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Hi fam,

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⋒Alabaster Info



⋒Jasmine Douglas


⋒Product Links & Info

sample terracotta paint colors

-woodland (darkest color)

-copper hide (med color)

-cosy chair (lighter color)

Khaki Spray paint

IKEA baskets

music by

 @Adrien Lamont

Mekaa Christopher

Please show us the entire room next time once your done


This is so cute as always!!


OK BUT, you were so lucky to found this rattan shelf/cabinet! wow

Anna Scott

Oh and you could have a piece of glass or, preferably IMO 1” acrylic cut for the top. That’s what I’d do.I live in an old house that is extremely in level so I’m dogged w wobbly Furniture constantly, easy cheap fix is a thick felt/rubber/plastic circle stick on dot that you stick on the bottom of stuff to prevent scratches or The hardware store sells little clear plastic wedges that also work.

Lillian Martin

You can always add a piece of glass to the top of the short shelf!

kell 2012

Exceptional job!

HoloGram Portraits

Finally a POC DIYer! No shade to the other DIY you tubers out there, but it’s so refreshing to see YOU, and not someone with a -Leigh at the end of their names. Great projects!

robyn howes

I love your hair!!!! Keep it like's awesome
I love Jesus and I love those books!!! What a wonderful way to have the books of the bibles out!!!!!

Theresa Carter

Nice job! You did great at staging your items!! FIY We cannot read the gold and white wording. So you might want to change the color.

Johanna Nygren

I live in Sweden so palm trees are... rare to say the least :P

Gali Velazquez

Omg those rattan shelves were amazing!!

Imani Monroe


Jen OoooAaaaOooo

Unbelievably adorable! I love when you did!

K Vitale

Awesome as always. Thank you

Barbara Darling

Love your hair.

Ann Burchfield

Omg just awesome

Nikki Fangaiuiha

Loved how you did up all your rattan pieces up. You definitely have a good eye for styling up things. Love your channel too. Keep them commin along.,

Doreen Garza

I love you,your talent,how beautiful you are inside and out AND your love for GOD✝️❤️

Jenn Perry

Ha! I picked up a very similar tray at Ross a couple of weeks ago! Such a great buy. I had to make myself settle on just one.


I loved everything. Keep going. We will definitely wait. Your videos are worth it!!!


I like that your videos are actually on a budget! It's not for show. Like you literally took that out the trash and gave it a new life. Love that!

Megan Kelley

"It looks funky outside but that's bc of the fires"


Lisa Smith

This video just came through my feed for the first time. I subscribed immediately because you said “I love Jesus “. YAAASSS! Not to mention I love you flips!

Elin Hagemann

Love your hair!

Geraldine Klatt

You have God given talents, love your hair ❤️

Karen Bell

You are PRECIOUS and I absolutely LOVE the way you diy, and reuse items that people have discarded...Everything has value!!!

Ashleigh Hill

Love this

Geraldine Klatt

So happy to see a video from you !!!❤️

Anna Scott

I’m so jelly you found that parsons style etagere by the curb, and I so wanted to jump into the screen and grab that other one, that I CAN’T believe you left! So on point right now.

Carmen Rodriguez

It’s so beautiful blessings

Julie Oblouk

Shelves over the computer for sure! Love the side sconces! And I love your brave approach to trying anything you put your mind to!

Ron Mauer

Thank you so much for your video. Thank you also for the Christian book suggestion. Can’t wait to receive them. Thanks to you and most of all to Jesus for your positivity and creativity! Blessings from Wisconsin

mary Hernandez

I really enjoy your channel keep it up. Amazed at what you do with your ideas in make thrift things to beautiful items for your home.

Sandra Pedraza

I just love I mean love your hair n style to decorate. many blessings.

Jo Prent

Great job on the cabinet.

Jewél Walvatne

This was amazing! Love your hair and the books from the bible. I am getting some for gifts and for my bday coming up! I love how you dried out the plants and cut them...brilliant! And the repurpose...stellar!!

dawn gallegos

Love it great job

Audrey be u 4 life

This is such a great video. The rattan furniture is so expensive, so to get those pieces for free, wow. Great Job!!! Hair is beautiful, and you are to. Will be waiting for more uploads.

Yesenia Serrano

Yo soy JuCa

Hi i discover your channel yesterday and i love it, i share and see your videos with my girlfriend and we get some ideas because she loves the Bohemian style and we rescently start to renew our appartment, she don´t understand english very well but i traduct everything for her, we love your kitchen renovation and living room and hope still here learning some DIY for put it in practice, blesses an from and hugs for you from México of your friends JuCa and Vicky

Ms. Tanisha

D.I.Y. Queen I haven't seen your videos in a while for whatever reason. Love it!

Maria González

Love it !!! I want to do that in my room !!!

Suné Jordaan

I absolutely love your style

Sherly Millender

What do u use on yo hair

Dandy Berry

omg so cute!!!!

Jackie Brown

You sure have an eye for decorating!! Great artsy decors!! ❤️

kris mac

you do really good flips

Kirsti Lipphardt

Anyone else subscribe as soon as she said “hi hello” ?

Jo Prent

Btw. Love your hair.x

Karen Bell

AND...I LOVE your hair

Robyn Gillon

I like from Australia too deadly girl

Shannon Rivera

Your hair is gorgeous natural.

Threasa Bowen

I never want to hear you say I am not at artist again because you are an artist. The way you see things in the way you decorate rooms and that painting you did is art and you are good at it don't you ever say that you are not an artist again! Have you seen some of the crap that they sell an art galleries that looks like your child could have done that on the refrigerator door? Come on now quit selling yourself short you are an artisté!

G. M

I love what u did and ur faith iin God is awesome

Barbara Darling

Looks great.

топчик моп 345

Какая молодец! Всё сделано со вкусом! Всегда любуюсь вашими работами!!!


If your diy palm branches won’t stay in place, put a thin piece of packing styrofoam in bottom putting holes in it for each stem.

Sahar Shams

I wish I could like your videos as many times as I watch them!!!
Love your style!


Wow what great finds all the baskets and the shelves


I strongly advise NOT TO light candles on the lower shelves of a rattan bookshelf. Otherwise, this makeover is very nice ! :-)

Mary Lou Bahr

"Home decor and Jesus, why not!?", love it!!


You’re so good girl!! So love your videos!! You’re so resourceful! I get so inspired! Xxx

Sherly Millender

Hey I'm New

Nicky Denning

Awesome job Jasmine!! ❤ You have such a great eye for Bargains AND Styling

Elizabeth Solis

What a beautiful transformation. Love your style.


Really enjoyed your upcycle of the rattan and all the great accessory choices... especially the beautiful little cutting board with the little thumb hole for serving. Nice to display it for its beauty and it will always be available to use as a serving tray for your next cheese and charcuterie party. You have a good eye!

Christa Wright

The rattan was a major score! Love your style lady! ✌


Wow! Your new hair!

Lucia Zuniga

Love your videos and creativity plus you are a Jesus follower yay!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and recommendation, God bless you

Maureen Elawady

God gave you a special talent for interior design. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Glover

So happy to have found your channel as I just moved into a new place and these are great ideas!

Cathy Threat

Your room so beautiful! You did amazing job.❤❤❤


Oh wow I wish my neighbours would throw out all their rattan furniture too!

Kathryn in Christ

You had me at “home decor and JESUS!” I have the psalms and proverbs to start off my collection. New sub! Loving your channel!

Marita Espino

Wow awesome restoration great idea to add legs to the cabinet! Your so creative I have two palm trees
In the front that’s for the idea to use the dry palm trees as decor....

Gwen Durden

I'm loving the curls in your natural hair I think you should keep it that way looks fantastic.

diy ecor

Thank YOU I loved it xxx

kylee oh


Laura Rahel Crosby

So lovely Jas! Thank you for the inspiration. Now if only my partner like rattan and I could find some for free haha

Sherly Millender




Eric Charles

Very beautiful but too busy, less is more

Christina D'Souza

God Bless you,you're such an amazing creator, was amazed thar you're not giving up on the Rattan,It looked so amazing in the end.And yes Amen to Jesus ❤
Subscribing right away.

Susan Klinefelter


Denise Vogel

It looks beautiful!!! And, thanks for the tip in Alabaster. I will be ordering for sure, after our move.

YETRA Khreacioness

I just love it Jesus and decor you did a great job

Amy DePoy

youre so cool! i found the same mirror for 29.99! in black. love! and then you talked about the Bible and Jesus!!! YES GIRL! :) praise the Lord

bean attanasio

I'm in love!!!

Teresa Finley

You are beyond precious and talented, sweet Jasmine... Truly shining your light. Thank you!

Judy McCauley

Amazing project done for so little! Great Job!

Nice Things

I'm new to your channel so you may do stuff like this all the time...but I love that you took this on. That set was rough. What a fabulous transformation.

Manju Khanna


Joyce Hamilton

New subbie, greetings from Scotland!

Martha H

Where is that home goods and Ross located at. I was just looking at some palm trees located outside my places. Thanks for the idea. Thank you for the inspiration. And your DIYS are awesome.

Cindy Robinson

Everything turned out so beautiful! I am so in love with boho decor! It’s so calming to me!

KeDe Glow

Hi--I like your style! I'm not seeing the link for the books?

Christy Young

Now I know why I love your style. You're a God loving cali girl!!! Me too!!

Colleen D

Love the flip! I subscribed to see more from you! For the shelf (cuz I’ve had the unlevel legs struggle before too lol) they sell furniture leveling feet on Amazon that are little and you just screw into the bottom of the legs on the shelf. They dont mess with the overall astetic and no more wobble or basket crutches


I like your hair

L Ir

I love your style and just subscribed