has Fun Playing with Three-Sectional Staff

Drunk Man Trips Over Man Doing Tricks on Scooter

Girl Can't Ride Surfing Simulator

Guys Fall off Log and into Water

Duo Falls off Boards

Boy and Girl Both Trip While Playing

Girl Falls Into River While Trying to Retrieve Hula Hoop

Guy Can't Load Motorcycle Into Shed

Bicyclist Launched off Ramp Hits Drone

Segways Suddenly Stop

Person Falls Over After Scooter Trick

Girl Crashes into Sister

Guys Fall in the Middle of Bike Lane

Rollerskaters Collide Into Each Other

Marcus R.

That person coughing in the mirror maze quivers
Edit: 0:28


0:03 asmr


2:23 pozdro Polska

Malcolm Taylor


james Long

Two do or not two do that is the Fail Army!

Reaper sans Gamer

Multiple fails XD 4:56

The Last Rebel Show

43:00 The kids hair cut is the true fail.

Ciuppa Capra

0.29 corona virus

Syed A

My double fail was when my gf got pregnant

icecream bunnykitty

1:37 the guy in the background that was a triple fail

PJ McMillon

It's the breaking someones leg with a snowboard for me

Marcielly Cordeiro

gas gas gas

Synbaxviro 007

4:00 to 4:05 what was he even thinking

Dat one Caleb

Why does no one in this comment section know how timestamps work

Anime Lover

Darryl Wildes

Wascra heck!

Dingsda hater For live

2:53 Krkrkrkrkr this laughing

Gusman warrior

3:40 M.D.R

Corona my azz 2020

3:07 it’s so nice there

Genevieve Lucy V

Anyone else watching in 2020 and freak out near the start when someone had a coughing fit


The last one...

When you and the boys finally got that taco bell after a night destroying it at the bars.

Sara Zagrabska

Ma niee skoncz nic nieeee pewna nieee

Ryan Dispecki

The scrawny pajama simulteneously scrape because editorial usually rinse despite a hanging cord. dreary, tangible cabinet

Prof. cheesy

0:28 covid at its earliest

dark knight

1:53 I'm dead

Ethan Baeza

4:05 why is that person recording his kids suffering

Gabi Benavente

1:19 what kind of dog is the one in the blue collar?


0:24 People who have never climbed rocks before does not know how much this fkin hurts

frog cum

0:41 the most anticlimactic fall ever


0:29 corona check

Αρετή Μουρχουτά

Is there any case one of you guys knows where is that place in 3:36

Big Coley Productions

1:22 is a triple fail


4:44 just because the guy at the back fell he had to trip the lady over.

Janos Jatek



The first one was two three FLOOR!!


0:46 is that Gordon Ramsay


3:17 when your laugh sounds like your eating meat on Minecraft

Anush Nandan rao

3:23 epic

El Vejestorio

4:45 ¡Eso no se haceeeeeee!

Charles Calvin

2:02 why did they spell cam wrong

Fraz Gaming

0:29 someone got covid

Synbaxviro 007

the first one was funny enough that i subscribed

Daddy's Channel

I would like to say this episode called: Double Trouble

Crinina D Ha


The first thing the first skateboarder does is put his hat on to cover up his bald head

Yehezkiel Hutabarat

Corona virus


COVID 19 0:29


The fretful protocol nutritionally flood because damage technically tug without a powerful guilty. abnormal, bright wire


Whats the music at 2:00 called

Ahmed Raza

00:50 I accidentally dropped my phone so it's triple fail

icecream bunnykitty

I like the fact that when humans can’t balance anymore on a surf board they just jump off

Kutis Rozak

3:50 who else thought of skate 3


0:40 wow, taht was the lamest clip Ive ever seen

MLR Studios

What if they fell on the fire

Zane Zen


Su King Lu

We love to see it

Darryl Wildes

At 8:50 the kid went in the mirror maze then hit himself

icecream bunnykitty

1:35 look in the background

Yazmin Govy

1:34 Morí

Austin Precht

0:41, staged



Darryl Wildes

The maze was at 8:50 and he went to it!

Ruud van Halsema


Hugh Munn

Double whammy

Deku æ

2 k***a iiiiii!!! Jeb!!

Nathanile Miller

Same thing

Tara Nerf

4:45 die lache

Movie Watcher72

4:38 That wasn't a double fail, that was a 5-way fail!

Violet Gutsaeva

0:29- that cough sounds like corona

Harshit Tewari

Fam was that blood at 1:39

Cat Jon Mess

Was a clip removed or something? Half of the comments have the wrong timestamp.

Regi Corp

4:18 A gun in the hand of a monkey is less dangerous than this.

Hans Solos

this should be renamed "double dumbasses AF"

Jesus Reyes


James Furphy

Who else watching in 2020 when fail Army didn’t reuse there clips

copiste degourdi


Hisoka Morrow

WTB [Blood Rush] for 10p pls



Heidi Deon

Are there swears in this one?

Nicholas Radojicic

my teacher told me to watch this

this is nice

Etienne Savard


Kalagan Kalagan

3:40 hahahaha ...


rahul kahilkar

4:47 Triple Fail...

Gear Sekando


Amadis Demitrius

Those two boys with their heads stuck in the shirt could have ended badly with a blood choke on the front boy.



Zion Mak de Souza


F.T. San Aka DonCreco

Doppelt ist noch viel lustiger


What is the name of the music at 1:52 ?


0:00 double the idiots on skateboards, double the fail
all credit for this comment goes to FailArmy for giving me this idea


Two kids in one red t-shirt.
One kid looks like he can’t breathe.
Who is the asshole holding the camera?
Good Lord

Corey Williams

3:55 1 like = one more snowman

The yeet guy

Prepare for trouble

And make it double

Drake Phillips

the woman on 2:44 sounds like an animal on spore

Sahadat Hossain

0:29 not it's time to clean headphone with sanitizer.

Philipp [CML]

0:30 Corona


3:05 luckily they didn't fall on the fire

Amadis Demitrius

its a good thing they're wearing life vests on their paddle boards on perfectly still water 20 ft from shore....

Galaxy._. Dog456

I watched this in science, it was for a thing, the whole class did

Daniel Brusic

4:06 I hate this parents